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Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: August 09, 2018, 1607 UTC »
something i do in cases like this is use a can of "duster" upside down as "freeze spray" and a hair dryer as heat, both applied in small areas around the PCB and the components to narrow down the area of defect.
also, using the bristles of a tooth brush to "brush" and locate a component that may have become loose and the plastic end of the tooth brush to tap around the circuits/PCB looking for cold solder joints and loose components or connections.
this type of troubleshooting is performed with the unit on while watching to see if there are any changes in operation.
depending on where it was stored, if there was high fluctuations in temperature and humidity, there will be expanding/contraction of components/solder joints as well as electrolytics that may have "dried out" and adjustments fixed with wax that may have moved out of place.
im not sure if this unit used any of the component glue to stabilize the components to the PCB but lots of older electronics were severely plagued by this yellow glue becoming conductive when it dried out and turned a dark yellow or brown color.

kudos Amphetamine Radio !

If you are taking requests - "I Need You" - The Webb Sisters
sure will :) - really good song BTW - congrats on passing the medical test !
im in a bit of a floyd mood today while working, thats why theres alot of floyd tunes.
these jazz/blues tunes are going out to "Yeah Man Radio".
cheers ION Radio, looking forward to catching your broadcast - im just about to end mine for today - have a great evening everyone.

Equipment / Re: ICOM-735 as a shortwave pirate transmitter?
« on: August 06, 2018, 1712 UTC »
Simple connection

Don't forget - when you're planning to do long broadcasts,
it's best to place extra "cooling fans" at backside transmitter.

Try with low carrier first - then open audio!
Beware of "overmodulation!"

CoolAM Radio - ShortWave
the Netherlands
while this method will work to get the sound content through the radio, it will not sound that good for a few reasons:
1) its an amplified microphone circuit, it needs to be brought down to line level impedance at 600 ohms or less.
2) the amplified microphone circuit in the radio itself utilizes audio filters primarily designed for speech between 200Hz & 3Khz; typically, audio frequencies below 200Hz and above 3Khz are greatly attenuated, attempting to "boost" these missing audio frequencies will always result in distortion.
it would be much better to locate the low-level modulator/RF mixer IC using a schematic diagram and feed your line level audio to that instead.
this procedure is just the start, there are several other modifications that are necessary in order convert an amateur radio to operate like a full-range broadcast transmitter especially if you want to broadcast on AM.

hat tip to you Wolverine, good to hear you again !

Should we take up donation to have an ISDN put in?  Should only cost about a grand a month ;)

i think satellite link up is much better LOL
on a side note, when everything is working, its working great.
practice makes perfect.

the recent breakups with the audio at 0020z was on my end RedHat, not yours.
VLC became faulty and crashed.

no worries RedHat, its all good :)
97F ! thats hot ! - sending chilled air your way ;)
one of my favorite Tool songs.

Thanks to you all for the tip...heard here via various receivers in the shack, but best
on AOR 7030+...straight music.  Do they ever ID?
im not really set up to do live voice broadcasts at the moment, i could, but it would interfere with my job.
generally, during random weekdays, i do a music broadcast while i work at 50 watts power, the same way someone at work would listen to tunes while they are working except i broadcast it just for the fun of it.
edit - youre welcome Chris, im selecting some tunes randomly while i work (sometimes a bit trivial to do at the same time while working)
ive downloaded your new version of DX toolbox, ill try it out.
btw, i absolutely love Audio Toolbox, all the functions of your program has helped me calibrate Stereotool properly.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ 7490 2145 UTC 1 Aug 2018
« on: August 01, 2018, 2155 UTC »
i guess "loudness wars" arent just limited to FM stations hahahaha

been listening since the beginning while i work, thanks for the entertainment Amphetamine Radio.
(thanks Chris for the heads up FB post)
yeah, Van Halen, awesome.
Cake - "going the distance", what a great song
good playlist of tunes
2120z - some CW at 6923Khz (its not bothering your b'cast though i heard you talk about it)
(im not set up to use SSTV receive at the moment)
2129z - signing off (will be on the look out for future broadcasts on the freqs you specified, thanks for the work day entertainment AR, have a great day.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Android help
« on: July 30, 2018, 2346 UTC »
It's a Virgin Mobile phone. If you turn it on normally it gets to t the Virgin Mobile screen and freezes up. To turn it off you need to remove the battery. If you hold volume down while powering up you get the image of the Android lying on its back with it's front door open (made me LOL!). Then you can choose Reboot, Clear cache or Factory reset. Non of those change anything. So far I haven't found anything more than that. I got a refurbished Kyocera Hydo to replace it. The Event only cost me $20 so it's not worth spending any money to fix it, but it's still in brand new condition so I don't want to throw it out.
it would be a good phone to experiment with installing customer ROM's and such.
im surprised there is nothing on the XDA forum about this particular phone.

welcome to the forum ! :)

oh great ! (i caught your FB post Chris)
some tunes i can listen to while i am working, from Mix Radio, thanks Mix !
if you do this again, you know ill be listening to your AM quality sound ;)
(i had shut down earlier because my entire LAN network went bonkers from a device that had a DHCP IP conflict)
i think its really awesome that more and more HQ, HIFI, AM OP's are appearing on SW.
and i am done with work (perfect timing), thanks for the tunes Mix, i work again at 10AM EST, ill be on the lookout ;)

General Radio Discussion / Re: Android help
« on: July 30, 2018, 1804 UTC »
Hi Relay...

I took a look and if I can't find the answer there I won't find it. Thanks!
there has to be a method to put the phone into the mode needed to flash it with a new OS/firmware.

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