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I've been slogging through the Pirate Radio Annual and I'm finally going through and figuring out what stations I need artwork from. If anyone (listeners or stations) would send any eQSLs or scans from these stations (particularly from 2012), I'd appreciate it...

Blue Ocean Radio
Bust a Nut Radio
Chamberpot Radio
Deliverance Radio
Eccentric SW
High Plains Relay Service
Hot Legs Radio
Liquid Radio
Mac in the Box Radio
Northern Relay Service
Pandora's Box
Radio Dead Man
Radio Free Manitoba
Radio Ga-Ga
Radio Nonsense
Random Radio
Radio Transamerica
Southern Relay Service
Turkey Breast Radio
Voice of Captain Ron SW
Voice of Doom
Voice of Hell
Borderhunter Radio

Stations only: Of course, I'd also be interested in artwork or eQSLs from stations not known to QSL, such as The Big Q, Bunker Radio, Dr. Who & Friends Radio Hour, Ghost of Pirate Radio, Magic SW Radio, Pissant Radio, Radio 2012 Int'l, Viking Radio, Vinyl Radio, W807, WAHR, etc.

Thanks much for your time & help!

Yup, that was definitely Pseudo Radio. Nice catch, Hugo!

Here since 0245. Nice signal tonight & Metallica "Creeping Death" right now.
Thanks much for the show!

'20s & '30s music, down around the threshold (S4) up to S5. Haven't heard any announcements yet. My 1st time for WMMR.
Thanks for the show!

Hi Redhat,
Thanks for the broadcast! Best XFM signal I've heard in a while...pretty steady around S9 & good enough to listen with the 6-kHz filter

Beautiful signal. Clear SSTV of a blonde woman losing her umbrella in the wind.
Thanks for the show!

Deep fades, but peaking up around S9. Distorted, but loud audio this time. Can understand more this time.

Thanks for another repeat!

Just came in from the garden to check the radio. My first time to hear this one. Fair/poor in noise. S5 here, but audio sounds OK, not really low, like others have noted this week. Hardcore punk, clear IDs. A fake ad, audio bits, including laughter. BRS add.

What little was audible was absolutely killed by someone running the microwave or some other appliance  :-[
Thanks for the show!

Just got back from a hamfest & checked the radio. Steady S7-S9 right now. Nice signal.
Thanks for the show!

I listened to it off & on for a while, too. Good carrier, but I wasn't getting much audio any time I tuned in

One of the better signals I've heard from Underground. Could copy a shoutout to me just while listening via the speaker. <later>Sig seems to be getting weaker & static crashes are getting worse.
Thanks for the show!

Really good signal--one of the best I've heard on 48m from Europe in years. Listening with the 6.0-kHz wide filter. Signal mostly varying between S7 and S9 here. Lots of dance music.
Thanks much for the show!

OM computer IDs, good signal, Bl'ast "Time to Think," Ramones "Bad Brain," White Stripes "Fell in Love with a Girl," etc.
My SSTV had a bit more noise than Myteaquinn's, but fairly close. The line that goes through the station name runs through the same place in both of our pics, so I guess it was caused a lightning strike quite a few miles away.
Thanks for the show!

Really nice signal here. I'm recording from the R8 & listening on the SX-96. Steve Miller, Talking Heads, CCR, Supertramp, etc.
Thanks much for the show!

Pretty good sig here (about S7), but noise levels about the same & louder. Also hearing Andean flute music, but it kinda sounds like there's another station in there

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