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S5-S7 at Weston UK SDR
1907    Keep On Dancing  by DJ Bobo
1910    Rock Your Baby, Rock Your soul "Somebody Dance with me"...by D.J. Bobo
1914    ID by man with seagulls sounding in the background Baltic Sea Radio.
1915    Sea Cruise  by Beach Boys
1918    Man announcer for Baltic Sea Radio with email address balticseapirate@gmail.com. Lots of Seagulls heard.
1918    We will Rock You  by Queen
1920    Woman announcer with ID for Baltic Sea Radio, and email address again given...
1921    "I Can't Get No satisfaction" by Rolling Stones.

S5 at Weston UK....weak audio
Lights of Taormina by Mark Knopfler.
On The Eighth Day by andy Cooney...

S8 at Weston UK...
1053   ID by man announcer, then Midnight Blue by Loise Tucker
1055   ID for Deltracks Radio from the Netherlands, 5805 kHz on shortwave, then "Its Over" by Roy Orbison

S7 at Weston UK...Good signal, some sqeezing from QRM on 3895-3900 UTE
1805   Relight My fire by Dan Hartman

(edit by Ray : date was 18, not 19)

S7 at Weston UK...Nice modulation
1645     Hold On Tight to Your Dream  by ELO
1649     Every Little thing she does is Magic  by The Police

last edit by dandan22 at 16:59

(edit by Ray : date was 18, not 19)

S7 levels at Weston UK..Nice modulation
Russian song at 1614

S4 level at Weston UK....very poor conditions today in evening on 48 meters
1920    ID by woman announcer for Radio Carneval
1921    Carneval in Rio  by Carrillo
1923    Agadou   by Saragossa Band
1927    Big Bamboo by Saragossa Band
1931    I am Australian by Judith Durham and the Seekers
1935    signal too weak--lost in noise

S6-S8 at Central Norway SDR
Local and Pop music, ending at 1449 cd with After The Fox by The Hollies

S4-S6 at Weston UK, QRM on 6275, then 6275.7, then off 25432 without QRM; 22432 with QRM
1204 John Denver songs
1247 I am Australian by Judith Durham and the Seekers

S5-S6 at Weston UK
Born Too Late
Party Doll

(name edited by Ray : Zwarte Non in 2 words)
(edit by Ray : from other reports, no Zwarte Non today, only Zeewolf )

S7 at Weston UK SDR...Testing antenna...
Call Me by Blonde

Latin American Pirate / AD419 Radio 6934.86 AM 0104 UTC 31 Jan 2020
« on: January 31, 2020, 0152 UTC »
S4-S5 here in C. Maryland
0104--En La Ciudad de La Furia   by Soda Stereo
0108   Vaga Una Vida  by Carlos Baglietto
0112    Cinco Siglos lgual  by Leon
0117    Mujer Amante  by Los Tipitos
0123    Malos Pensamientos by Miguel Mateos
0129    SSTV
0131    CD

S7 (peak) at Weston UK...Nice Dutch Accordion music,  Freq given in Pirate Chatroom...owner is Misti Radio...

S3-S5 at Weston UK SDR
Dutch music, Relaying MW station, MW freq given and ID...

S7-S9 at Weston UK SDR
Abba music--Eagle, Move ON, Lay All Your Love on Me
Several IDs for KR1

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