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I've read logs of El Buen Pescador (The Good Fisherman) here. He's apparently a regular on this freq in this general timeframe. He's reportedly a fisherman from Nicaragua, who broadcasts to other other fishermen.

I don't know the stations on this frequency well enough to know who operates here. Fair signal with man talking in Spanish and also a number of songs. Sounds more like a Latin American version of a pirate than a licensed broadcast station. The songs were mostly ballads & lasted from about 2221-2232 UTC. Without an ID or more knowledge of this group, I don't know if it was El Buen Pescador or another guy from the group doing some broadcasting. Occasional loud adjacent-channel QRM--not sure if this was from aircraft (didn't check them out) ?

General Radio Discussion / NASWA Winter SWL Fest
« on: February 18, 2013, 1434 UTC »
A lot of the people who report stations here are far from Philly, but just in case anyone is interested, this is the only shortwave conference in North America and run by the only shortwave club in North America that still publishes a hardcopy bulletin.

About the Fest
March 1–2, 2013, Doubletree Guest Suites, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much more than just shortwave; mediumwave (AM), scanning, satellite TV, and pirate broadcasting are among the other topics that the Fest covers. Whether you’ve been to every Fest (all 26, starting with the first year at the fabled Pink & Purple Room of the Fiesta Motor Inn) or this year’s will be your first, you’re sure to find a welcome from your fellow hobbyists.

For 2013, the Winter SWL Fest will have two days of sessions where you can learn about the latest developments in the radio listening hobbies, but there’s so much more going on. There’s a silent auction that takes place, where you’re bound to find something of interest. There’s the Hospitality Suite, where attendees partake of tuning oil and other treats and engage in spirited conversations. There is the closing Banquet, with after-dinner remarks by a luminary from the field, often one of the many broadcasters who attend the Fest, followed by the raffle, where you could win one or more of the dozens of prizes, ranging from pens from stations up to top-notch communications receivers. And of course, the infamous midnight ride of Pancho Villa that closes things out every year.

Fest registration information:

If you wish to download and print the registration form and mail it in, you’ll find it here. Note the new mailing address for 2013!

If you wish to register online and pay with Paypal, you’ll find that page here.

Hotel reservation information:

You can reserve a room at the special $97 Fest rate using this link.  IMPORTANT — this steeply discounted rate is only available until February 12th — after that, the room rate may be much higher.

Your hosts, Richard Cuff and John Figliozzi, work throughout the year to ensure that attendees have a great time over the weekend, and by all accounts, they succeed stunningly. How else could this event have lasted for 26 years (egad) and draw people from around the world to southeastern Pennsylvania? Won’t you join us?

General Radio Discussion / Some news from pirates
« on: February 18, 2013, 1407 UTC »
I sent out a bunch of PRA entries yesterday & received an e-mail back from Graham Barclay of KIWI Radio almost immediately (an old KIWI show was relayed last year). He was *really* excited about it and asked me to send word around that he would like to have his programs relayed in North America again. KIWI was an AM/FM/SW pirate from New Zealand that was relayed here in the '80s & '90s. For those of you who weren't listening in the mid-'90s, he later got an SSB transmitter & was regularly audible across Europe and North America, relaying dozens of pirates. KIWI was probably heard by more people than any other SW pirate of the past 25 years. Very cool to see that he's alive & well (and still interested). His e-mail is  kiwiradio /at/ xtra.co.nz

I've also heard from two other stations who sent programs to me on cassette who would be interested in relays. I don't know if they want it publicized that they want relays, so I'm not mentioning their names here. Contact me if you're interested in relaying. I'll copy the cassettes to .MP3.

Finally, Bart Sambo of XEROX, Radio Duplicado, asked me to tell people that the station will be returning to the air again soon. It's been about 15 years since he's been on.

Tuned in in time to catch Moranian Mailbag & the letter from CM Stanbury II. Haven't heard Morania on the radio since the late '80s.
Thanks for the relay!

I've been in & out of the radio shack checking the signal & listening a bit. Only a fair signal for the past hour or two. The SSTV image is really snowy
Thanks for the show!

Hearing music & heard a few electronic IDs. Weak, but not fading & audio seems to be cutting through
Thanks for the show!

Others in NA are hearing this a lot better than I am, but I have the carrier, with occasional peaks of audio.
Maybe some other people can tune in & hear it, too.
Thanks for the show!

Pretty good sig, sometimes peaking as high as S7. Evidently, music by the Dutch band BZN. Could hear announcements, but not quite strong enough above background noise for me to copy without headphones. Evidently from Europe because the signal was 55545 in Ukraine!
Thanks for the show!

Nice S9 signal, but audio is weak & maybe a bit muffled? Computer-voiced YL IDs are kind of tough to copy, but I heard an announcement a few min ago. At about 0012, played Archers of Loaf "Web in Front." Dead air, then live announcement, but mic seems to be cutting out. Now a live song that seems to be at a higher level.
Thanks for the show & please QSL
Andrew Yoder
POB 109
BRS, PA 17214

Nice sig with S9+5 peaks. Skit with woman in a shoe store

Thanks for the show!

Nice S6 signal here with pop music & Boombox DJ talk between songs. Everything was relayed from the official Boombox Radio until the very end at 1457 when the pirate came on with the e-mail address. Lots of reverb that sounded more like the old mechanical-type reverb (as opposed to the digital)

Fair signal tonight, a bit rough here.

My SSTV images came out far worse than any of those posted here

Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: BOR 6930 USB 0203z 2/16/13
« on: February 16, 2013, 0222 UTC »
Been listening here since around 0145. Bluegrass & country music. Solid signal peaking at about S6. The antenna work definitely paid off. Much better signal tonight than I'd ever had from BOR.

Thanks for the shoutout--100% copy here

Thanks for the show!

Not audible here. I only had the shrimp boat guys a few min earlier

Ha! Just discovered that I recorded for 2 hrs from the end of the TCS relay & that I have this QSO recorded (& am listening to it right now). I think it was RML that said that he wanted to use the transmitter but he hasn't QSLed in a while & doesn't want to be on for long...presumably so that he doesn't get backlogged in reception reports. I think BOR had a slightly better signal here, but both were fair.

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