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I also hear the firedrake-ish music underneath some Chinese talk.

Equipment / Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« on: December 27, 2012, 2209 UTC »
I will make a few bullet points that could be helpful.

* You are in a very good geographic location with regards to hearing pirates at night below 10 MHz. So you do have an advantage, there.

* Park your receiver on 6925 KHz. There is where most activity pops up. Be in the IRC chatroom, or watch the logs here on HFU, to see what other people are hearing in real time. Sometimes there will be other frequencies, but 6925 is where you should start. Activity could be in AM or SSB, so be prepared for both.

* Find and eliminate any egregious sources of RFI in your home. Plasma screen TVs, flourescent lamps, MRI machines, arc welding equipment left on... reducing your noise level will help.

* Antennas... keep it simple. I second Redhat's suggestion that a simple dipole, the largest you can fit (inside our outside) is a really good basic antenna. I only have dipoles here at the Beershack, and they work well! Mine are outside.

* Consider a radio upgrade. The DX-392 is not a bad radio, but is designed for pulling in blockbuster signals. I know that money can be tight, but an upgraded radio could offer you superior sensitivity, selectivity and maybe a useful noise blanker. Current modern ham transceivers (and their related receive-only versions) can have very good noise blankers. If you have a decent computer, consider one of the number of software defined radios (SDR) that have appeared on the market lately. You can get one for $200-$500.

Good luck!

Peaking at S7 with moderate fading at 1633 UTC.

Only have him at about S2 or S3 right now with Christmas music at 1309 UTC. QRM from 15265 is also competing.

XFM ID by announcer at 0058 UTC (12/25) on 6925 KHz AM. Signal is about S6-S7 with moderate fading.

Very nice S9 signal at 2252 UTC with So This Is Christmas.

S9+ here with the CW after the skit at 2227 UTC. Then back into a mix of clips and monologue about radio, etc. Very nice audio and signal here.

Pirate Radio Boston back on 6925 KHz AM at 1805 UTC with a good S8 signal, light fading.

I have Mustang Radio with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit at 1524 UTC on 15020 KHz AM. Signal is about S2, peaks to S3, moderate fading.

Also a huge, clear signal here in the Boston burbs with light fading. Easily peaking S9+20. Kate Bush sounding female music at 1401 UTC.

S5 at 2032 UTC with a version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

Utility / BREWER 92 on 11175 KHz USB 1833 UTC 12/22
« on: December 22, 2012, 1900 UTC »
I had BREWER 92 getting some weather on 11175 KHz USB at 1833 UTC. This may be an E-4 aircraft.

Condensed recording:


Captain Morgan putting in a good S9 signal with blues music on 6950.7 AM.  ID at 0249 UTC.

Also had this until sign-off. About S7 here. Didn't manage to grab an ID either.

Also have a very weak carrier here, and only occasional hints of audio.

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