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thanks guys.
i started today at 1 watt then increased it to 50 watts at 2130z until 2200z when i signed off.
have a happy 4th coming up ;)

that still doesnt explain why they need to hide behind a "black curtain" though.

Awh yeah... Back in 1978, my cousins, whom had a 25V Zenith Console TV, grabbed the Space Command remote, took me across the street over 100ft away, and we changed channels through the screen door from across the street. I have one of those that I've liberated from a 19V 1979 set. I was going to see if I could MOD / DEMOD  ultrasonic some day. I wanna' try one of these millenniums. I'd bet that US Patent is up for grabs now.
that reminds me of a prank i played on my friend at night.
it was very dark outside, i walked up to his living room window and observed him watching a movie on the VCR.
i had the same remote and brought it with me.
i kept pressing the "stop" button, he eventually got frustrated, threw the remote and literally kicked the VCR while i laughed.

this may be or may not be a legitimate video service that they are offering but ill see how it goes with you first since i dont really trust a website that has no "about" information concerning itself, no business name listed and no contact information including a domain name registered through godaddy with all registrant information "redacted for privacy" when looking up a WHOIS report on it and the fact that they are using CloudFare as a reverse proxy (Reverse proxies can hide the existence and characteristics of an origin server or servers.)
the only reason that i can conclude for the above aforementioned, is an attempt to avoid copyright/illegal content take-downs.
in order to gain more information, you have to submit a channel request then you receive a "response" i assume through email that directs you to > (https://realvideo.zendesk.com) which is outside of the original domain itself (http://real.video)

oh goody !
it actually worked and worked very well, mode PD50 (shortest time, good quality)
thanks Chris, that is one really great SSTV program you made, well worth $19.95 !
what you received is actually very good if compared with the original image, id give it 98% match.

Here is the program for those that missed it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KwhRaHhrccxdnxGLpFCusyA8GErQmOX6
QSL's went out today.  Please note that once the full program has been released, reception reports will no longer be accepted for this 6-24 relayed program.

Thanks all,

thank you RH for the honor to relay your very well produced shows.

The RF Workbench / Re: 3kw pep solid state amp 1.8-54 mhz
« on: June 27, 2018, 1913 UTC »
As your carrier power levels increase, low level AM makes less and less sense if for no other reason than power consumption.  High level AM with PWM has been the broadcast standard for anything over 100 watts for the last 40+ years, and if carefully designed will be indistinguishable from low level modulation.  40% efficient vs. 85%?  Thats a no brainer to me, especially if I have to pay for the power or the generator...

i agree but if configured correctly, low level can be efficient and perform with excellent results.
since the entire scheme is linear from the start to the final amplifier, its just a matter of leaving a generous amount of carrier "headroom" for the AM PEP.
its just a balancing act between the two.
i realize with low level, i am not able to utilize the full power output since its linear, only about half the power output of what would be capable at high level but the produced power output from the current linear setup is more than enough for what i do and its better for the amplifier and my electric bill anyway.

Software / Re: optimizing audio to send to WBCQ
« on: June 27, 2018, 1842 UTC »
Don't optimise the audio at all.
If you want, normalise it  but leave the optimising to the station.
i agree with this statement.
further processing your audio will not make it sound better on any commercial SWBC station.
your voice-overs may sound fine to you when you play them back but once it is on a commercial SWBC station, it may sound much different.
many commercial SWBC stations try to "squeeze" as much audio into the usable modulation bandwidth as they possibly can but not as bad as commercial FM stations do.
normalizing it is the best method when sending your content to a SWBC station.

The RF Workbench / Re: 3kw pep solid state amp 1.8-54 mhz
« on: June 27, 2018, 0545 UTC »
As previously discussed low level A.M. and further amplification wont sound as good as High level mod.
that is not always true.
low level AM can be just as good and sometimes better than high level AM.
it depends on how you balance the carrier level to low level AM.

thank you to all of you gentleman - this is just my usual random weekday broadcast at 50w playing tunes i listen to while at work.
i have a request and then i will try sending an SSTV and then i am off for the evening.
hope you all have a fine day and evening :)
much thanks to RedHat for creating an awesome station logo for me :)
lol, i dont think the SSTV is working properly - ill get it properly configured one of these days at low power.
thanks for tuning in :)

Radio Free Whatever 6950 USB S7-S9 in NY

2219: Dickweed running a test. Going to have a beer. Will be back on if we can hear him ; )
whether or not i can hear hear the Legendary DW on my own RSP2 is not a concern to me, i will be keeping an eye and ear out to hear his famous broadcasts on whatever online receiver gets him best - i dont want to miss it this time - WestWorld's final season will be recorded.
edit - sounding great on a remote SDR - enjoying the show - glad you got your antenna somewhat back up and in operation !
edit2 - i can provide you a reliable free service for streaming audio if you like DW, ill send you an email - what bitrate you choose to stream is up to you but to save bandwidth costs assuming your internet bandwidth is limited, i recommend minimum MP3 96Kbit CBR @ 44.1Khz sample rate, AAC+ would be the best to use but i am not sure the free services i have will be able to translate it for streaming - good to hear you on the air finally !
edit3 - perhaps the tree is acting as part of the antenna lol
edit4 - hahahaha, you are hysterical as always DW, yes i do smoke alot, its a bad habit but i get my cigarettes from a "native reservation" so theyre dirt cheap and contain no additives - i should go back to vaping actually but that too is becoming prohibitively expensive now
edit5 - no big deal, the occasional bloopers add humor to the wonderful broadcast you provide to us
edit6 - "we're radiating leaves.." lmaooooo
edit7 - a competition between DW and Stavin to see who is drunker ? LOL

TV DX Loggings / Re: I miss analog TV!
« on: June 24, 2018, 0829 UTC »
I too remember when color TV came in mid-seventies and it was a big deal at my house. Remote control was an exotic luxury!  ;D

I used to DX Mexico around here all the time twenty years ago... pick up those Mexican league baseball games, which were just the coolest. Hermosillo station, I believe. If they haven't gone to dig then suppose one could do it today, but I have no TV... I think the b/w TV sounds like a good idea/fashion statement, etc.
oh, you reminded me of the remote control that used no batteries, jiggling you car keys changed the tv channel, lol.

Thanks for the relay, excellent taste in music. I had thought that you shutdown after the X-FM relay.
it was a wonderful honor to relay RedHats awesome shows, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
however, I had more shows to play after RedHat's and I still have more shows left to play, there's just not enough time during optimal fof2 to play them all but, I do my best to honor the relay programs for as long as possible until I'm too tired to continue (4+ hours was alot).
I think I'll start the broadcasts a bit earlier before optimal fof2, this way the timeframe is a little better for everyone.
for anyone reading this, if you have a program you want airplayed, recorded or live, shoot me an email at shortwavepirate@aol.com.
I'd be delighted to put you on the air.
unique producers make pirate radio interesting.

Holy "can you hear me now?", Batman! NEW ZEALAND??? :-O
its there and it can be heard and at times, fades up pretty strong.
thats got to be some antenna system for this SDR.
not bad for 500 watts but its to be expected with the fof2 at 4Mhz or less, the signal goes "long".
however, it is rather amazing for AM but really easy for SSB - AM is no where nearly as efficient as SSB is - can you imagine if i chose SSB instead ?

yes sir, i am still broadcasting shows tonight (https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,43695.0.html), it didnt end with the X-FM relay, i am still honoring all the shows i have so thank you to all the producers who have sent me recorded shows and those who want to do live ones - the current broadcast is a live one from "Radio Free Connecticut".
a bit of a suprise though, i was not expecting to reach New Zealand either, http://kiwisdr.northlandradio.nz:8073/?f=6880.00amz10

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