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Im interested in knowing if there is an operational and technical comparison of the new Airspy HF+ to the performance of the Perseus SDR, and possibly to non-SDR receivers like the AOR7030 receiver?  Im particularly interested in the IP3 levels of the Airspy HF+, along with the RF dynamic range before saturation, as compared to that of the Perseus.

0938 light mx woman in group vocals...noisy S7 using Portsmouth UK SDR
0940. Morning Starship by Morrrissey
0950. Shes Always a Woman for Me.  Billy Joel
0952.  man anncr. very low, muffled..
0953.  transmitter cd

1316 Radio Mi Amigos celebrating their 40th Anniversary here...nice sigs at SW UK SDR SINPO 44333.

Strong Unid with Pop mx with S7 level at SW UK SDR...SINPO 45444  slightly overmodulated...
1338    Mx  Vietnam  by Jimmy Cliff
1342    Diamonds on the Soles of Her shoes  by Paul Simon
1347    Picture of Lily by the Who
1350    Long and Lonesome Road by Shocking blue
1353    Jingle and man Id as Radio 292
1354    Living Above Your Head by Jay and the Americans
1356    You're Ready Now by Frankie Valli

Pop mx...squeezed by ute on 6211, and heavy noise, SINPO 22232 with low modulation
1358   I was made to Love Her  by Stevie Wonder
1401   Georgie Girl  by The Seekers
1404   Ringo  by Lorne Greene
1407   Michelle  by David and Jonathan
1410   Repeated  I was made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder

Much reduced power...listened to from SW UK SDR....power down at least 3 S-Units..Tuned out at 1440...

Last Edit by dandan22 at 14:44
Edit by Ray : no hint about LHH, so it's only an Unid station (playing a Radio Luxembourg recording, see reply below)

QSLs Received / QSLs direct from VOA IBB transmitting sites
« on: May 27, 2019, 0143 UTC »
The new policy of VOA is to limit responses to individual reception reports to one per month per person.  That is for people sending email reports to the [askvoa@voanews.com] address.  Attempts within the past week to use the addresses for the IBB transmitting sites in the 2019 WRTVH for reception reports have been rejected at the server level.  Has anyone had success in the past month of getting either a paper QSL or an eQSL from any VOA IBB transmitting site(Botswana, Udon Thani, Kuwait, Biblis, etc)?  I just wonder if VOA has imposed a moratorium on transmitting sites supplying QSLs, either paper or eQSLs.  No one seems to be able to answer the question.

Dutch announcer?  Rock music at 2009...Only Fair at kiwiSDR in Central Norway

Nicely audible here with instrumental mx at 1500...SDR from SW UK

1739  nice mx  but heavy noise in Norwegian SDR    Mississippi  by toni Wille'
Music continuies but heavy noise...can hear mx but not enough to ID

Nice signal on AOR7030+ here in Central Maryland....
Old radio show at 2255

Shortwave Broadcast / WMR 5840 kHz 1219 13 May 2019
« on: May 13, 2019, 1221 UTC »
1219    Af pops... fading in at SW UK SDR

Unid station in Italian here as heard from Sardinia kiwiSDR with fair signal, professional sounding broadcast at 1815.

Any Ideas?

Pop music, male ancr in German,
1149   So Nice
1151   Keep Me Hanging On
1154   I'm Gonna Take You There
1156   ID "Radio Veronika" in German, Then Beach Boys type music
1159   Instrumental rock mx
1201   Man ancr in German, next title "Changes"
1204   XMTR off

Any Idea who? Fair to Good using KiwiSDR SW England

Station very weak here at 1509 using 6318 KHz, with pop mx, heard using Portsmouth kiwiSDR..
Bill Haley and Comets at 1511 with Shake, Rattle and Roll...
1514  Vocals by man..."Turn off the rain....."..very weak but decent modulation, SIO 242

(Started as Unid, ID added by moderator Ray)

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