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strong signal everywhere.
sounding excellent for SSB.
love these Radio 48 remixes/mash-up's, theyre awesome.

and a good afternoon to you YeahMan  8)

very good sound quality and signal on Chris' Smolinski Kiwi.
audio bandwidth measured at 11Khz, audio pre-emphasis appears to be engaged, very sharp brick-wall filter as observed on the "waterfall" at 5.5Khz audio.
frequency zero-beated at 4064.99Khz.
sounds like a commercial broadcast on shortwave.
edit - now at 10Khz bandwidth (5Khz audio)  8)

lmao, this talk-program is hysterical and so funny hahaha  ;D
skid marks and charcoal  ;D ;D ;D

1905 - Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies "William Jennings Bryan has left the building" then OFF

Just to clarify, "Granny" said, "remember what William Jennings Bryan said.  Fight hard, but fight clean"

Jed - "But you ain't fightin' clean, Granny"
Granny - "'Course I ain't! William Jennings Bryan was a loser!"

Then "Elvis has left the building". 

i thoroughly enjoyed relaying you live today Matt.
i would certainly enjoy relaying anyone else too (Yeah Man definitely).
email me at shortwavepirate@aol.com
the broadcast today was at ten watts - AM audio bandwidth is 20khz (20Hz to 10Khz audio).
all audio is simply passed-through with no processing other than clipping to prevent over-modulation.

hey Crusher, ive been listening since the start, i sometimes dont post here though as i get my notifications from social media.
thanks for the daytime work week music entertainment  8)
i would love to hear:
"Does Your Chewing Gum Loose It's Flavour - Lonnie Donegan"
if possible  8)

thanks Yeah Man for the tunes !
ive been listening all along since you started but didnt post here because im currently working and enjoying the music while i work.
have a great week !

i am really enjoying this program from Radio 48, its kick-butt good !
id be happy to play more shows, so send them over.
this program is so good in fact, its going into my MP4 player in my car for driving music.
these mash-up's and remixes, so awesome.

howdy :)
this is only a "burn-test" today at 10 watts AM with a random selection of music to iron out any issues and problem that may creep up during the test

howdy Mix, happy new year, been listening since YM went off the air so he could listen too  8)
+15dBm on uniontown SDR, sounding great on AM, enjoying the tunes while working, thanks !

enjoying the top 40 classic weekend show during work, thanks YeahMan  8)
1928 - interesting, i was not aware of a longer version of "Good Vibrations", thats awesome.
1940 - agreed, the longer-play tracks are much better, what is really cool, is to hear the demo's and outtakes of popular tracks
2011 - you have a good weekend too YM, thanks for the daytime entertainment while working

Thanks Radio Illuminati for playing my request "Record Collection - Kaiser Chiefs"
Happy new year to you, all the OP's and to everyone here at HFU  8)

i thought i was pretty much alone and misunderstood when i did the same thing as you, modifying a PLL controlled FM receiver with FM modulation "tapped" in the circuit by prodding around with line-level audio through a hi-Z cap until i got good modulation results and using the local OSC RF output as an "exciter" which could be further amplified down the line, i used the amplifier module from an "airplane" VHF transceiver with a home-made vertical dipole @ 87.9Mhz.
i did not have the capability to provide a true stereo signal but i did "tap and borrow" the 19Khz pilot tone from another receiver tuned to a local powerhouse FM station just to "appear" as stereo - back then in the 80's and 90's, it was better to "illuminate" the stereo indicator on ones receiver, there were many receivers back then that would "mute" a signal that was not in stereo anyway.
i fed a mono signal from a 4 channel radio shack mixer into a 2x6 EQ, left channel sloped from low to high, right channel sloped from high to low, fed each channel from the EQ into each channel of the AGC circuit of a Hi-Fi VCR deck and combined the output into mono, that was my "sound processor" and it worked pretty well.
the interesting part was using T180 cassettes in "EP" mode to record my shows, i have hundreds of them now, stored away, i used a full-size VHS camcorder to provide the video to "stabilize" the recordings (most VCR's cant record a stable audio recording without a video source).
in addition to having a two more VHS Hi-Fi decks which was used to play recorded VHS shows from others who wanted some airtime as well as playing my own shows, both VHS decks were wired together so when one program ended on deck 1, deck 2 started the next program, enabling me to run the station and have free time with friends - when the last program ended, a relay kicked in and turned off the TX amp (i used another 4 band EQ to the TX as FM pre-emphasis).
i had two "technics" turntables, two "pioneer" cassette decks, one CD player, one cardioid mic and two Hi-Fi VHS decks and hundreds of vinyl records, CD's and cassettes.
those were the "fun" days before the proliferation of the internet, MP3 players and satellite radio, i sure do miss those days.
i dont think i could ever do it again, it just wouldnt be the same today.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6275 AM 0115 UTC 22 Sep 2019
« on: September 22, 2019, 0445 UTC »
I'm here Still.
Thanks  trs... I'm there now. 
Best sounding one now for me.
youre welcome.
i enjoy RedHats programming more than anything else  8)
even though most Kiwi's are not High Fidelity Audio, most are sufficient enough to enjoy good sound on a good sound system.
most Kiwi's are configured for 6khz audio, there are a few configured for 11Khz audio though (these are the ones that have great sound).

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6275 AM 0115 UTC 22 Sep 2019
« on: September 22, 2019, 0432 UTC »
if anyone wishes to hear RedHat on a Kiwi with a strong signal and virtually no static:
the Sedona, AZ Kiwi is a good one.
i am currently on this one and i suspect it will become full shortly after i post this (4 channels @ 12Khz Bandwidth)

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