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...any tool like stinkfist or fear.
oh, i didnt know you are a TooL fan, i am a die-hard TooL fan.
i'll be sure to play plenty of it the next time i do a weekday broadcast  8)

id like to give thanks to Mix Radio International for working with me on providing a live internet audio stream for daytime relay on my little low power AM radio station, thanks Mix ! - ive been enjoying the tunes while working today !

it may be a "different" type of transmitter located and being used at WBCQ but its not the usual WBCQ why ?
WBCQ is generally a few hundred hertz off frequency on all of the frequencies they are assigned (except when using their new "powerhouse" transmitter), enough that you can hear the heterodyne quite well (its usually between 100Hz to 300Hz and drifts slowly with temperature changes).
whatever is at 9.330Mhz now, is +40Hz off frequency and slowly drifting +/- 5Hz.
they use this type of older gear to "generate" the RF carrier for their high power RF/modulation transmitter in addition to using the same gear itself sometimes directly connected to their high gain antenna.
this explains why you may often hear them weak and "under-modulated" at times.

i believe the RF-out to be at, around or under 500mW.  8)

thanks gentlemen  8)
just messing around today at 1 watt AM, nothing serious  8)

ohhh jeez, i must need more coffee - i kept tuning to 3330 USB  ;D
i was like "a pirate on 3330Khz ? what if the pirate did LSB on 3330Khz, time code on USB and music on LSB"
hope everyone here is having a great weekend and much needed break from the heatwave  8)
2306z - ID as Mix Radio International
enjoying the program this weekend Mix, thanks !

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ 6160 AM 1550 UTC 23 Jul 2019
« on: July 23, 2019, 1637 UTC »
as i expected, they are utilizing their 9Mhz TX for this new frequency.

always enjoy some entertainment on a friday workday - thanks !
LOL @ the RoboCop commercials  ;D

mmm, okay, i think posting the links some Kiwi's is not a good idea ?
the link in my previous post to the Huson, MT Kiwi got removed by a moderator, perhaps the owner is in the forum or the owner is a moderator and didnt want all the traffic, i didnt get any message as to why it was removed, my apologies for that  :o
i was merely trying to help those who enjoy RH's programming, hear it where it couldnt be heard.
edited to make a note at 0415z, Chris Smolinski's Kiwi SDR and the Sedona, AZ Kiwi SDR are receiving RH pretty well  8)
0624z - RH giving thanks to everyone who posted in FRC and HFU, emailed him and listened to his program and now is preparing to close the broadcast for the evening (morning) with one last song (sounds like a tune being played backwards, im having trouble hearing it due to poor band conditions and lightening static again, probably also because im very tired)
i thoroughly enjoyed tonight's program despite being tired, the large amounts of lightening static and having to jump to different Kiwi's due to band conditions changing over the course of time.
i hope the next time, i can relay your show  8)
0633z - music ended but hearing crickets/toads, probably part of the ending of song played - carrier off a minute later.
have a great weekend RH  8)

1903 SIO 422, good signal but we have storms approaching so lots of static. I assume Mix Radio International?
im listening on your Kiwi SDR, Chris, i see some slight lower frequency LSB modulation below the center frequency, so far, Only MRI has this unique signature  ;)
like me always being slightly off frequency, MRI has obtained this unique signature too so it is likely MRI 8)
by the way, be safe if those nasty storms are heading your way, they look bad on RadarScope !
damn ! - i can see the lightening streaks on the waterfall of your Kiwi SDR even with your antenna completely disconnected.
howdy MRI !, enjoying the music and relaxing on this hot and humid day  8)
2049z - moved from 6171Khz to 6158Khz
0008z - moved from 6158Khz to 6165Khz

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ Superstation 9330 AM 18 Jun 2019
« on: June 27, 2019, 2039 UTC »
i am pretty sure that Allan still has and still uses the original 50KW (assuming its 50KW) TX for 9.330Mhz but its very likely only used for the Overcomer Ministry.
i suspect the reason why the O.M. is not being broadcast on the new 500KW TX is simply because the religious organization that financed it to be their primary transmitter for their religious broadcasts (which will soon happen), does not want a another religious "competitor" using it for their broadcasts or perhaps, less likely, because the cost to buy airtime on the 500KW TX is considerably more than it would be for the 50KW TX.
these theories make sense to me with the signal changes that have been observed.

thanks Mix for playing all my requests that i cant play on my own station as of yet (still in the process of moving back to 5150Khz) 8)
When Am I Going To Lose You - Local Natives
Lo/Hi - The Black Keys
Northern Lights - Death Cab for Cutie
Missed Connection - The Head and the Heart
Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys
Ready To Let Go - Cage the Elephant
i didnt request it but "Saying Goodbye - J.S. Ondara" is really one awesome song and a favorite of mine, thanks for playing it !
oh, and another awesome tune played by Mix, "Passenger - Hell or High Water"
(listening on Jumonville, PA Kiwi with signal average of S7)
signed off @ 1950z - thanks for the daytime tunes Mix  8)

Broadcast Announcements / Ghosts in the Air Glow - HAARP
« on: March 23, 2019, 1953 UTC »
interested parties are sure to enjoy this occasion.

Howdy Al.
please see secondary topic, https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,52116.0.html
btw, i emailed a home-made e-QSL to you, i am not sure if you got it as it could have gone off to "spam".
edit - im glad you received the e-QSL  8)
have a great weekend  8)

an interesting "twist" for AM modulation.
using the "WFM" module to generate the carrier and the "SSB" module configured to "DSB" to generate the AM modulation.
AM modulation performance is way way better than just using the "AM" module alone.
i can clearly see the spectral efficiency is way better using this method of modulation.
carrier = 15w, PEP = 60w

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