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Shortwave Pirate / Re: Relay Station 6880 AM 2100 UTC 9 Jun 2018
« on: June 10, 2018, 0000 UTC »
•23:59z comin in scratchy but audible enough. I hear some cool eletronic/flute Australian aboriginal style music.

•0:03z copy is better but  there is fading. is this song..."Jane"? ...Jefferson Airplane?

When you talk about numbers stations and military transmissions like EAMs, or any traffic on the HF-GCS network, much of the information is not actually known.  That does not mean people do not have a good idea how / why things happen, however most of the time there is no actual documented proof you can point to.  So be careful with any information you receive, some of it is quite good but some of it is junk, and proving either is pretty hard.

First thing you have to remember is that EAMs and Skykings are not numbers stations.  Since they are not, they probably will not have similar habits to numbers stations.  And indeed they do not.  And then you must remember that such messages, the format of them, and any confirmation of what / how they are used, is classified information, so people who actually know are probably not going to say much.  I can say that when I was active duty I occasionally sent and received messages very similar in format to EAMs (but they were not EAMs), and that is pretty much all I am going to say on the matter.

A numbers station often has fixed group sizes, for example maybe 3, 4, 5, or 6 characters per group, depending on the station.  And so this results in a character count of some multiple of this group size.  And also note that most numbers stations typically do not mix numbers and letters, they are mostly all only numbers, but when they use letters they are typically all letters.  This may all be a result of the type of encoding that is done to this traffic.  Numbers stations also typically follow specific schedules, HF-GCS traffic typically does not.

But coded HF-GCS traffic is not a numbers station, and an EAM might have any number of characters, and so it will not have specific groups.  And the HF-GCS messages mix numbers and letters, however some numbers and letters are never seen.  Why is this?  Speculation, but I believe it is because the content is different and this traffic is encoded in an entirely different way

As for what is a SKYKING, that is a point of contention.  We know, from official documents and from observing habits, that a SKYKING is a higher priority message than either normal traffic or an EAM.  Some documentation ties SKYKINGs to SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) which is part of the control and use of nuclear weapons.  But we also have good indication that SKYKINGs can be tied to other highly important platforms and uses, such as unarmed reconnaissance aircraft.

We also know that SKYKINGs are heard less frequently than other types of messages.  You average day on the HF-GCS network will probably have several, if not many, EAMs.  Some times you may have half a dozen, or more, in a single hour.  But you can go days without a SKYKING, or you may have a dozen SKYKINGs in a single day.

And then it is a safe bet that some EAMs and SKYKINGs are fake traffic, filler messages transmitted when there is no need for them, just to prevent anyone from using traffic analysis as an indicator of force activity.

So I think it safe to say, SKYKINGs are, when real, more important messages than other HF-GCS traffic, and that is really all we know about them.

Some people think if they hear a SKYKING that means something important is happening or about to happen, but to date no one has been able to tie either EAMs or SKYKINGs to world events.  For sure there have been 7+ SKYKINGs in the last 7 days and we are all still here.


Wow! Hey first of all I want to make it clear that I don't assume any relation to world events and  HFGCS transmissions or Cuban Lady or any numbers station. That's not an issue with me; I only mention it now bcuz I noticed you told me that a few times. I'm sure lots of ppl do assume a relation, but I don't. I kno a great many confidential msgs of all types are dummy msgs, or "fillers" as you put it. That's what I would do if I were in charge: send a bunch of dummy msgs. In different languages. Just be aware I don't interpret world events thru the EAM or any #s station.

But funny you should mention 24-character msg with a 6-character callup. I just copied this msg:


"msg follows"


"This is Locksmith. Out!"

So I just noticed that; I was gonna post it here and then I saw your msg.

"They're not numbers stations." ← okay that's good advice for me. I should not expect the HFGCS to be like a #s station. That's pretty much answered  my question about these guys. "They're not encoded in the same way". THAT is the answer to my question...more or less

But...how can I tell if I'm hearing a SkyKing vs. typical EAM?

I like these guys. I get a kick out of em. Thnx

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 09, 2018, 0147 UTC »
Right now the 1:00z-2:00z English program is VERY clear. I have to set my ant att. lowest setting

Ha it's kinda funny cuz as I'm listening to 9570 KHz I can clearly hear 9580 KHz also playing the same program!  It's funny and u know what? At my location, 9570 KHz is +10 and MUCH clearer. "Propagation...is a funny thing" ;)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CFRX Toronto 6070 loud & clear
« on: June 08, 2018, 2219 UTC »
22:17z •CFRX• News Talk 1010 AM on 6070 KHz. Sounds like I'm there.


You get to know what is normal day to day traffic after spending some time listening to them. They have a quarterly(?) exercise that might make one think ww3 has broken loose from the frantic messages, however. There's also a distinct difference between skykings and all the rest.

Well what I mean is, is there a pattern to the characters...like with every single Cuban Lady msg they are sets of 5, and I kno that's common. Like this EAM msg I copied in February as an example:

msg follows:


"again" (repeat msg)

"this is Beatrice. Out!"

See how their beginning IDs are 4-characters. That was consistent in all msgs I've heard. In this particular example, I presented the msg in groups of 5-characters (arbitrarily)...and there were 4 left over at the end. So, that's what I mean. Are the number of characters in each msg commonly divisible by 5...except for the IDs? Is there a pattern of THAT sort to the msgs? No, not particularly?

And hey! What's a "skyking", and how are they different from the rest of the guys?

Hey I really like hearing these guys. I like to write down the msgs I hear when possible. .. (you kno I heard a female reading phonetics last night but I missed her code name!)

So have you identified any pattern in the msgs? For example, like the Cuban Lady reading sets of 5-characters...I know these EAM sender IDs SEEM to me to be 3-characters (like XP4, for example). Is there a consistent or alternating grouping pattern here? Have you noticed a pattern?

I've been hearing Brazil quite a bit which was a surprise to me at first. Anyway if •Radio Apericida• is really 1 KW power then cool; cuz it's frickin loud & clear in the Keweenaw Peninsula  8)

Peskies / Re: 6901 LSB Spanish chatter
« on: June 07, 2018, 2028 UTC »
6900 kHz and nearby frequencies are very heavily used by Spanish speaking freebanders, some of which are probably licensed ham operators...some of which are probably not...so use of 6901 kHz is not surprising. The operating habits are similar to 11 meter CB freebanders who work SSB mode above and below the legal CB radio band.  I have monitored 6900 kHz LSB extensively and have determined that 6900 LSB is the "calling channel" or home channel for these operators.  Often they'll do a call on 6900 and QSY to 6905 or 6895 or 6920 or something like that.  I've heard stations coming from North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean talking to each other on this frequency and nearby.  They usually use 5 kHz steps and mostly stick to LSB mode, although I have logged activity on 6900 USB several times...usually when 6900 LSB is busy.

Cool! I've heard Spanish chatter in that general range...some on 40M who sound to me like licensed HAMs rag-chewing...but I didn't kno about the 43M "Peskies" and I think they're pretty cool!

What I like about radio is its mystery, so to speak. Like #s stations and all that cool stuff. So I like freebanders. I think they're pretty cool.

I keep learning so much information here on this site. Thnx again. Gracias!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 07, 2018, 1346 UTC »
9570 is not clear enough today @ my location.

but copy •CRI• in Russian 9675 KHz very clear 13:46z

•CRI• "Round Table" 13740 KHz is very clear 14:14z...looks like my SIGNAL meter is hitting almost +20.

 (I'm learning how to read the meter. It's goin past +10 almost hitting 20, so....that's +20? Eh?)

•1:15z June 8th-•
9570 KHz very clear at my location. +10

Peskies / 6901 LSB Spanish chatter
« on: June 07, 2018, 0032 UTC »
Well here we go then mi amigos; idk what these hombres are talking about...my Español es muy mal...un poco...poquito! Anyway this is cool!. Anybody know what they're talkin bout? Probly just radio talk

"...buenos tardes! buenos tardes, muchachos!"

•6901 KHz LSB...0:25z...

•still goin 0:33z

•I'm surprised they're still goin 2:32z

If I were one of these dudes I'd call myself "Señor Chicaronne"! ..."bueno! Señor Chicaronne es en tu panza ahora, muchachos!"   8)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CFRX Toronto 6070 loud & clear
« on: June 07, 2018, 0004 UTC »
Once again I copy CFRX quite loud & clear. Very good copy; 0:00z.

Hi I'm new to this section of the site. This post caught my eye but I may be way off base here.

So right now 694O KHz is beating sumthing like one pulse per second. With occasional double pulses or longer 2-beat pulses. And I can't tell if it's supposed to be LSB or AM... LSB i assume. Now it's 22:06z and I've been hearing this about 15 min.

Is this what you're talking about? Stuff like that?

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 06, 2018, 1833 UTC »
Well, now thats interesting.   Whatever the target was it was one outrageously powerful signal here in south central Wisconsin.   I guess 300 KW will do that.
Thanks for the feedback


"...propagation is a funny thing!"  :D

Yea that signal is strong but the darn audio is so faint!...on both of my radios. For the past 2 yrs. I don't have any data from before that bcuz i started SWL in 2016

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 06, 2018, 1830 UTC »
I think this one is actually targeting Europe, as the relay from Cuba on 9580 is much closer to us. (But usually much more poorly modulated and therefore not as good a signal for North American listeners as 9570.)

Okay see I didn't even see this at first YES MDK2 I would definitely believe these broadcasts are intended for Western Europe! Bcuz that makes 100% sense to me!

What a weird freq! I hear all year round @ my location and it's always a little difficult but it IS consistently audible. With some effort.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CRI
« on: June 06, 2018, 1819 UTC »
Transmitting "Beijing Hour" in English on 9570 KHZ @ 01:15 UTC 1 June 2018 (20:15 CST local 31 May 2018)  targeting Eastern North America.  Items included
Business News
Korean Summit
Beijing weather:  36 C
CHina-Germany ties regarding "Protectionism"
Sinpo:4-4-4-4-5 on the Grundig 750
Sinpo: 3-2-2-3-3 on the 1940 Mantola Tube (not bad for a 78 year old radio)

TX Site:  Cerrick, Albania

Hey Don are u in WI? You say Cerrik is where the transmitter is, correct? Right.

Okay yeah CRI on 9570 KHz at the time you heard them, approx 1:00z? For the •Beijing Hour• program! Right! I do copy that quite often! But lately it's been excellent copy on 13740 KHz in the morning.

Cuz what I like is to catch the 13:00z "Chinese Theater" + especially "A Light On Literature"! I catch it every morning but it's sumtimes a struggle...in my apt I can barely hear, altho the SIGNAL meter says it's huge! But it's so damn quiet with fading! My thought was, maybe this is beaming to Canada but...perhaps Western Europe is the target?

Bcuz I catch it all year round and when I'm at my gf's house I can usually pull it in, tweaking the EQs...and frickin headphones!

But that's my fav programming CRI...they're my fav anyway, but especially "A Light On Literature"! Bcuz I was just gonna post about the biography of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, that is their current featured work...and I just think it's funny bcuz they purposely give MAO a Scottish accent! Haha! I wonder why they decided to make him Scottish? Haha!

In the morn I like 13740 KHz. And 6020 KHz has been pretty strong for me in the evening, USUALLY. ..lately at this time of year BUT...I love the 9570 KHz •CRI• and that freq drives me nuts like I said bcuz it's so faint! But at my gf's house (away from my apt building where there is lots of interference) I can usually pull em in using $20 Panasonic audio headphones.

But yeah--Scottish MAO! Haha. Why? :-D

Mao was a bonny lad...maybe they're going for a •Braveheart• type of image haha!

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