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Nice signal but noisy at weston on Mare UK...S5  SINPO 35232
1919    AnyPlace, AnyWhere, AnyTime by Nena & Kil Wilde
1923    Belfast Child  by Simple Minds

ID via Chatroom with Quadzilla....

1349    Woman From Tokyo by Deep Purple.....S7 at Weston-on-Mare  UK.....
1354     Take On Me  by A-Ha

Discovery ID'd by owner in PirateChat room...

1643   S7 at C. Norway SDR   Ads for Free Radio Cafe...then Rock and Roll is King by ELO
1644    Man announcer for Radio Pandora...much discussion of Free Radio and mentions ian's chatroom, mention Radio Lancaster, etc.
1647    Come Outside  by Mike Sarne
1651    Canned ID for Radio Pandora, Pandora Radio....email address given...

1520   S7 at Portsmouth UK SDR
1520   Dutch folk song

1540   Man in Dutch folk/pop song....S5 at Portsmouth UK SDR

S5-S7 at Portsmouth UK SDR
1656     Schenk Mir Keine Rosen  by Denise
1704     Big Train From Memphis  by John fogerty
1707     Mr Blue Sky   by  ELO
1710     Is Everybody Happy  by Jackpot
1712     ID by woman, then by man

1338     D-i-v-o-r-c-e  by Tammy Wynette
1340     Heroin   by The Velvet Underground
1347     ID as King Radio by man and a jingle
1347      Underneath the Afterglow  by Black Star riders
1350     Indestructable  by The Goo Goo Dolls
1355     Get out of my Head  by Status Quo
1400     Several IDs for King Shortwave, man anncr clearly "This is King Shortwave"

S8 at SW UK SDR...
1344   Bad by David Guetta

Solid S9 at Central Norway SDR...
1649      Vocals by woman singing in unk language...

Solid S5 signal at Leiden NL SDR
1429    Beverly Hills by Weezer
1430    Just  by RadioHead

Good but noisy signal from SW UK (Devon) SDR
1849      Gimme All Your Lovin'   by ZZ Top
1851      Radar Love     by Milk67
1858     Start Me Up  by The Rolling Stones
1901     Satisfaction   by   The Rolling Stones
1905     Twilight Zone    by  Golden Earring
1912      what I like About You   by the Romantics
1915      Message in a Bottle    by the Police
1919      Imagine   by John Lennon
1923      Roxanne   by  the Police
1926     Living Next Door to Alice   by Smokie

S8 signal at SW UK SDR...great listening music....
1512     Ik Ga Door   by Ruth Jacott

3-1-9 running old Rio Amigos program while running antenna tests...Good at SW UK SDR

subject line edited by Ray

1340  Multiple IDs for Radio Batavia...S6 at Portsmouth UK SDR

0110   On, great signal in Cent. MD....S9+ level
0110   Ads for radio communication Magazine..with ID for Cool AM Radio...
0112   Walk on the Water by ApolegetinX
0116   man mentions Cool N Radio...
0117    Parody of Thunderstruck by Steve N. Seagulls
0120    Man anncr with announcements--then amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovik
0123    I Love Milk and Toast
0126   off the air for a few seconds, the Trump and the Wall
0128    Graveyard Rock  by Count Von Kelley

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