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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0109 UTC Feb 28, 2014
« on: February 28, 2014, 0110 UTC »
Hearing music at S5 level off at 0010 UTC. If it doesn't start again, I will delete post.
0114 Strong tone at 0114 UTC for about a minute...hopefully in queue!
0120 UTC Back up now with wierd electronic loop talk stuff
0124 UTC Off again...strange

Back on already at 0029 UTC tune-in with clean S9+ signal here with rock tune...ID at 0031..."From us to the ionosphere"
Off during mid-sentence at 0037 UTC and back up at 0039 UTC, into Song at 0040 UTC "Hustle & Cuss"
0100 UTC....Signal loud and clear here still...Dick Weed chatty tonight....

General Radio Discussion / Re: MAJOR Solar Flare
« on: February 27, 2014, 2350 UTC »
I haven't seen the auroral zone this angry in a long time! Should be some nice auroras up north.
I replaced the picture...properly cropped now!

Just above the static and noise here at 2157 UTC tune-in with Steve Miller Band into Led Zeppelin at 2201 UTC. Man announcer with frequent talkover during song. Still tough copy here, but it's still daylight here! NICE!
2216 UTC Peggy Sue
2244 UTC Finally ID heard through the static repeated twice!!!
2300 UTC mention of 6910 and email address!(wish I knew some of the tunes being played...Now peaking at S7...still fairly rapid fading and static)
Off abrupt at 2306 UTC...THANKS FOR THE SHOW RADIO TIDAL WAVE!!!! I have to review my notes and tape for a report.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6935 USB +2350 25Feb14
« on: February 26, 2014, 0004 UTC »
S5-S7 here amid static and band noise at 2358 UTC 25 FEB 2014 with eerie music and man talkover loop. 0001 UTC 26 FEB 2014 with techno dance tune...
0011 UTC Some really strange sounding chime music....sounds like something from Myanmar or Nepal!!!
{Real eclectic mix of music tonight...still S5-S7 at 0035 UTC...a little noisy tonight on the band}

OC, brief audio at 0035, then strong signal at 0039 UTC
Solid S8 here during an uncharacteristic uptempo pop tune ending at 0051, into mood music, then Dr. Benway with Id, shoutouts..."THANKS!", into T-shirt plug.
"T-shirts only shipped to US addresses"...Uptempo tune at 0055 UTC. S9 here now with a little fading and a pesky on LSB.{Thanks for the shows this weekend Dr. Benway!}
0058 UTC Switched to USB and superb signal at that...I'm using USB with 6 KHZ filter and it sounds like AM!
0104 UTC Shoutouts...thanks! Into "Dr. Benway mood music" aka song by the Cardigans per other poster!.

All I get here is that incessant TIS loop with traces of Celestial under...
0010 UTC weak carrier on 1720, but no audio...too much band noise tonight!
0028 UTC Hearing Dr. Benway now weakly with ID and email address. Signal low in the noise, but rising above now and then. T-shirt plug for Wounded Warriors.
0034 UTC Signal peak at S7 above S6 noise floor....sounds like story time now!
Switched over to 6925 AM at 0039 UTC...

Audio popping up above the noise here around 2315 UTC with UNID song, Man announcer with simple "WHYP" ID, into another UNID song....too much noise for copy....about 3275.2 KHZ. My antenna doesn't do well here in this band.

Slamming in here too at 2253 UTC on about 6924.4-6924.5 KHZ with Cool AM Radio ID into Remake (or Remix) of Animals "We Got To Get Out Of This Place", into "Delilah"-Tom Jones at 2257 UTC
2300 UTC "I Saw Her Standing There"-Beatles
2303 UTC Several ID's and email for reception reports, into "Dancing In The Streets"
{Listened while I was eating some Sunday night Taco's and checking 3275 and 5780. Off at 2352 UTC. Some great 60's tunes Andre! Those were the days when life was innocent for those of us born in 1955! Good show....keep those relays coming!}

Had this on after closing down the PC for the night...tune-in at 0243 UTC with "Mexican Radio" in progress, 0244 UTC ID by man announcer "You are listening to Renegade Radio", into song "FM"-Steely Dan.
0248 UTC "Start Me Up"-Rolling Stones
0252 UTC "King of Pain"-Police
0257+ UTC "Refugee"-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
{Signal was fair to good with fading and pesky QRM from LSB. The frequency seemed to vary ever so slightly and I had to retune a couple of times...some distortion during Stones tune. Deep fade at 0254 UTC. Overall pretty fair broadcast mostly above the noise floor..thanks for the program to end the night RR guy!}
Any chance of a QSL?

Had a good opening for this Feb 23, 2014 at 0055 UTC with a techno dance tune pounding in at S7, then Lady announcer at 0158 UTC followed by Ads with Man announcer....dropped out completely just after 0100 UTC. Signal reminds me of the old Radio Dublin on 6910 KHZ in the 80's....if it is from Tenerife, I seriously doubt 75 watts....

Tune-in at 2205 UTC on 6925.1 KHZ USB to Tom Jones in progress crooning "Thunderball"...2206+ UTC Man announcer...(That was the fabulous Tom Jones...Spanish Eyes...Al Martino)
2207 UTC "Spanish Eyes"-Al Martino
2230 UTC Man announcer...mention of Cleveland and Qsl address in Rhode Island
2232 UTC "The Candyman"-Sammy Davis Jr.
2237 UTC UNID crooner tune...{signal about S5 above the noise, some fading, and peskies on LSB...fairly good copy}

Strong here at 2202 UTC tune-in on 6928.5 LSB(more or less) with the usual craziness....off abrupt at 2205 after a short string of numbers.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RML, 0410 utc, Feb. 22, 6925 u
« on: February 22, 2014, 1217 UTC »
Last evening, listened to this after turning off the PC just before hitting the sack. 0401 UTC with "Baker Street"-Jerry Rafferty...then something about..."appreciate everything you're doing", into "Riders On the Storms"-Doors. I wrapped it up during the Doors....thanks again RML guy!

Good morning LT! Hearing you on 6975.5 KHZ with a solid S8 at 1203 UTC tune-in. Starting off the day with a cup of coffee and an Aleve...some kind of cold or flu bug making it's rounds. I hear a techno tune by a lady singer...minor fading and the band noise not as bad as last evening.
1210+ UTC with LT giving several ID's, email address, into long extended dance mix electronica rave tune! Signal about a 45333 here. Thinking about going to Burger King after I do my CVS Saturday routine...
1224 UTC ID, then another electronica dance tune signal dropped to S3 at 1226
{Hey LT, I think everyone is suffering from pirate overload from last night...the band was hopping, even with the excessive atmospherics}
1232 UTC Another tune...sounds like a world music chant intro to dance music
1241 UTC LT ID'd the last couple of tunes, into another pick up your feet and boogie kind of song! {Will check back later after the morning routine! Thanks for the broadcast and the Happy B'day email!!!}
{Finally had the chance to listen back on the 45 minute cassette tape I left running while I did my Saturday morning shopping...still going strong at 1326 UTC when the tape ran out!}

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