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Shortwave Broadcast / Re: TROPICAL RADIO
« on: March 08, 2012, 1914 UTC »
Conditions have been rather poor in that band this winter for some reason. I was tuning around there a few days ago and didn't hear much, but the thunderstorm QRN was getting pretty bad there.

FM Free Radio / Re: Isn't it rather easy to get caught?
« on: March 08, 2012, 1912 UTC »
Looking over the NOUO's at the FCC site over the last few years, it appears the bulk of them are to pirate operations in the FM band. There are a handful in the 1600-1710 kHz range and only one I saw for a shortwave pirate (July 2011, The Crystal Ship station). I am guessing the FCC is not bothering anyone who doesn't have a complaint filed against them, i.e. they are not actively monitoring any specific frequencies for pirate operations. I would guess that in any area a legally licensed FM broadcaster is likely to hear about a pirate operation fairly quickly, especially if the pirate maintains a schedule and transmits more than a very short period in a day. They are the most likely to file a complaint to the FCC about pirate operations in their areas.

I remember when I was in college my dorm had a "dormitory broadcasting service" on FM which covered maybe a couple blocks and broadcast mainly elevator music. One weekend some of the students hijacked the transmitter and started playing music more to the liking of the dorm residents.

HF Beacons / Re: "OK" 3449.9
« on: March 07, 2012, 2128 UTC »
I haven't heard it lately (at least over the last month). Is it still active?

HF Beacons / Re: Dasher on 4096.25
« on: March 07, 2012, 2127 UTC »
I heard several dashers on March 3, 2012 late at night. I got to use a 3 element 80 meter beam and a foursquare for 80m. This was not at my home site where I only have an 80m dipole.

I heard one dasher around 4096.25, another around 4096.55 and another a couple hundred kHz higher than that. All were right around the noise level but coming up out of the noise about 70% of the time.

I haven't been able to hear any of them at all this winter at home on my 80m dipole but it's obvious they are active and detectable in this area with a superior antenna system.

Spy Numbers / Re: 6925U 3 Letter EE Groups 2212
« on: March 07, 2012, 1443 UTC »
Apparently a spoof of the Mossad E10 transmissions. The real E10 has not been heard for some months now. I've heard this station several times on 6925 recently.

Radio Free Euphoria on the air again, playing "All my dreams go up in smoke" 0552Z

Good signal here, S5 to S7, not as much QSB as last night.

I think I caught the very tail end of the "Numbers Station" that has been transmitting on 6925. I caught a handful of 5-digit numbers being spoken in English. I think it was the Mossad E10 parody station that has been showing up lately.

Extremely weak here, S0, signal mostly in the noise. Can't hear any audio, just can detect the carrier.

Other / Re: HAARP transmissions
« on: March 05, 2012, 1857 UTC »
Most of the recent tests/transmissions have been solid carriers that last anywhere from 5 or 10 seconds to many minutes. I've also heard two-carrier signals lately, where on carrier stays on a frequency and another sweeps up or down through the first carrier.

Here in Illinois the carriers usually have a distinctive auroral flutter sound to them.

Note - it appears they were doing a series of experiments from February 4 to February 26, 2012. As of today (Mar. 5) there haven't been any transmissions since about 0700Z on Feb. 26.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6925 u
« on: March 05, 2012, 1552 UTC »
Looking at some older posts here. I believe this was probably Sycko Radio. I heard them go on and on with the "Tony T-O-N-Y Straka S-T-R-A-K-A" clip in a couple shows. Last night (March 5, 2012) Radio Free Euphoria also played it.

HF Beacons / Re: 7542 CW UNID Beacon Sending 55555 0004 UTC
« on: March 05, 2012, 0543 UTC »
It seems to be gone tonight (March 4/5). I hope I didn't scare it off by posting an approximate bearing.

Started at 0510Z, S9 here but with a lot of heavy QSB.

Signed off at 0610Z. Thanks for the show Radio Free Euphoria!

BTW who is Tony Straka?

Still copying here at 0440Z, signal up a bit again. Various tributes to Al Fansome, who they claim has died. Also some pretty funny "commercials."

Copied solid till 0503Z, when it appears they signed off. Interesting program, especially the segment about "Pirate Wars" or "Pirate Feud."

I think this is the station still going on 6925 at 0400Z+. Signal not too bad, S5 plus or minus with QSB. Playing "Amazing Grace" at the moment (0409Z).

Southern Radio Service ID at 0425Z. Signal much weaker.

HF Beacons / Re: 4079khz TMP beacon
« on: March 04, 2012, 0747 UTC »
I hear the TMP beacon on 4079.66 tonight from near Peoria, IL with an 80m beam aimed southwest. Also hear the Hexie and Kelsie dashers ~ 4096.25 and 4096.55 and another dasher a couple more hundred Hz up from those two.

Still no sign of the CO beacon on 3450 or the MO beacon on 4077.4.

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