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Utility / EAM transmission 14:21 "correction"?
« on: August 03, 2018, 1435 UTC »
just happened to catch this I missed the very beginning I only caught the msg:


"correction: item 12 QY7"
"correction: item 4 QUX"


"I say again"


"This is Resurgent. Out!"


what's the deal with the "correction"? "QY7/QUX"...you think those are callsigns/recipient/sender?

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 21, 2018, 0147 UTC »
sort of funny right now cuz I'm copying 9570 KHz waaay better than 9580 KHz even tho they are transmitting the same content. Propagation...is...a funny thing.

Haha I set bandwidth WIDE and I can hear 9580 KHz lagging just a bit behind

Utility / 11015 USB
« on: June 20, 2018, 2328 UTC »
right now @ 23:12z I'm hearing CW. And it's too fast for me to translate but from 23:00z to 23:07z, they were beeping the letters 'V' and 'U' over and over. I wrote it down, mostly was 'V' and now and then I caught a 'U' in there.

I was going to just report that, but at 23:13z they started beeping diff characters...I caught 4VUV4VU

Then they started beeping what sounds like actual msg...

so what's the deal w this? I'm just learning Morse right now so...u guys can check this out and report back to me! 8)

Utility / Re: USAF Test Counts & EAM at 8992 kHz
« on: June 19, 2018, 0253 UTC »
I suspect that'd be DYNOTRON or DYNATRON.

Yeah, fair enough. Since I don't think it's a word


Utility / Re: USAF Test Counts & EAM at 8992 kHz
« on: June 18, 2018, 1431 UTC »
13:41z test counts 8992 USB

ANTHOLOGY talking to DINOTRAUN (←what the heck kinda name is that haha :D )

•DINOTRAUN: ABC. ABC. (13:41z)


•DINOTRAUN: Say again! I did not copy. I did not copy, over........QSY to 8992...QSY to 8992!

•ANTHOLOGY: how's copy? LC

•DINOTRAUN: I read you! LC as well.

•ANTHOLOGY: DINOTRAUN, LC...request to enter the net at this time!

•DINOTRAUN: ANTHOLOGY I request ABC plz authenticate!

•ANTHOLOGY: DINOTRAUN ABC I authenticate with R.

•DINOTRAUN: ABC authenticate
POW..if correct you may enter the net @ 13:47z

•ANTHOLOGY: I authenticate POW with F.

•DINOTRAUN: Enter net @ 13:47z

•ANTHOLOGY: No further assistance needed at this time.

205...copy...A out!

•DINOTRAUN: Test count 1234554321

•DINOTRAUN: How's copy? Over!

•YEW TREE: DINOTRAUN copy that, plz stand by, over!

•DINOTRAUN: Authenticate DBG if correct you may enter net @ 14:15z

•YEW TREE: I authenticate DBG with C. How's copy?


after this point my notes are not sufficient! I'm sitting here w/pen and paper...I think I'll start recording these on audio cassette. Pretty cool tho! I expect there will be more traffic after I post this.

(Sorry my notes are not completely exact)

Longwave Loggings / Re: Take Off to the Great White North
« on: June 15, 2018, 1453 UTC »
I'm just learning Morse...last night I copied 382 KHz. ..listed here as Iroquois Falls, ON...

on the list here I read that the CW says 7P...but I think I heard 'YPL'.

Do u know if that's correct?

And then you must remember that such messages, the format of them, and any confirmation of what / how they are used, is classified information, so people who actually know are probably not going to say much.  I can say that when I was active duty I occasionally sent and received messages very similar in format to EAMs (but they were not EAMs), and that is pretty much all I am going to say on the matter.

Oh no! Now you guys are all thinking I'm a North Korean spy! :o


Ha  ;) jk but u kno I never listened for em around 06:00z...I've heard a lot like 23:00z...14:00z...I'll monitor around 06:00z more often. I fall asleep early!


In a side note, I've lost count at the number of emails that I receive from people who swear that an increase in EAM traffic means that WW3 is imminent.  ;)
Curt / W9SPY

I like to say that as long as it doesn't spell out WING ATTACK PLAN R, we're probably OK.

WW3 has been imminent since the end of WW2!  ;)

But you might actually know the answer to this question--

The only weird feeling I got about that type of thing was, I had been listening to the Cuban Lady ya kno cuz obviously everyone knows about her...anyway so I would sumtimes copy the msgs and sometimes I would notice a slight pattern, not in detail like you guys do...but anyway it really SEEMED to me...it might have been a misconception but after the "re-embargo" I thought,  Wow! These msgs seem like they are a LOT longer/bigger, like a longer duration and containing more numbers. Any truth to that? I'm sure like 50% of that Cuban Lady stuff is dummy msgs anyway and she gets boring but I got the distinct impression the LENGTH of the msgs in increased after the re-embargo

Longwave Loggings / Re: Take Off to the Great White North
« on: June 12, 2018, 1424 UTC »
The beacons send the Morse slowly enough that you can write down the dots and dashes and decode it later.  In fact, most pilots don't know Morse.  The dots and dashes are printed out for them on various navigational charts next to the beacon location.  However, learning Morse (called CW by Hams) can be rewarding.  Go to the ARRL website and look up the W1AW code practice schedule.  They transmit code practice sessions every evening on various frequencies.  They put in a good signal here usually on 40 meters 7047.5 khz.  Put your 750 in SSB mode and fine tune in the code with the BFO knob.

NDB stands for "Non-Directional Beacon" which actually means that the beacon transmits in a pattern equally in all directions.  They are used for aeronautical navigation.  The aircraft is equipped with a radio called an ADF (automatic direction finder) that when tuned to the beacon frequency drives an instrument with a pointer that points the direction to the station.  This technology has been around for a long time and has been largely superceded by newer technologies the most recent being GPS.  Therefore, many NDBs have been and are being phased out.  Enjoy them while you can.

That beacon QT that you are hearing is a Canadian across the Lake from you located in Thunder Bay Ontario.  It actually transmits on 332.  From your location you are well positioned to be able to hear lots of Canadian beacons.  Fortunately, the Canadians have not been phasing out their beacons as much as in the U.S.  Often, the NDB is the only navigational aid available at many very remote Canadian airstrips. 

However, you will need a good antenna to get the most out of your 750.  That rotatable ferrite will pull in only the strongest nearest signals.  The nice thing about the 750 though, as you have noticed, is the ability to connect an external antenna to the 3.5 mm jack on the ferrite bar.  Go to the Universal Radio website and get a mono-mini to SO-239 adapter (their part #1619) that will plug into the 3.5 mm port.  Get a pre-assembled RG-8X coax with PL-259 connectors on each end.  Universal sells them in various lengths from 25' to 100'.  The coax will run from the adapter to your antenna.  My suggestion would be the  EF-SWL antenna (Universal #2205).  Or you can homebrew your own antenna with whatever wire you may have around.  All kinds of antenna plans on the internet.  Just be sure to disconnect the antenna when not in use to protect from lightning damage.  (btw, you can also use that EF-SWL antenna for shortwave listening on your 750... get adapter Universal #2122 and connect to the BNC connector labelled SW on the right hand side of the 750 and make sure the INT/EXT antenna switch is in external EXT). 

Hope this helps get you started.  Any questions, just ask.

Hey buddy this is TOTALLY awesome advice, especially regarding EXT antenna to connect...honestly I've been trying to figure that out. The adapters and the coax and all this...but now u gave me superb advice and I thank you very much. Even including item # for some of the equipment? Thanx man!

Longwave Loggings / Re: Take Off to the Great White North
« on: June 10, 2018, 1859 UTC »
Hmm...if the NDBs  are transmitting 360°....not pointed anywhere in particular...why are they called "non-directional" beacons instead of "omni-directional" beacons? :o

so with the digital scanner...like the RadioShack $400 handheld digital scanner...that receives Police band...even with that, msgs are encrypted?

Are their transmissions typically encoded further than that? Like, isn't the typical digital/800band Police traffic receivable with a digital scanner like that? Or are Police going further with ecncryption?

Quick anecdote here...I have family in Escanaba, MI. So I visited them with my VHF/UHF scanner. There is lots of railroad activity there. But the cops just talk on the old VHF Police band! I couldn't believe it! I assume they use digital communications also but they're reading ppl's names! License plates! Criminal record! Vehicle registration + information! I...I still can't believe it man! That's terrible to read all that over-the-air VHF...like all you need is a free outdated radio like Uniden Bearcat BC-145XL 16-channel scanner, like I have in my kitchen! I got it for free. It wasn't worth more than $5 anyway.

So when you visit Escanaba...tell em...that this is the 21st century now

Spy Numbers / Re: V07 again, excellent reception
« on: June 10, 2018, 1452 UTC »
I figure I might as well give a reception report...I took one for the team! I got up at 6:50z and monitored the 3 frequencies. Couldn't hear nothin! EXCEPT I did hear very faint voice on 12163U...so that's my reception report!

I'm on a big hill in a gr8 location but no EXT antenna

Longwave Loggings / Re: Take Off to the Great White North
« on: June 10, 2018, 0810 UTC »
Thnx! Haha yea Thunder Bay...makes perfect sense.

I'm taking a liking to CW...I seem to catch on quick...my father was a HAM...electrical engineer and he was pretty much exclusively CW Dx. He was always taking the sweepstakes...

So I'm enjoying this...I like Morse code. I'm taking a liking to it.

And hell I'm not doing bad! So far I have not misidentified CW traffic. This is right up my alley. I swear--i'll be proficient soon enough!

 just wanted to thank ya for the advice and especially the CW practice frequencies!

 and btw I was hearing sum of these NDBs just now...

362 KHz 'SB'...Sudbury, ON   8)

I tell ya tho...I'd love to be in Europe with the LW. Is North American LW pretty much just beacons? Does anyone talk in this range?

Anyway I'm pickin up Morse fast. I'm a musician. I know my mother always said she couldn't tell the diff between a dot and a dash. Weird!

Thnx again for your help! I'll be monitoring the NDBs I'll check back with you guy! peace!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Yeti Radio 6920 USB 0046 UTC 10 June 2018
« on: June 10, 2018, 0102 UTC »
•1:00z we copy ya...I heard one song and now radio silence...back on...fading out..losing ya

•0:29 we hear you on Copper Island, mon frère! Vive l'État Wolverine! Vive radio liberté!

S9 +10...on my meter

Doors "Love Me Two Times"

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