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Check out the cool picture of the skull with headphones! I've found a new avatar :)

"Touch and Go"-Cars

S6 here 2327 UTC with "Sweet Child of Mine"-Gun's N Roses, OM with ID at 2329 UTC, into "Fox On The Run"-Sweet
2333 UTC OM, then UNID song
2337 UTC Channel Z jingle, then "Hocus Pocus"-Focus :)
(I'm measuring frequency as 6856.3ish)
{Darn microinverter noise crept in at 2342 UTC >:(...just barely could make out Z giving email address at 2344 UTC}
Could just barely ID the song from Nirvana through the noise....

"Back In The USSR"-Beatles
OFF at 2325 UTC  :(

They're back! S9 signal here with superb audio playing the same song as heard on this link... http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,21449.0.html
2303+UTC OFF

Thanks again Chris...I was straining my ears through a high local noise level....it would have been around 1400-1401 UTC....maybe I was hearing things after all ??? Those voices just won't let up on me......

QSLs Received / 3885 Radio eQSL
« on: April 19, 2015, 2207 UTC »
Thanks Mr. Tim Tron Jr!!! Very nice graphics on this one 8)

QSLs Received / Re: ARCHIVES-"CCAT-Canadian Club Radio" 1985
« on: April 19, 2015, 1934 UTC »
Very nice Chris! My QSL letter is still to be found, but my recollection is that it had much the same information as your's. I recall that the initial broadcasts were done using the COAX call letters, and a subsequent transmission I heard was indeed as CCAT-Canadian Club Radio. The operator was bummed out after a lady friend had broken up with him and was lamenting the fact with a number of F-bombs during the broadcast...
Now why did I throw away all those hundreds of cassette tapes I recorded during the 1980's... >:(

Thanks Chris!  8) Now if I could have only turned the cassette recorder on I might have been able to ferret out what the announcer was saying at 1400 UTC....

One last check before heading out to the backyard, and caught the end of an eerie sounding trance instrumental at S5 amidst the neighbors solar power microinverter buzz, then man announcer (couldn't make out what he said), then more trance music until 1403 UTC and off. Tuned in on AM, but used USB to cut through some of the noise. Interesting and spooky :o
Whoever you were....how about an email to assure me I wasn't hearing things 8)

Superb S9+10 here at 0100 UTC  :)
Guess it's going to be a lonely evening in the pirate zone...sounding really good with the 6 KHZ filter through the stereo system!
0110 UTC "Only The Lonely"-Roy Orbison
0118 UTC "I've Been Lonely Too Long"-Young Rascals
0125 UTC "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"-James Taylor
0133 UTC "Only The Lonely Can Play"-Motels
0136 UTC "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"-Yes
0154 UTC SSTV and OFF at 0156 UTC

Thanks Wolverine! :)

Tuned in at 2302 UTC on 6872.7 KHZ with 2 ham ops chatting about radio...gave call signs and one was named Chuck. Man announcer at 2305 UTC with ID and email address and that "QSL's were available for correct reception reports", statement repeated twice, then OFF. I was able to hear program better using USB. Will have to listen back on the recording.....

QSLs Received / ARCHIVES-"CCAT-Canadian Club Radio" 1985
« on: April 18, 2015, 1352 UTC »
I received this Polaroid photo of the CCAT transmitter setup back in the mid 1980's and thought I would share it here. I can't find the personal letter QSL it came with, but my recollection is that the op also announced using the call letters COAX and used a snail mail address in Toronto. Does anyone else remember this one or have any other information? I would be interested in hearing anything about this Canadian operation!

Just tuned in at 0037 UTC with S3 signal here..."This is Abu Dhabi closing down...all the best"
OFF at 0040 UTC

I listened back on my recording of this from last night and it seems to be one fairly long song. I borrowed my sisters smart phone with Shazam app and spent half an hour trying to ID the tune. I got mostly "try agains", but at different points in the song I had a couple of ID's...the most likely was "Dreamland Dub"-Hinkstep. Hinkstep does ambient dub music and it certainly describes the song I heard.
I heard this song played one time last year, also posted as an UNID....does anyone have the correct song name and artist (if I'm wrong on the above)?

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