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Off at 0150 UTC.

Blue Ocean Radio is relaying Pirating With Cumbre, 6925 KHz USB 0142 UTC 1/10. S6 signal here.

Nice article. I began using IRC back in the early 1990's, right as dialup internet began to challenge standalone dialup bulletin boards. IRC was a lot of fun back then, being relegated mostly to academia and certain cultural undergrounds. When the web, and instant messengers (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft) hit the scene later in the 90's I think most people figured IRC would fade away just like the old BBS scene did.

But, IRC has endured.

It's interesting to note that IRC is *widely* used in today's military theaters of operation, having been re-discovered as a simple and robust theater communications protocol during the Iraq war. Here's an example study called "The Impact of Synchronous Text-Based Chat on Military Command and Control":


It specifically talks about the impact of IRC. Interesting stuff...

About S2 here, copying Santana-ish sounding Latin/rock fusion kind of stuff at 0050 UTC (1/3).

Solid S9 here at 2304 UTC. Playing something that sounds slightly like Underworld, but I know it isn't.

Equipment / Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« on: January 01, 2013, 1930 UTC »
Lol..yeah i it from tibbspawn on ebay..looked dusty in the picture.  I hope it has a dsp.  He said it worked when i asked him the question.  I hope it was a good buy.

The seller looks like a pawn shop. Not necessarily a bad thing. If it arrives safely, works, and cleans up nicely, it should be a good buy. Icoms are durable radios. I'd be surprised if it was DOA.

Thanks to a tip on the IRC channel I have Cool AM on 13875 KHz USB, relayed by BOR. Signal is about S4, with moderate fading. Playing the blues at 1915 UTC.

ID at 0148 UTC after Van Halen, then into The Tube "She's a Beauty". Signal is a solid S8 with peaks to S9.

Still going at 0107 UTC on 6933 KHz CW. Signal is about S4.

Very weak here but managed to pull out the ID at 1428 UTC.

Equipment / Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« on: December 29, 2012, 1451 UTC »
Upgrading to an R75 will be a big step up! But a radio like this really deserves an antenna outdoors. I know you said you can't put an antenna outside; I don't know if this is a property restriction, or a wife thing, or just plain logistics... but you may want to research stealth antennas and try to sneak something out there.

Positive ID at 0120 UTC after a house song, then into more electronic music. Decent S6-S7 signal with moderate fading.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 USB UNID
« on: December 29, 2012, 0108 UTC »
Very good S9 with light fading at 0108 UTC. Song is Santana (according to IRC).

About S2 here in the Boston burbs at 0011 UTC (12/29). Very high local QRN on this frequency (probably Christmas lights).

Radio GaGa is up on 6930 KHz USB with a nice S9 signal at 0008 UTC. "Ice Fishin' Baby".

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