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Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Propagation screwing around?
« on: July 08, 2014, 1304 UTC »
EiBi & Aoki both show CNR1 on 9700 from 15:00-17:00 utc with RNZI starting at 15:51. Aoki notes that CNR1 is a jammer & that it started on June 19.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: "More Now"
« on: July 06, 2014, 1403 UTC »
What was the BBC/Rwanda frequency? I hear them on 13660 at 3:00z when the propagation gods smile on me.

Equipment / Re: Outdoor vs. Attic Antennas
« on: July 06, 2014, 1316 UTC »
I've found that the 30 or so feet of wire that I have running out my 2'nd floor bedroom window to a tree performs pretty much as well as the Alpha Delta sloper I shelled out for. I used to have an attic antenna & it worked fairly well but outdoor is almost always better.
I've had good luck using odd things as an antenna also. Look around your house & yard & maybe try using a chain link fence or the gutters on your house (assuming they aren't plastic) or downspouts. I use the stop signs in my neighborhood as what I call inductive coupling stations when I am going portable & want to try to ID a pirate. Just try stuff & see if it works.

good luck

S9+20 in KCMO with superior audio as always.

Intuned during Willie Nelson song. Using PL880 tonight as I walk the hound. Wolverine is at 36 DBu. SSTV at 2:41z

Heard very weak, occasionally popping above the noise level. Listening on barefoot PL880 as I walked the dog.

 6/14    Checked at 9:30 UTC & found weak signal amidst lots 'o' storm noise. No actual intelligble audio but fairly strong het when tuned with BFO on. I wish I could hear this station as I really dig old radio shows but so far its JBA for me.

I've had almost no time for playing radio lately but I still carry a portable when I walk the dog. I've been walking to get a coffee & a newspaper in the mornings & listen to:

** South Korea   15575 Khz 13:00-14:00 UTC   English service to North America.  KBS uses the same 19 meter frequency year round so for at least part of the year They are well received in the USA. They have apparently fixed the funky azimuth that was beaming their "North American" service to South America & now they are an easy catch. Saturday's feature a DX report towards the end of the hour long English program.

** North Korea   11710//9435  I can't hear them much on the 31 meter frequency but they are inbooming on 25 meters from 13-14 UTC

** Australia      9580 Khz  comes in really well as usual. Saturday mornings do sort of suck as they have country music programming...not good country like Bob Wills & Hank Williams but modern, recent country which I don't like. They do have great programming on weekdays around this time (13:00- 15:00 UTC) lots of in depth news & analysis type stuff. It seems like a lot of the programming is actually TV audio as they reference stuff that you obviously can't see but it's still outstanding programming. When I am on my way home with the dog & a bag with the newspaper, donuts & Marlboros & a cup of coffee in my hands I like to tune a station that I can just listen to & place the radio in the bag with the other stuff & have the antenna poking out as I have a 15-20 minute walk back home. Radio Australia is a good listen for my return walk. The other normally good listen is...

** China (via Cuba)  13740 Khz   CRI English service. Usually very good reception on any portable I happen to be using. This morning when the wretched country music began at 14:00 UTC on Radio Australia I switched to CRI to hear "China Drive"  I think its called. Today,however it was all "Cubanized" with a real strong carrier but modulation only 1 second of every 2 or 3 minutes. As Glenn Hauser says "wiggle that patch cord!"  I had my hands full & actually listened to the Cubanized CRI for about 15 minutes & only heard about 30 seconds of audio in that time.....standard Cuban broadcasting as far as I can tell.

** Japan (via Kranji  Singapore)  11740 Khz  12:00-12:30 UTC  NHK Radio Japan English service.  Not real well heard on a barefoot portable but if I am at home with my R75 or even satellit 750 & a good antenna this comes in well. NHK seems to go out of their way to NOT broadcast to North America but this one is a fairly easy catch. I haven't tried the Wooferton relay at 5:00-5:30 on 5975.....that one might be audible in North America too

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ 15420 usb, 1945 utc June 13, 2014
« on: June 14, 2014, 0103 UTC »
I thought 15240 was CUSB...Carrier + usb but no LSB. I forget what the little 3 character code is for that mode. WBCQ always sounds better to me in USB

General Radio Discussion / Re: has anyone ever thought about...
« on: June 11, 2014, 1754 UTC »
Good point Chris. Maybe if you are doing something interesting & unusual like that digital special broadcast that was on multiple transmitters worldwide a couple of months ago it would be worth it but I suspect that even the listenership for the "million watt" program wasn't all that high....still a cool program though.

General Radio Discussion / Re: has anyone ever thought about...
« on: June 11, 2014, 1333 UTC »
I thought it was a bit more than $25 an hour, more like $60. The WBCQ website just says "reasonable rates".


WWRB also leases time in large blocks. You lease the transmitter 24/7


WRMI also leases time & they claim to be $1/minute but you probably have to lease a large block of time for that rate


 To answer Chanters original question I have thought about doing this quite often but I don't really have anything to say that I feel is worth $60/hour  or even $25/hour....sad but true.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Any new shortwave stations?
« on: June 11, 2014, 1311 UTC »

Somebody on this site noted this. I just found on wikipedia under shortwave broadcasting in US:
"Shortwave stations in the USA are not permitted to operate exclusively for a domestic audience; ..."

Is that still the case? I thought they had repealed that part of the law. I remember reading several articles within the last year or so about how VOA can now (and couldn't before) broadcast to the USA. Its a silly & unworkable law anyway, sort of like the 155 mile limit on CB comms.

Shortwave Broadcast / World cup on shortwave
« on: June 10, 2014, 1138 UTC »
These are the stations that are going to be carrying the world cup June 12-July 13

0500-0200 on  4845 IBI 001 kW / 000 deg to BRA  Radio Meteorologia Paulista
0000-2400 on  4885 BLM 002 kW / 000 deg to BRA  Radio Clube do Para
0000-2400 on  5970 BEL 010 kW / 122 deg to BRA  Radio Itatiaia
0000-2400 on  6090 SA4 010 kW / 340 deg to BRA  Radio Bandeirantes
0000-2400 on  6180 BRA 250 kW / 312 deg to BRA  Radio Nacional da Amazonia
0000-2400 on  9645 SP4 008 kW / 030 deg to BRA  Radio Bandeirantes
0000-2400 on 11780 BRA 250 kW / 312 deg to BRA  Radio Nacional da Amazonia
0900-0400 on 11915 PTA 008 kW / 170 deg to BRA  Radio Gaucha
0000-2400 on 11925 SA1 010 kW / 147 deg to BRA  Radio Bandeirantes 

In "Braziguese" I would assume.

via Ivo/ DX Remix

JBA het at 1:34. Very weak audio at the wishful thinking threshold.

a little weaker than it was a few minutes ago. about 22 dBu here.

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