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Usual programming and frequent computerized identifications. SINPO 44444 on SDR in central Germany at 2100 UTC.

SINPO 32232 on a UK SDR.

2037 - "La Bomba"
2030 - occasional UTE QRM. I have to go so tuning out now. Ciao.

Presumed. SINPO 22322 on a UK SDR this evening.

SINPO 33333 on a UK SDR.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: 6226 UNID
« on: June 09, 2018, 2015 UTC »
Weak on UK SDR. Remake of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at 2017 UTC.

Excellent signal on UK SDR.

2011 - organ-grinder music with Dutch female vocals.
2013 - organ-grinder song with Dutch male vocalist.
2015 - TX off at end of song.

Seems like a good date for it, the anniversary of D-Day. A speech by FDR? By Eisenhower? Churchill? De Gaulle?


Signal is pretty good in Finland at the moment, with 30 meters of wire thrown out the window for an antenna. My CW copy is weak these days but got the "COMMON AND PRECIOUS" and missing some of the other info.

2215 UTC - fading down rapidly

HF Beacons / Re: 6780 kHz CW beacon
« on: June 01, 2018, 2213 UTC »
and fame

Perhaps "infamy" is a better term.

I am able to determine that it starts @ 10 AM local time - like clockwork.

So something on a timer. Anything where the frequency isn't terribly well controlled and allowed to drift, which means probably lots possibilities. As others have mentioned, grow lights are possible or maybe a fish tank heater, a swimming pool pump, air conditioning, an air humidifier, HEPA filter unit, LED light power supplies, etc. Many possibilities.

It matters little but Las Vegas, NV is on Pacific Daylight Time right now, not Pacific Standard Time.

Very weak in Finland at 2138 UTC.

I'm in Finland these days and I hear a weak carrier with music right now. Too weak to ID, too weak to gather much information on. Just wondering if any one else hears it. Possible announcement or ID at 2055 UTC.

I checked back and here nothing there at 2313 UTC.

unless it's already the Holiday season with German tourists in Italy with their SW transmitters ?


Far too early for French vacationers (and Swedes) but Germans will take vacation any time of year.  :)

I have nothing in that frequency (area) for a while and when I did hear something it was very, very weak. It might be that the TX was near to me and the signal was skipping over me.

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