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The first time I've had an evening to listen to shortwave in a while. Intuned XLR8 at 00:50 on my PL880 with only the whip as I wait for a pizza on the front porch. XLR8 was very weak on the whip 12 dBu (S2 I guess). Attaching it to my 10 meter random wire it goes up to 36dBu until apparent sign off at 1:17z.

You mean "Voice of Koreer". I always listen to them on 11710 at 13:00z on Saturday & Sunday mornings to start the day with a laugh

General Radio Discussion / Re: What's a "Pestador"?
« on: June 01, 2014, 1330 UTC »
There is also a "Pescadore preacher" heard on 8989usb. I have seen speculation that this guy is from Nicaragua but I don't know. He preaches for a while in Spanish & then QSO's with some of the fishing boats. I haven't heard him in a while but when I did hear him it was around 23:00 UTC

also here:

It seems a bit silly to use DRM for this test. The Chair of the HFCC Mr Oldrich Cip says

“With only six per cent of people in
low-income countries using the internet in 2011, the digital
divide is still stark and access to low cost

media technology is really the key.”

Maybe I'm wrong but do these people on the non-internet side of the digital divide have DRM radios?

He continues
“Receivers are inexpensive and there are no access
fees,” he said. “Shortwave radio is important for
travellers and isolated people and it reaches across the
Digital Divide to the most disadvantaged and marginalised

DRM?  reaching the most disadantaged & marginalised? I'm not sure it even reaches very many advantaged & non-marginalised societies.

They seem to be changing their mind about abandoning SW & LW


Where do they say they are manipulating the weather?  or earthquakes? Does the ionosphere effect weather? I see no admission of anything terribly unusual here. No vindication. Still an unproven conspiracy theory

Other / what is a coconut call?
« on: May 22, 2014, 1221 UTC »
I listen to the maritime mobile net on 14300 Khz sometimes when there is nothing in English on the SW broadcast bands. During my local night time I hear the Pacific seafarers net which consists of the net control going through a roll call of vessels & making contact & getting reports from them. Its kind of cool to hear these guys & imagine them in their sailboats in the Pacific ocean. After completing the roll call the net control will call for someone (a station that can relay for the net control) to make "coconut calls" to certain vessels. I can't figure out from the context what the hell a coconut call is. Anybody know?  

btw, last night I heard a commercial vessel in the pacific break in to the nets roll call & after being told he should not be operating on an amateur frequency the vessel explained that he had no other means of communication & asked for the net to send an e-mail for him.


barely audibilized when listening in ssb & nothing in AM. Still lots 'o' daylight here & RFW usually does better after the sun goes away.

Weak signal here in Missouri,peaking at about S4 on my R75. Strong enough to hear & enjoy though. Great tunes. Thanx MAC

Clandestine Stations / Re: A14 Clandestines
« on: May 15, 2014, 1920 UTC »
Seeing this today I was moved to carve a little time out of an exceptionally busy day to check for clandestines. The format you posted the sked in works perfect for me.  Thanx again.

Clandestine Stations / Re: A14 Clandestines
« on: May 15, 2014, 1138 UTC »
Extremely useful, thanx. Now if I can only find the time to play with my radios.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WWV 25MHz 13 MAY 2014 at 1430UTC
« on: May 14, 2014, 1928 UTC »
I've been trying for the 25 MHz WWV since they reactivated it last month & only heard it once but I can get a JBA carrier most days.

How cool!  I just spent an hour when I was supposed to be working checking out 1934 editions of Short Wave Radio magazine. I can see this is going to be a real problem.

Heard on PL660 while walking the dog. I just put a longer whip on the PL660 as I broke the other one. BOR was weak at first but came up quite nicely when I got to the electrically quiet part of the neighborhood. During "Dust my broom" at 3:44 it was inbooming & sounded just great. ID's at 3:38 & 3:52. Much noisier now that I am back home. Thanks for a really great show. I often think that old blues sort of benefit in a way from adverse reception conditions. It somehow fits the music I feel. Especially when the harmonica cuts through the static (I think of it as "CW with soul")
Again, Thanks BOR for a really nice show, great tunes.

Other / Re: Unid 6947.5 (Carrier) 2323 6 May 2014
« on: May 07, 2014, 0238 UTC »
I noticed it while I was walking the hound. It "pinned" the funky little S meter on my PL660. It was sort of popping last I heard. Pretty annoying.

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