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Hi Chris and thanks to Mix Radio for the email (i replied to your other one but i dont think you got it).
today is a selection of new adult alternative/indie music released within the last couple of months.
im broadcasting at 50 watts at 16Khz audio (32Khz bandwidth) and listening to the tunes on a remote SDR while i work on this bleak monday.
most HF audio above 12Khz isnt really apparent unless the signal is quite strong.
NVIS band conditions appear to pretty good today.
have a great day :)

General Radio Discussion / Re: Android help
« on: July 29, 2018, 2318 UTC »
here is a good forum i am a member of.
dont know if it can help your situation but its worth a try.

Propagation / Re: Long delayed echo
« on: July 28, 2018, 2129 UTC »
When you hear hfgcs echo, it's more likely due to several tx sites simulkeying around the world than an actual long delayed echo. Not that it can't happen tho.
that was my first thought also, that Gander may use a second TX located in another area for coverage reasons, there are many HF communication stations that do this.

Propagation / Re: Long delayed echo
« on: July 28, 2018, 1948 UTC »
that sounds to be about 500mS delay in my experience.

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Kids Playing Radio"
« on: July 28, 2018, 1933 UTC »
Apparently this was the school radio station "WPES". Those kids must have been cranking out some programming superior to the local licensed stations and the big boys would have no part of them messing with the cash cows.....mooooooooo
you got that right !
if they were operating below 92.1Mhz, this would have likely not happened.
i bet they were operating near a popular station (frequency).

thats just a bit above the 10 meter ARO FM repeaters.
never expected something to be licensed just below 30Mhz and just above the ARO 10 meter FM repeaters.
good catch !

General Radio Discussion / Re: H.R.5709 - Pirate Radio Act
« on: July 25, 2018, 1816 UTC »
"between 535 to 1705 kHz or 87.7 to 108 MHz"

Cat's outta the bag now. This will be used in court to protect hf piracy.

Again, the new act does not renounce The Communications Act of 1934; it simply strengthens the penalties and fines for operating in the AM and FM bands. It does not say that HF pirates are now, all the sudden, acceptable.

I'm not sure why you say it will be used to "protect" HF pirates.

Because you can't have two definitions for the same act?
unless the definition for a specific "act" is defined in the amended bill and as in this case, the amended "act" and definition is for the FM/AM broadcast band.
this changes nothing for pirating in the HF band as far as im concerned but does significantly change things for those pirating in the FM/AM broadcast band.
like the news media, its fear that is being pushed, since it is now much easier for the justice department to go after the individual(s) and collect these fine amounts since they are now levied at a significantly higher amount than it was historically, but if the individual(s) cannot pay, will the justice department have the authority to place a lien on the accused subject(s) property (house/land/other) or a legal (through federal court) monetary judgement on  and against the individual(s) accused in an attempt to collect the fine amount ?


Nothing here today (yet), was hoping to catch the broadcast as I was putting up 2 dozen quarts of pickles today.
Sorry CT Yankee, i signed off at 3PM EST when Matt_B was done with his live broadcast.
those home made pickles ? sweet ? sour ? crunchy garlic flavor ? (my favorite)
edit - oh sweet, i bet they taste really awesome, id buy a few jars from you - i used to grow, process and pack my own tomato sauce in ball jars with home grown garlic as well as make my own pasta and hang it up to dry out - cool !

Radio Free CT doing a live show at the moment.
im glad you are enjoying and having fun Matt_B.

General Radio Discussion / Re: H.R.5709 - Pirate Radio Act
« on: July 24, 2018, 1554 UTC »
the Communications Act of 1934 will apply to all illegal unlicensed radio transmissions outside of the FM/AM broadcast band.
the amended HR 5709 bill to the Communications Act of 1934 will apply to pirates broadcasting in the FM/AM broadcast band.
both have differences in their procedures and levied fine amounts.

good morning Chris !
im just toying around today, not a serious broadcast.
at first it was at 50w, then i turned it down to 5w where its at now.
good for measuring band conditions.

excellent ending choice of music, Mix (assuming you are ending) - i couldnt have done it better.
what a really good song (in my opinion)
those verbal female highs, so soothing but watching that PEP meter scaling up along with that voice... its got to be entertaining ;)

Kudos Mix !
sounding great here !
excellent audio frequency response !

I speak on behalf of many pirate radio operators and respectfully ask all members of hfunderground, new and senior, to please respect the privacy of all pirate radio operators and please do NOT post links to screen captures of the TDoA results or post the coordinates of the TDoA results from the Kiwi SDR in this forum.
I ask you to please keep this information to yourself.
Thank you.

i have the same issue also.

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