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Fair signal here mostly above the noise at 2353 UTC with "The Joker"-Steve Miller Band segued into "Help Me"-Joni Mitchell. S5 with good audio, but xmsn cut out a couple of times.
2359 UTC "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"
0006 UTC Just a short bit of "Swingtown"-Steve Miller Band, then off again
0013 UTC "Witcy Woman"-Eagles
0015 UTC "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
0018 UTC "Black Magic Woman"-Santana
0019 UTC "Crimson and Clover"-Tommy James & Shondells, segued into "Dragging the Line"
Whoever you are, you have a great music library...thanks for the "short" show ;D
0044 UTC "Paranoid"-Black Sabbath Live version
0049 UTC "War Pigs"-Black Sabbath alternate version with different lyrics demo

Also here with music just above the noise threshold at 2232 UTC. Can't make out the songs played though. Fortunately, this is in an inverter free part of the dial :)
2242 UTC UTE QRM now from around 5797ish but it's pretty much gone at 2244 UTC
2309 UTC "Dancing In The Moonlight"-King Harvest
2316 UTC OFF
Thanks for the show Quda!

Just tuned in at 2122 UTC to a dance tune fading in and out of the S7 microinverter noise. Excellent Audio at peaks but no ID yet on 6924.6ish AM
2131 UTC Man announcer but signal dipped into the noise and didn't catch ID,
into a funky electronica techno dance tune

QSLs Received / KCPR eQSL
« on: April 05, 2015, 1207 UTC »
Thanks Doc!!! That guy at the microphone isn't me either....I could never be so young ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KCPR 6874.7 0334 UTC
« on: April 05, 2015, 0339 UTC »
Carrier noted at 0330 UTC with audio at or just above the inverter noise here
0343 UTC Missed the shoutout but caught the end of Seasons In The Sun at 0346 UTC when signal picked up a bit. Thanks Doc! (For the shoutout, not the song 8))
0347 UTC Man announcer, then "Slow Ride"-Foghat
Signal here is S5 and above the inverter noise :)
0355 UTC Can't make out the song....hmmm

After I shut down the PC, I heard "Come And Get Your Love"-Redbone at 0505 UTC in USB right on 6875 and then AM. It came back up again at 0510 UTC then off at 0511.
Merciful deities, the solar power inverter noise was off completely just after 0500 UTC! Hmmm....maybe on a timer or something?

Signal picked up here quite a bit! :) 0242 UTC "Abracadabra"-Steve Miller Band now at S5 after a mostly S3 signal the past half hour.
0247 UTC "Take It On The Run"-REO Speedwagon
0254 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Renegade!
0259 UTC "Flirting With Disaster"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 USB - 0229 UTC
« on: April 05, 2015, 0241 UTC »
I'm hearing this at 0235 UTC with UNID tune with an S5 signal and good audio

Yet another killer signal into the Skipmuck radio room this Easter Eve!
0118 UTC tune in to an old blues tune "Stop Breaking Down"
No question about it...it's a STOP theme this evening!

Hmmm...after the SSTV we have seas, bayous, and bays

Tuned in to a killer S9++ signal here at 0032 UTC and a rap tune with enough MF bombs to take out Putin ;D
0035 UTC Soviet Anthem then DJ Dickweed chatting about an unfortunate stroke suffered by Assistant Stavin :( (Wishing him a speedy recovery!). Yes, that song before the show was an attention getter...the Easter bunny just hopped into the woods with his bunny tail between his legs. Yes, propagation is fantastic this evening and all these indie tunes are being immortalized on Skipmucks state of the art cassette recorder. Now was that song by the Renegades or the Ex-Ambassadors or vice-versa?
Thanks for the shoutout also!
0228 UTC Cool song "Eurotrash Girl" ;D

Abu started to fade in here about 2240 UTC with the usual witty chat with the folks in Iann's chat. Said he was going to close down at 2308 UTC but still going strong at 2320 UTC, just like the Easter Energizer Bunny ;D

QSLs Received / Re: XEROX Radio Duplicado eQSL
« on: April 04, 2015, 1044 UTC »
Muchas Gracias Senor Sam Barto! Muchas Gracias Senor Sam Barto!  8)

Man announcer at 2250 UTC in possibly German, into music at 2252 UTC. Is this Radio Marabu? S3 with fading
2258 UTC Signal has faded to at or just above threshold in the last few minutes
2300 UTC Man announcer...pretty certain I heard a "Marabu" in there :)

Unusually weak signal tonight. At the same level as the S5 QRM from the neighbors newly installed solar panel inverter >:(

0108 UTC Signal picked up quite a bit now with "I'm Free"-Who :)
0111 UTC "Going Mobile"-Who

Other / Re: UNID 6925 LSB 2227 UTC 2 Apr 2015
« on: April 02, 2015, 2239 UTC »
Thanks for the tip Chris...tuning in at 2235 UTC, I heard the standard peskies, but  someone came up over them with the Close Encounters music, a scary laugh, then a few voices in unison with "eeeuuuu".Hmmm...

2330 UTC Open Carrier at S8! 6949.1 KHZ AM
2333 UTC Man announcer..."Bart Sambo Memorial Station" followed by a horn IS repeated several times
2335 UTC Man announcer with ID followed by IS repeated...
2336 UTC Man announcer with postal and email address
2337 UTC Jamaican accented man mentioning "98.7 on your FM dial" and "number 23", into Reggae tune same as earlier broadcast this evening
2353 UTC OFF

 :) Thanks for the posting XEROX! I get to hear the entire program with excellent reception 8)

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