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S7 at NW Ireland SDR...SINPO 35443
1259   Maybe I'm Amazed
1303   Psycho Chicken  by The Fools

Strongest signal on 48meters right now...

S5-S7 at Weston UK...ID for Radio Monique International..special program for Veronica demise in 1974.
Bart Streeman DJ...An annual tribute.

edit by Ray : split from Unid station,
time set to posting time
(R. Monique on Achim's audio log was approx. from 1400 to 1500,
on 6280, except on 6285 around 1430 utc)

S7 at NW Irreland SDR; Not audible at all at Weston UK SDR
1743   99 Luftballoons by Nena
1745  ID by man anncr, thanks for report, CD

S3-S5 at Weston UK
Freddie's Dead by MFSB
1658   ID by man announcer for Zeppelin Radio
back to more jazz mx...
1700   ID by man announcer for Zeppelin Radio Athens

S5 at NW Ireland SDR
Money Money Money  by ABBA
ID by man for Misti Radio
Chiquitita by ABBA

SINPO 35333

S7 at NW Ireland SDR
s/on with Fanfaire....ID
Fresh  Kool & the Gang

S7-S8 at Weston UK...
1753   Please Don't go by Double You

ID via Chatroom discussion

S3 at NW Ireland SDR; heavy QRM forced movement from 4777 to 4770
Harmonica music
Operator mentioned 'I'm running 10 watts'..

S5-S7 at Weston UK  SINPO 35333
Tequila  by the Champs
Personality by Lloyd Price
ID by man announcer
Wake Up Little Susie  by Everly Brothers

S3-S4 at Weston UK....noisy...
Niets Dan dit by Blof
ID by man anncr for Misti Radio
Deep Inside  by Mary J. Blige
Signal strength is not strong at 1410 at Weston UK

S8-S9 at Portsmouth UK
Sweet Dreams  by La Bouche
On The Move  by Barthezz
La Passion by Gigi d'Augustino
Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap
Man ID and close down announcement
Eurodancer by DJ Mangoo
CD at 1450

S5-A6 at NW Ireland SDR....Power level is 15 watts
ABBa Music
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Lay All Your Love on Me
Super Trouper

S7 at Weston UK SDR
Nice Music....
ID via Pirate Chatroom

S7-S8 in NW Ireland SDR...
1359--Ruthless Queen by Kayak
1400---Call out to Dandan for report via pirate chatroom...ID...This is the Panda Man

S6 at Weston UK....10 Watt test transmission
My Boo by Usher & Alicia Keys

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