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Tuned in at 2348 UTC with threshold signal just above the noise. Wouldn't have known what it was without the previous postings! Little bits of copyable audio here and there. Nothing at 2359 UTC.

QSLs Received / Re: Indira Calling
« on: January 20, 2014, 2236 UTC »
Received here also with slightly different wording! Thanks Vijay! My first North American pirate QSL since WENJ in December of 1988. I just returned to shortwave listening a few months back after 23 years. My first pirate QSL was Radio Clandestine in October of 1982. Again, greatly appreciated!  
{I too had the AFC game on in the other room, and was greatly displeased by the performance of the New India Patriots}

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RML 6925 USB 20 Jan 2014
« on: January 20, 2014, 0103 UTC »
Caught the tail end of the broadcast at tune-in 0057 UTC with shout outs and mentioning he was going to close down as their were other pirates out their waiting to get on. Off at 0100 with "Red Mercury Labs and 73's". Signal about S3 with almost no fading, but some band noise.

Tune in at 220 UTC on about 6874.8 KHZ with what I guess is a version of "Wendy" by the Beach Boys augmented with a little subcontinental sitar! Different for sure. Good signal...
2224 UTC man announcer with Indian accent gave his name and ID as India(or Indira) Calling and faux address..."Calcutta, 02098". Into hilarious pastiche of Beach Boys tunes mixed with Indian music. Bizarre and a welcome break after the mixture of Heavy Metal and Classic Rock heard this weekend.
2232 UTC {VeeJay I guess} with ID and faux address and long string of numbers by woman announcer I assume is a overseas fake phone number(?). More mangled Beach Boys!
2238+ UTC with some kind of mantra by Veejay followed by what I thought was an IS...not sure, but it was repeated several times. 2241 UTC with address (I live in Massachusetts but have never been to Calcutta, Rhode Island). Followed by "a request from ? in Cleveland, Ohio".
{subcontinental asian techno pop} and then address at 2250.
Off at 2301 after address and phone #(well a long string of numbers anyway).
Great show! Veejay must be very adept at Audacity to put this together.

Good copy here at 2042 tune-in with solid S3+ signal with "Run Like Hell"-Pink Floyd already in progress. 2043 with man announcer ID'ing last song and ID as PBS Underground...next song by Disturbed...Dr. Rock's favorite song.
Next up at 2047 is "Lithium"-Nirvana, then man announcer again, into "Revival" by the Allman Brothers Band. Man announcer again at 2059..."wrap up the show tonight", into "Who Are You"-The Who.
Close down after long mostly instrumental tune at 2124 UTC. Thanks for the show John!

Solid S8 signal here with awesome AM audio on 6872.7 KHZ at 1807 tune-in. Song "Jukebox Saturday Night" 1940's swing/big band, followed by more 1940's tunes, into CBS World War 2 recording. Very little fading and well above noise floor. Nice Mr. Weed!!!
1838 UTC Still rock solid at S8 during 4th of July WW2 radio broadcast.
1841 UTC 40's tunes...Flirty eyes...If I had a million dollars or more...coming in on a wing and a prayer.{I used to have about 150 78's about 35 years ago and a crank phono to play 'em....times have changed! Fox Trot's anyone?}

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WHYP 6875 AM 1539 19 Jan 2014
« on: January 19, 2014, 1625 UTC »
Fair here above the noise on 6824.8 KHZ more or less at tune in 1606 UTC. Hard to categorize what I'm hearing here! I guess some kind of a bingo game or something. "G48" followed by a bunch of G**Damn You's, then a faux Beatles-#9,#9,#9. "B-I-N-G-O" song and finally some instrumental music at 1616. 1623 an 80's sounding tune. Excellent audio peaking at S7, some fading and usual daytime band noise.
1627 UTC some kind of skit about car accident and cops.
Off at 1634

North American Shortwave Pirate / RML 6925 KHZ 0448 UTC JAN 19, 2014
« on: January 19, 2014, 1207 UTC »
UNID with Hard Rock tune at 0453 UTC with poor to fair signal above the noise. Couldn't stay awake, so I called it a day. Lots of activity today, with half a dozen broadcasts logged!

Heard here also at 0418 UTC tune-in on 6935.2 KHZ with Heavy Metal song, then another at 0421. Off at 0426. Difficult to fine tune exact frequency even with 2.4 filter and PBT. No ID heard..signal fair and above the noise floor most of the time.

Great signal here at 0052 UTC with one of many versions of "It's Been a Long, Long Time"...my guess would be Rosemary Clooney? Into some 1940's hillbilly tune with yodeling.
0013 "Long Time Gone"-CSN{I get it...the theme tonight is "Long Time"!}

At threshold level here from 0032 until I turned off my computer and the upstairs cable. 0041 I could clearly hear Native American flute music with lady "singer", then man announcer briefly, but couldn't make out what he said. Off at 0046

Tuned in at 0015 UTC to a familiar 80's pop tune...fair to good signal here.
0018 ID...Relay Service of the Crystal Ship!
0026 Don't You Want Me Baby-Human League
{Bouncing around here from 6935 to 6950 and my computer which is in another room becuase of 19.2 KHZ spaced whiny QRM...a pirate at a time per time slot please...LMAO}
0029 ID
0041-Comedy Skit regarding taboo subject matter, then something about Commander Bunny.
0054 "Whip It"-Devo{Signal really good here!}
0057{It took me a google search, but I found it after 3 tries} "She Blinded Me With Science"-Thomas Dolby
0012 "Tainted Love"-Soft Cell {Still fair to good signal here}

Technometal at 2356 UTC into drum solo and Metal tune at 2358. Good signal here...no ID yet.
Quick XLR8 ID by man at 0000+ UTC into Unid metal tune. Rock Solid signal here!
0007 Punk Rock tune, ID at 0010, into Punk/Thrash tune. These tunes are out of the range of my ability to identify!
0023 "Ride the Tiger"-Jefferson Starship
{Eclectic Mix of music here XLR8!}

Good signal here at 2233 tune in with "Down On the Corner" CCR.
2334 Dragnet Theme
2235+ Dream Weaver-Gary Wright
2239+ "Radio Ga Ga broadcasting from Zipper Lake" into "Eleanor Rigby"-Beatles
2342 (Lots of Pesky QRM)
2345 Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire"-Jimi Hendrix
2348 Eyes Without A Face-Billy Idol
2352 Fortunate Son-CCR
2354+ Get Up Stand Up-Bob Marley & the Wailers
2359 Going Up the Country-Canned Heat
0015 Radio Ga Ga ID and off.
Great show where I can identify all the tunes!

I would truly appreciate a QSL!

Still hearing strong loop message S9 + 10 here this morning at 0900 UTC, this afternoon at 1800 and now at 0100 UTC 1-17. Solid day and night, but about an hour ago, I could hear Celestial very, very weakly under the TIS. How long are they going to keep this loop going? Whatever it is, it will wreck any chance of hearing pirate activity here. Wish it would go away...there are too many TIS stations in the X-Band that nobody listens to anyway.

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