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S-6==>S-7 at Weston UK SDR
1356    Man announcing Radio One Zero Two.  Then 'Man of Action' by Less Reed orchestra.
1358    In The Still of the Night  by Jack Jersey, then after a short segment, 'No Limit' by 2 Unlimited
1400    A man announcer with "Hello To You" ..singing No limit..continued playing No LImit
1402    Music selection "Dooh Dooh" by Barcode Brothers..Then a recorded ID as 'radio one zero two'. followed by The Woody Woodpecker theme sign off music...That's all folks...
1403    CD

S9 + 5 dB at Weston UK SDR
1043   You Stole the Sun From My Heart by Manic Street Preachers
1044    ID for Coast FM Gran Canaria
1045    Let's Get Serious  by Jermaine Jackson

S9+3 dB at Weston UK SDR
1041    Lover Come Back to Me   Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy

S5-S6 at Weston UK SDR
Konig Von Deutschland  by Rio Reiser
Hotel California by Chok Dee

email: laguna76@gmx.net

1110 CD

S8-S7 at Weston UK SDR
Deep in the Heart of Texas  by Duane Eddy
Memories by Earth and Fire
Child in Time by Deep Purple

and many others...SINPO 35333
email :  radiosaturnus@hotmail.com

S7 at Weston UK SDR
'T ls 'N Zegen Om Vader Te Zijn  by Harm Wierstra
ID and email address by man, later by woman
Ik Geef 'N Riks Voor Je Gedachten by Johan & Henk
email address zendpiraat@gmx.net
man announcer spelled out name and email address phoenically.

S6 at Weston-super-Mare UK SDR
1520   Take Her Home  by Ro-D-Ys..

S9 at Weston UK SDR
1146    Die Zwerver Op Straat  by Wilma
1147    Where do I Begin  by Andy Williams
1150    Saturday Night  by The Blue Diamonds

S7-S8 at Weston UK SDR
1437  Drie Weisse Birken  by Leni & Ludwig
1439  Unknown song by Leni & Ludwig
1442   Liebe Macht Das Leben Schon  by Leni & Ludwig
1444   Es Woll't ein Madel Frah aufsteh'n   by Leni & Ludwig

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6938.0 LSB 1411 UTC 21 Nov 2019
« on: November 21, 2019, 1424 UTC »
S7-S9 at Central MD.
1411    Mango Tree  by Tony Bird
1414    Lookin' for The Time   by Nanci Griffith
1417    Love's Been Linked to the Blues   by David Olney
Lost 1420

S5 at Weston UK SDR
1446   All that she wants  by Ace of Base

S6 at Weston UK SDR..
1450     In the Country by Cliff Richard & the Shadows

S9 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1928    Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra
1930    Bart Steeman with usual talk...

S9 +10 dB at Weston UK SDR
1326   Mm Mm good  by Joyce Cooling
1328   Mr Bojangles  by Sammy Davis Jr.

S8 at Myrar Iceland SDR; just barely audible at Weston UK SDR
Little Richard Music....

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