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S5 at Loo, Sweden...
1322     Waiting for the Call by Abba
1324     ID for Radio Eldorado
1325     Video Killed the Radio Star   

edit by Ray : from UNID to tentative JVG

S7 at NW Ireland SDR
1047--Jackie by Scott Walker
1047--ID by man announcer
1047--Light My Fire by The Doors

S5 at Weston-super-mare in SW UK..No ID heard
1216  Links A Madl, rechts A Madl by Florian Silbereisen
1219  dansen Op De Vulkaan by De Dijk
1221   transmitter CD

edit by Ray : from Unid to tentative R. Skywire (IDed sooner and later)

S-6 to S-7 at Weston UK SDR
1734     Sen Qaydan Bilasan by Davron G'oyipov
1739     Million scarlet Roses by alla Pugacheva
1742     Man ID Radio Provocator in Rlussian
1743     Lets pour (100 Ballerinas) by Tatiana Morizova
1745     Man anncr with ID for Provocator...
1747     The Grass Near the House by Zemlyane
1753     Whisper by Zeedove & The Grden
1754     Man announcer "Radio Provocator"
1755    Cherepashka  by Natali
1758     Man announcer with ID, then played the OLD Russian National Anthem
1802     Transmitter close down

S6 at Loo, Sweden, no IDs at all while I monitored
1011   Mijoenen Sterren by Trudy
1014   Wat Is Rijkdom? by Jose'
1017   Der Halterbua  by Hugelland Duo
1019   Dutch Folk mx...
1023   Europa by Franko Ovalles
1026   Ik Zoek Jouw Sporen by De Tornado's
1030   Kom Terug Bij Mij by De Voartse Boys
1033   Televisie Polka by Yanko's
1035    Hou Jij Van Mij  by De Paladijns
1037    Barracuda by Heart
1041   Medical Insurance by Leventina
1045    Dutch Folk song by female group.
Continuous music until 1212 with man with good EE ID for Radio RonaLisa and continuous music...

S3 at Weston UK
0744     ID by man for Enterprise Radio
0745     Blue Moon by the Marcels...
0747     Red River Rock  by Johnny & the Hurricanes

S6 at Loo Sweden SDR
Doodse Stilte by Mooi Wark...
ID for Radio Rona Lisa
The Best by Tina Turner

S6 at Loo, Sweden SDR
1141    Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

S4-S5 at Loo Sweden SDR...
1051--Recording of Angry Man
1104--Channel Surfing 3
1105--The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by Johnny Cash
1108--Slave to the Rhythm by Grace Jones
1113--Oriental Swing by Lil Hardin Armstrong & Her Orchestra
1116--He's The Greatest Dancer by sister Sledge, then man announcer with ID for Panda Radio.  Email address pandaswradio@gmail.com.
1117--Underground by Chumbawamba, then , anncment for Free Radio..
1119 Transmitter Close down.

S8-S9 at Skanderberg Denmark SDR.... email address is: clinicradio@gmx.net
Leader of the Pack
C'mon Everybody
I'm Gonna Be Strong
Born to be with You
Devoted to You
Cherry Pie
Tom Dooley
Those Oldies but Goodies
Peppermint Twist
Red Hot
La Bamba
Summer in the City
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
My True Story
Take The Last Train Home
Rockin' Robin

S7-S8 at Soo, Sweden        34333
0914    Hit Me with your Best shot   by Pat Benatar
0917    Man announcer TRX Radio back on shortwave
0917    In the End by Linkin Park
0920    When I'm Gone  by 3 Doors Down
0925    Off the air

S6 at Loo Sweden SDR
1611  Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie
1614  Man anncr with ID, also with email address or Radioqsl@hotmail.com
1616  Waar De Zon En De Zee Elkaar Kussen by Arne Jansen
1620  Man announcer ID Radio Piepzender with email address: radioqsl@hotmail.com
1621  Next song--Calypso by John Denver
1625  Ich Hab Dir Nie den Himmel Versprochen by Tanja Berg
1628  All Over the World by Electric Light Orchestra

S7 at NW Ireland SDR...
ID by man announcer...This is Misti Radio from the North part of the Netherlands  This is Misti Radio
Freunde, heute Feiern Wir by Tiroler Spatzen
Der Teufelsgeigerbu a by Ursprung Buam

S9 at Portsmouth UK SDR
0915   Born to Run by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
0918  ID...Good morning to one and all on 6325
0919  fight for this Love by Cheryl Cole
0920  ID Premier Radio International...

S5 at NW Ireland SDR...
1338    Question by The Moody Blues
1342    ID by man announcer  This is Misti Radio, then back to Question
1342    Lady Marmalade  by LaBelle

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