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S4 at SW UK SDR—readable audio
1250.  Popcorn by Hot Butter
1253.  Claire by Gilbert O’Sullivan

ID : added by moderator Ray at 1319

1914 ID for Studio 52, then music....Leuchtturm by Nena
S9 level signals at Central Norway SDR

Pop music from 1430.....S5 at Cheltenham UK
1436    Stairway to Heaven   Led Zeppelin

1358   Do Nothing by The Specials
Solid S9 signal at Portsmouth SDR...
1400   time pips during the song...
1401   ID This is Rebel Ska and Reggae by woman...then Money Can't Buy Life by Eric Morris

S-5 level at Portsmouth SDR--barely above noise
1314    I Wanna Stay With You  by Gallagher and Lyle
1319    Jumpin' Jack Flash  by The Rolling Stones
1322     Up the Junction by Squeeze--now S-6 level
1325    The Look of Love  by ABC

Very weak audio at Portsmouth SDR....S-5 level
1254    Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver....very weak even at peak
1259    I Love You by The Zombies
1309    Mated   by David Grant and Jaki Graham
1426     ID "Sovereign Radio...
1432     Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush

Fair signal (S-8) at Portsmouth SDR
1247   Beautiful music on Harmony....then Sweet Little You by Neil Sedaka

Audio improving at 1357..test transmission--Just audible at SW UK SDR

1344   DreadLock Holiday  by 10cc

1252    tune in--Solid signal--I'm not in Love  by 10cc
1255    Jingle--Solid gold Radio Sovereign---then The Letter by The Box Tops
1257    Honey by Bobby Goldsboro
1300    All At Once  by Whitney Houston
1305    The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News
1309    Alone  by Heart
1312    Woman voice--"Two Hundred"   Then Why Can't I touch You (If you let me make love to you,  Then) by Ronnie dyson
1315    Man announcer--This is Sovereign...then You will Never Find another Love Like Mine  by Lou Rawls
1319    Saturday night  by Bay City Rollers
1321    A jingle--"Radio Sovereign", then Theme For a Dream by Cliff Richard
1324   the Boat That I row  by Lulu
1326   Don't Blame Me  by Frank Ifield
1328   jingle  Wonderful Radio Sovereign   then A good Heart by Faargal Shurkey
1333   Every Beat of My Heart  by Rod Stewart

1142  Giant by Calvin Harris with solid S8 signal at SW UK SDR

S7 level signal at Devon UK SDR
1620   Nice Instrumental selection...

Great ID at 1615   then into more Religious music, with male announcer...S7 at Devon UK SDR

0900  Reality  by Lost Frequencies featuring Janieck Devy   S7 at SW UK SDR
0904  Proxy   by martin Garrix
0907  Live Your Life  by Headhunterz & Crystal Lake
0909  transmitter shift 6280
0910  Soul Makossa  by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
0914  Changing by Paloma Faith
0917  Nobody to Love  by Sigma
0918  transmitter shift 6150
0920  Denn Ich Kann Dich Nicht Vergessen  by Monika Herz

Anyone have a clue as to who was on 6/15 between 2155 and 2300 UTC?  It went off the air after several non-stop songs...Just wondering if anyone had seen it?

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