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Shortwave Broadcast / R.Algerienne 13820KHz 18:13-1830 utc
« on: June 05, 2020, 1940 UTC »
I have heard that the R.Algerienne programs via Issoudun have been plagued by an odd pulsing beep on most but not all frequencies. As I was listening to the apparent self qrm beep on 13820 I noticed that the Arabic turned into English from 18:15-18:30. There was an OM talking about dinosaurs and then a short piece about an Algerian artist who paints roosters on furniture then back into Arabic and Quran stuff. Is English from Algeria a thing? hfcc EiBi and aoki list this hour as Arabic or Arabic/French  I have heard ToH IDs in English before but not actual programs.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 6215 AM 2324 UTC 28 May 2020
« on: May 30, 2020, 2314 UTC »
Either the 1 kilowatt Sound of Hope or the much more powerful China National Radio that jams it.

Spy Numbers / Re: M89 Chinese Military CW
« on: May 28, 2020, 1428 UTC »
Any idea in guesstimation on where these CCP agents are, within N.America ?

M89 is a Chinese military net not a "spy numbers" station. Its thought to be the Second Artillery Corps of the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force ( PLAAF). As such they aren't attempting to contact agents overseas. Here's a link to some excellent background information from  Ary Boender / Utility DXers Forum - UDXF.


Spy Numbers / Re: M89 Chinese Military CW
« on: May 28, 2020, 1414 UTC »
via Kaneheohe ,HI kiwi
13:54z   4.870MHz   CW   "v M8JF M8JF M8JF de RIS9 RIS9"  549 report

14:30  extremely weak CW can be seen in the waterfall at 3.828MHz but barely audible and I'm hopeless at CW but I can hear a "V" when it fades up occasionally.

Media Network show from December 1989. Jonathan plays a shellac disc recording from 1943 of a numbers station (briefly)


Was S9+ but down to S7 at 2:30 Great tunes tonight sstv at 2:35. tuning in on N3JLY's kiwi as I'm away from home. thanks for the show

2:40 audible at good/fair level on EU sdr's

 Inbooming at S9+ on Smolinski's Kiwi. Occasional UTErm but otherwise sounds great. Thanks much for the show

tuning in via N3JLY kiwi. WTF is about S5 and WDDR is S9+10. Pretty cool having 2 shows on 1 freq. Thanks guys.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Applaud/Smite Karma Ratings?
« on: May 15, 2020, 1803 UTC »
My karma ran over my dogma long ago.

I used to sell "my karma ran over your dogma" stickers at Grateful Dead shows in the late 80's

General Radio Discussion / Reflected Tsunamis and Space Weather
« on: May 15, 2020, 1753 UTC »
I heard GH mention this on world of radio last week. I never knew that tsunamis and earthquakes had such an effect on the ionosphere, equivalent to strong X class flares.


Peskies / The peskie preacher 8989Khz USB 23:09-23:26 May 13
« on: May 13, 2020, 2332 UTC »
He's back. Was he gone? I remember hearing that he has been gone & have been checking via remotes lately and heard him on Brazil SDR today with mostly one sided qso and music.

S3 via Maine SDR w/ sound of silence at 23:19

Weak carrier on Rockland ME sdr.  Looks like 6934.8. little bits of audio at the wishful thinking threshold.

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