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We changed from an Optimod to an Omnia 5 processor this week. Interested if you are noticing any difference and if you are your thoughts.

Yes, the audio seems a bit more dynamic and "punchier". I like it.


The center frequency of the signal you are receiving?

Good signal in central Italy at 0000 UTC 5 April. I have them at 6374.6 KHz.

Crooner tunes.

0000 UTC ID "All day, all night, beautiful music radio. This is Radio Harmony." Into "Danny Boy".
0007 UTC ID "Escape and unwind....(into a selective fade down and missed the rest)" Faded down a bit from 10 minutes ago.
0011 UTC "Anything you can do I can do better".
0019 UTC Checked back and they had faded out completely.

1947 - ID in English: "Hello 1, 2....Hello 1, 2....Dear listeners, this is Stu (?), The Technical Man from the Netherlands." Into acknowledgement of a listener Michele in Milan, Italy. Later said they were in eastern NL. Very good signal in central Italy, SIO 555, with minimal selective fading.
1948 - dance music
1952 - dance music
1954 - ID over music and acknowledged a report from Kenny in Northern Ireland in English. Email address given.
1959 - dance music
2000 - QRM from 6195.
2003 - ID as "Radio Technical Man" and SMS number given in German, English, Spanish and French, in that order.
2005 - Macarena
2013 - Acknowledged a report from Walter in northern Italy in English. Into a Country music song.
2017 - Queen of Hearts
2020 - "Coming from the eastern part of The Netherlands, almost the western part of Germany." Dedication for Tony in England: Kraftwerk, The Model. QRM from 6195 is really hammering this guy. Thank God for passband shifting.
2025 - Acknowledged a report from Stephen in UK.
2026 - tune out
2048 - rechecked and found that the signal had faded tremendously and now QRMed from 6200 KHz, in addition to 6195 KHz. I'm done here.

Covered by utility QRM on Twente SDR.

Clear ID at 1906 UTC. Pop music programming. Good signal on Twente SDR at this time with a minor amount of selective fading.

Announcements of "Caroline 558", etc. seems to be an edited recording of mostly announcements and no music. SIO 242. Listenable on Twente SDR with synchronous detector.

Presumed KCR on 6915 KHz with ID in Spanish at 1849 UTC 31 March 2018. Into Afro-caribean music and Spanish announcements. Light signal with fading, listenable on Twente SDR with the synchronous detector.

Some intermittent CQ QRM " V V V de (something)"

I have the frequency as 6924.98 KHz, FWIW. Good signal in the upper midwest USA.

0126 - Billy Squire, "Lonely is the Night". Some interruptions in audio.
0130 - ID: "There's no need to fear, underdog is here!"
0131 - SSTV
0133 - Rolling Stones, "Wild Horses"
0139 - Song that I recognize from the 1980s but can't place.
0143 - SSTV
0146 - TX off

Possibly an episode of the Jack Benny show at 0012 UTC.
It's hard to tell right now because the signal is weak but seems undermodulated. If it were more strongly modulated, it might help with readability.
SIO 242.

Latin American Pirate / 43m tonight at 0200 UTC
« on: March 15, 2018, 0214 UTC »
QRN level is quite high in southern Brazil tonight.

6934.9 KHz - still no ID but heard "Don't You Want Me Baby?" at 0155 UTC and then dance/techno-ish music after. Carrier goes off for 30 seconds-1 minute at a time at random intervals and long periods of dead air. Carrier off for good (seemingly) at 0211 UTC.

6973 - Our usual friend Lupo Radio is there, not as strong as the station above, with their usual music programming.

Latin American Pirate / UNID 6934.9 KHz AM 0209 UTC 11 March 2018
« on: March 11, 2018, 0211 UTC »
SIO 434 in southern Brazil with 1980's-style pop music and English vocals. A little bit of QRN from rain storms.

Their audio is good; I would open up the IF bandwidth beyond +/- 4 KHz if it weren't for the peskie on 6930 LSB.

0219 - Somebody in LSB opens up exactly in this station's LSB with lots of "hoooooola! hoooooola!" calls.
0222 - Just playing album cuts from the same album. Still no announcements heard.
0225 - QRMer has moved to 6940 LSB, which doesn't help much.
0228 - Carrier off with no announcement, no ID given.

S5 in California. This sounds like International Free Radio Service to me, based upon previous log.

S7 with some RFI in Nebraska, S9 on SDRs farther west. Very nice audio.

0431 - Live time checks and listener mentions. Hi!
0436 - Stabbing Westward song.
0452 - Queens of The Stone Age
0457 - TX off

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