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The RF Workbench / Re: Beginner class D design
« on: November 25, 2018, 2355 UTC »
Another great point then?

I think not.

in my opinion, it seems most people are against the idea of modifying existing equipment for the purposes of high fidelity AM broadcasting, like it is some sort of "sin" to discuss it.
i dont really see how it should be treated any differently, if you dont possess the knowledge to build one from scratch, how can you understand how to modify and re-purpose it then ?

The RF Workbench / Re: Beginner class D design
« on: November 25, 2018, 2328 UTC »
Quote from: Stretchyman
Refering to the title of the post I don't see what relevance repurposing a ham radio has at all?
the relevance is about getting on the air and broadcasting, re-read my post.

Quote from: Stretchyman
Time and patience, Yes, plugging in a ham radio, anyone can do that.
again, you need to re-read my post, there is a bit more involved than that.

Quote from: Stretchyman
We're talking about design, which you make clear you have absolutely no idea of.
repairing, re-purposing and modifying existing equipment requires the thought of "design", does it not ?

The RF Workbench / Re: Beginner class D design
« on: November 25, 2018, 0656 UTC »
Must ask, what have you built that covers the whole of HF, All mode?

Pray tell....

in my opinion, it does not really matter whether you build it from scratch or modify and re-purpose existing equipment.
what matters is the meaning of your purposes behind it and whether you desire a high fidelity AM broadcast that is clean and spurious harmonic free.
in my case, i use a Yaesu FT-757GX2 (low level IF AM modulation mixer) that i modified and re-purposed extensively and exclusively for full duty 50W, hi fidelity AM broadcasting operation, it is no longer considered an "amateur" radio after the extensive modifications to it, it is strictly a 0-50W AM transmitter only.
since this radio includes all the necessary components to operate a clean and spurious harmonic free transmission, i purchased it on the cheap in a non-operative condition which i easily repaired and then modified, since i already have the original paper service manual, its preferred by me over building one from scratch.
this type of re-purpose and modification can be done easily to any solid state "amateur" radio up to the manufacture year of 1990 (the older, the easier) but with extreme difficulty to post millennium models due to having 2-3 layer PCB's with micro-traces, tiny surface mounted components and "all in one" integrated circuits (IC's) making target modifications nearly impossible.
in conclusion, there are many solid state older "hybrid" non-working "amateur" transceivers available dirt cheap on several market places that can be repaired, then modified at less than the total cost of building one from scratch.
i took this approach simply because i dont have the time or patience to design, fabricate and build one to the desired specifications.
FYI - the FT-757GX2 modified TX audio frequency response is 5Hz to 20Khz as tested but i broadcast with a frequency response of 20Hz to 10Khz using "Stereotool" as the final sound/modulation processor.

1958 - "Green Monster Radio testing"
thanks for the daytime entertainment while i am working !
listening on Chris' Kiwi SDR (Smolinkski Defined Radio)  ;D
the singing along to the baseball theme song got me laughing hysterically, i love it.
hahaha, i believe you are "annoying" the peskies  ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6870 AM 1315 UTC 1 Nov 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 1937 UTC »
is not 6880 an ISM frequency ?
so anybody can radiate there ? and no communication can complain about interference ?
6780Khz is ISM - ive been thinking about using that but then i would interfere with Old Time Radio at 6770Khz when its on the air.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6870 AM 1315 UTC 1 Nov 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 1331 UTC »
im testing a short broadcast today.
i moved from 6880 to 6870 due to USB voice communications between 6880 & 6885, i have not fully ascertained who they are but its better to move away from them, i believe it to be US Military.
this will likely be the new frequency i will be operating at.
it seems like the popular frequencies used for HF pirates are shrinking every day due to wide band UTE's, OTHR's, MARS, SHARES and Military.
if this kind of trend keeps up, i will eventually reconfigure the dipole to operate in the 6 Mhz SWBCB where its much safer.

robot voice speaking numbers.
2028 - appears to have stopped - love the strange stuff on this Halloween day  ;D

the carrier is great but the audio is low for the SSTV.
SSTV's came through much better this time - audio issue appears to have been solved for the SSTV but music is still quite low.
2008 - music is a bit louder now but muffled - the kind of muffled from carrier saturation, not over modulation.
2011 - getting a little better now, distortion is a bit less.
2012 - signed off

sounds best using I/Q on a Kiwi SDR.

Good idea, it really does sound best this way.
as long as you have it zero-beated as best as you can get it.
the easiest way on a Kiwi is to zoom-in to the max and ever so slightly move the freq slider until you can hear the beating to 1Hz or less.
in this case, i can only zero-beat it to 1Hz which is fine though 0.5Hz or lower would be preferred.

tuned in and listening while working, after Ion Radio signed off.
was listening earlier before but was quite distorted, now it is much much better.
sounds best using I/Q on a Kiwi SDR.
oh jeeez, wow, i thought i would never hear this classic Will Smith song - reminds me of "parents just dont understand", they nearly have the same rhythm and could be mashed together for "interesting" results   ;D
"werewolves of london" - reminds me of a great movie this song was featured in called "The Color of Money".
Micheal Jackson backing vocals for "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell - classic - goes hand in hand with "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring

listening while working - thanks for the daytime program !

Thanks for tuning in everyone, I shut down at 2140z. Only about halfway through the show. That damn ute!
Maybe I'll replay soon.

Thanks for the info Relay Station, but I'm fixed. Can't move.

Reports to:   ionradioshortwave@gmail.com
well, id be happy to relay you in that case as it seems like there is no where else to go when this UTE comes on - its a conspiracy !  >:(
6900-6915 is mars
6855 is army

Ion, 6880Khz is free for you to use if you want, which is why i shut down an hour earlier than normal today, to let others use it in the event this annoying wide band UTE starts up (which it did)
a wide-band UTE just appeared on top of someone being foolish at 6930 USB.

howdy Ion radio.
tuned in and listening.
thanks for the entertainment while im at work.  8)

2108 UTC Tuned in too late  :( , but I am hearing a fairly strong RTTY sounding ute that seems to be on 6877. Don't recall hearing a ute here before.....
sorry Skippy but i wanted to give other respectable OP's attention today and close the broadcast earlier than my normal 6PM EST.
thanks to RI/AC for the live program relayed today.

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