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General Radio Discussion / "wireless wonder" 1920's portable radio
« on: March 29, 2014, 1946 UTC »

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: R. Free Asia 21500 kHz AM 03-28-14 0426
« on: March 29, 2014, 1007 UTC »
There is no Radio Free Asia on 21500. Radio Romania is the only listed broadcaster on that frequency & they are not on at 4:26 utc. Watching the vid ,it looks like you are tuned to 21700 KHz. There IS an RFA broadcast in Chinese at that hour which would likely be jammed with CRI 1.

Shortwave Broadcast / Walkin' the dog logs 3/29/14 2:30 - 3:18 utc
« on: March 29, 2014, 0335 UTC »
Heard with Tecsun Pl660 using built in whip

2:29z   7425 KHz  Radio Tirana English service   IS, ID into news headlines. Muffled audio but fair/fairly good copy. Occasional "UteRM"
2:33z   6175 KHz  Voice of Vietnam English Service  News with good signal via UK.
2:40z   13715 KHz  China Radio International Tamil Service via Tajikistan. Fairly good signal
2:58z   13760 KHz Voice of Korea Spanish Service   Open carrier into IS and the usual songs praising the Fatty clan //15180 poor/fair
non log:
2:30z - 3:00z  9420  KHz // 7475 KHz  No signal from Voice of Greece

Also heard this guy on 14176usb


Working US UK & Canadian stations in contest with Inboomng signal. During the time I walked 1 block he worked contacts #220 to #253, all with 5 & 9 signals although he had to ask several of them to repeat their call signs. That doesn't soundlike 5 & 9 to me.

CAUTION! The following is the opinion of Glimmer Twin & does not represent the views of HFU:

Contesting sucks.

General Radio Discussion / Re: I'm new to all this.
« on: March 27, 2014, 1606 UTC »
I seem to recall the the Trans Oceanic D7000 is an awesome radio. A friend of mine let me borrow his for a couple of weeks about 20 years ago & I remember well tuning Radio Ukraine International English service while sitting at my kitchen table with excellent reception while it was only fair on my other rigs with longwire antennas. If my memory doesn't fail me (as it often does these days) it has a BFO for single side band reception, a definite plus. Kind of expensive usually though. There are some really good inexpensive portables on the market these days as atrainradio pointed out. Before you invest possibly hundreds of $$ in a TransOceanic consider trying an inexpensive portable, getting the hang of that & move on from there. Either way welcome & best of luck to you & don't hesitate to ask questions.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Local law enforcement and antennas
« on: March 25, 2014, 1541 UTC »
You aren't even close to violating any kind of FCC rule if all you're doing is listening. Since you refused to talk to the cops they might have passed it along to the FCC who are now trying to determine if you are transmitting. I've learned from my own youthful hyjinx that it isn't good to antagonize the cops but as long as you have nothing else to worry about....more power to ya, stick it to the man.

General Radio Discussion / Malaysian hams & MH370
« on: March 25, 2014, 1303 UTC »
The Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (MARES)  is operating a net Re the search for MH370. Check ins are on 14250v & 21250v from 13 to 15 UTC. Malaysian amateur callsigns start with 9M & the callsign for the missing flight is/was 9MMRO. It couldn't be at a worse time for me as I am always at work at that time. But it might be interesting if propagation favors you or via remotes.

General Radio Discussion / Re: TCS T-Shirts Campaign Ended
« on: March 25, 2014, 0356 UTC »
me too.

Maybe its S06 :D :D

This is probably irrelevant to this discussion but on the first day that the station was on air there was along with the Horizon FM signal, God Save the Queen, popping up in the upper & lower side band. I have a recording somewhere but I forget where I put it. I was monitoring it via Twente & it was quite clear & at about the same strength as the Horizon FM signal & it moved from USB to LSB. Not sure what it means but I just thought I would mention it.

Strong carrier on 6876 but nada on 6873

Hawaii 50 theme     Mission Impossible theme   & "Bang a gong"
SIO 333

JBA here bits of music but not much.

Fading up on the ID at 00:14! How often does that happen?  S9 on peaks & S4 on fairly long ,slow fades

I'm not a lawyer but wouldn't an outdoor antenna  fall under the "Plain View  Doctrine" or whatever you call the shocking lack of a right to privacy that we have these days?

I've had the same thing happen & just patiently explained what it was. I don't like to antagonize them ...I've regretted doing that in the past. Lots of neighborhood/homeowner associations do have rules against outdoor antennas & unfortunately these are completely legal. During an ice storm a few years ago a passing cop freaked out when he saw me picking up my downed antenna & beating the ice off of it & attempting to re-hang it. I guess he thought it was a power line that had fallen. He was really concerned that I was going to kill myself but when I explained what it was he thought it was pretty cool to be able to hear stations from all over the world.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Russia Radio Magic Eye Friday
« on: March 22, 2014, 0350 UTC »
Shortwave Bulletin #1793 has this:

Radio Magic Eye
Experimental radio station from Moscow's Technical
School MTCU.
R Zelyoniy Glaz, Moscow operates every Friday between
1200-1500 on 25900 kHz with 400 W in parallel with
1584 kHz. Web: vk.com/magic.eye.mtuci.
Email: greeneyeradio@yandex.ru

SWB via dxld


I don't know if that is a new or alternate e-mail address. I sent a report to the other one that Chris posted.

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