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European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: o60dgr on air
« on: April 25, 2015, 2203 UTC »
Just a hint of music through the noise on 11550L at 2200 UTC.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: o60dgr on air
« on: April 25, 2015, 2126 UTC »
I'm getting some weak audio here since 2119 UTC :) Occasional Ute QRM, but band is very quiet now.
2130 UTC Ute QRM and some broadband jamming like noises just came up :(
Signal in the clear since 2133 UTC but still to weak to ID the music
2137 UTC Man announcer :)

Hearing some music through the noise here at 1346 UTC....Good morning Z! Can't make out the tune but the frequency is around 6950.2ish
1404 UTC Signal picked up here a bit but I don't know the tune 8)
1415 UTC Not even a trace of a carrier...OFF?
Thanks for the Saturday morning straining through the noise workout Z!

0026 UTC Sirens, then man announcer with "This is the Voice of Pearl Harbor, signing on"...ID repeated, then 40's swing tune at 0027 UTC
0030 UTC "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"(Hmmm...will have to listen back on this to verify...) "In The Mood" :-[
0033 UTC OM with "You're listening to the Voice of Pearl Harbor", into a news bulletin about Pearl Harbor by man announcer
0038 UTC OM with ID....broadcasting to the United States", then "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" ;D(This one for sure textim!)
0041 UTC Newreel bulletin about Pearl Harbor attack and speech by FDR
(Signal is a solid S7 here with the same static throughout the program as in the UNID earlier on 6950 USB)
0049 UTC Interviews with various people about the attack
0051 UTC "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)-Andrew Sisters
0054 UTC OM with closing ID, then Sirens (Sends a chill down my spine)
0056 UTC OFF

 Thank you for an excellent program VOPH! I guess a point is made here that we shouldn't have to remember this Day of Infamy only on December 7th.

I'm hearing a speech by a man speaker at 2306 UTC tune in with S5 signal here. 2309 UTC Short organ music bridge, then back to speech.
2317 UTC Now there's an old comedy skit by Bob Hope with audience :)
2320 UTC UNID 1940's tune with man singer
2322 UTC Comedy skit with Bob Hope and Judy Garland
2326 UTC Old Pepsodent toothpaste commercial, then song by Judy Garland
2328 UTC Bob Hope and Judy Garland skit continued
2333 UTC Pepsodent commercial, then back to Bob Hope
2342 UTC Gargle with Pepsodent Antiseptic commercial, then "This is the National Broadcasting Corporation, then 3 tones followed by a man speaker in Italian and shouts from a crowd....(Il Duce?)
2345 UTC OFF

Thank you for the interesting program whoever you are!  8)

0022 UTC Music now :) "Changes"-Yes (S7/S9 here with a little bit of static crash)

Thanks Z! Great audio on that Buccaneer too! Hope to hear that 4 watts again here some time :)

Heard this come on just after 0025 UTC and had difficulty tuning in the right frequency...seems to be on 6925.1 USB...solid S7 signal with some peskie QRM
0038 UTC with Lady announcer and ID, then OFF
0040 UTC Back up again :) Lady announcer with clear ID, into music
0044 UTC ID by OM? "This is Twangy Radio", then OFF again

Yep, after tuning in as well as I could, there is definitely a bit of Twang to the
audio ;D
(Listening back to the recording at 0040 UTC and the ID goes something like..."Spoken in an automated robotic voice, ? I'm not. I'm just...?...girl you wouldn't take home to ma...? much better. This is Twangy Radio")

Hearing what sounds like Led Zep at tune in with S7 here and great USB audio
0059 UTC Heavy metal tune now....is this XLR8 perhaps?
0110 UTC "X-L-R-8" :)
Sounding really good tonight! Excellent prop this evening!
0122 UTC "X-L-R-8" with reverb!
How about "Like An Inca"-Neil Young with Trans Band?
0133 UTC Thanks XLR8!!! You rock! Love that guitar interplay between Neil and Nils Lofgren
(Nice low end on that USB audio!....wow, never heard the long version with the extra solo at the end :))

Thanks for the eclectic mix of tunes tonight! The NRD is now on timer while I fall asleep to the sounds of the arcane XLR8 music library...thanks again for the request 8)


Check out the cool picture of the skull with headphones! I've found a new avatar :)

"Touch and Go"-Cars

S6 here 2327 UTC with "Sweet Child of Mine"-Gun's N Roses, OM with ID at 2329 UTC, into "Fox On The Run"-Sweet
2333 UTC OM, then UNID song
2337 UTC Channel Z jingle, then "Hocus Pocus"-Focus :)
(I'm measuring frequency as 6856.3ish)
{Darn microinverter noise crept in at 2342 UTC >:(...just barely could make out Z giving email address at 2344 UTC}
Could just barely ID the song from Nirvana through the noise....

"Back In The USSR"-Beatles
OFF at 2325 UTC  :(

They're back! S9 signal here with superb audio playing the same song as heard on this link... http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,21449.0.html
2303+UTC OFF

Thanks again Chris...I was straining my ears through a high local noise level....it would have been around 1400-1401 UTC....maybe I was hearing things after all ??? Those voices just won't let up on me......

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