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Seems to be playing a loop of some instrumental music
0146 UTC I'm hearing some thump thump now. Weak fluttery signal
The thump thump may have been the Link-11 ute. Maybe moved to 6950USB?
Hearing some Jimi Hendrix lead guitar at 0154 UTC and that damn Habana spur is QRMing
0201 UTC "Old Mexico"-Merle Haggard
0205 UTC "The Rain Song"-Led Zeppelin
0212 UTC COOLAM jingle!, then a bluesy rock tune
0222 UTC CoolAM ID, email address

Great program tonight! Didn't know CoolAM could rock this hard! :)
Thanks for the program CoolAM and relayer!

Here also at 0110 UTC with White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane at S6. SSTV at 0012 UTC
0114 UTC "Man of Constant Sorrow", into SSTV at 0017 UTC
0033 UTC Song with a killer lead guitar lick intro!

Here also at 0004 UTC with same program that was on 6875.8 KHZ earlier. S7 with fades on this frequency

S9 here at 0007 UTC with techno tune, DJ Dickweed at 0009 UTC? Testing one two....
0014 UTC Soviet Anthem, then DJ Dickweed at 0015 UTC..."got his echo working...no assistant Stavin, because he got a job selling shoes at Payless to meet hot chicks... :D". Shoutouts to the posters on HFU (Thanks DJ Dickweed!), impromptu show tonight...downloaded some new songs.
0018 UTC "Talking Backwards"-The Real Estate followed by a song about "Formula 409"
0026 UTC Song by the ?Asteroid Galaxy Four?
0034 UTC Signal starting to head towards the noise...DJ Dickweed is having trouble with his computer. Next song up by a group song called Black Metallic (Thanks beerus)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6875 AM 22:19 GMT
« on: January 17, 2015, 2231 UTC »
Polka time on 6875.8 KHZ AM at 2226 UTC tune in!!! S8 here in Western MA
2234 UTC Clear ID as "Radio Dr. Tim...free radio from Germany" Also gave email address, but I didn't catch it.
Right before that Chicken Dance sounding polka, they gave address again.... maybe doctortim@t-online.de
Nothing like a good round of Polkas to start off the evenings activities! Reminds me that I played the accordion when I was a youngster. I was also drafted to play the tuba in Junior High School. I later got to play the tuba in the All-State band at Springfield Symphony Hall. So much for repressed memories ;)

Hmmm, all ID's and all polkas, all the time :D

Chris L...fortunately no known photos of me playing the tuba have survived from that era. At least I don't have one anyway, but I do have a photo of me playing the accordian. Have to find that one..... :o

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM 6975 AM 0100z 1/17/2015
« on: January 17, 2015, 0106 UTC »
Rock solid S9 here with superb AM audio at 0103 UTC tune in!
0106 UTC A Rap/Rock tune with a little bit of the riff from "Mr. Big Shot"
0109 UTC X-FM...somewhere under the stars ID, apologies for something during the Christmas broadcast..."situational awareness"...email address, mention of an email from station QRP and their website, then mention of stickers!
0120 UTC Man announcer....Here's a classic from Incubus, then song
0123 UTC Man announcer with ID's, live time check at "24 minutes from one o'clock", then mentioned next song from 2011...by Velociraptor, then song
OK, back from reception report writing!
0211 UTC Song by the Arctic Monkeys
0215 UTC Man announcer, then UNID song
0218 UTC Man announcer....ID, live time check, mention of the next song from 2014 from "Echosmith?", followed by that song
0222 UTC Man announcer...."Music to the power of X...broadcasting from somewhere under the stars"...mention of Echo and the Bunnymen, followed by UNID song
0228 UTC Man announcer..."Echo and the Bunnymen...from 2006...chat about finding good songs today on the radio...having them pound a song into your head from repeated listening...a lot of the music out there sucks..."myopic taste for music"...emails from Mark Taylor, ByteBORG, Oliver...shoutouts to the HFU posters...live time check for 35 minutes from 2 o'clock
0236 UTC Song by "TV On the Radio?"
Signal is starting to fade into the noise a bit more now...sometimes completely, then it bounces back!
0245 UTC Man announcer with live TC..."15 minutes in front of 3 o'clock...mentioned previous song by "tV on the Radio-Happy Idiots"...something about Alice in Chains...Hello to Doc...shoutouts to Ron Hunsicker, Dimbulb, oly1959, RAFMAN, mention of song by Bad Religion from 1996...live time check for "11 minutes in front of 3 o'clock"
0249 UTC Song-"The Streets of America"-Bad Religion
0253 UTC Man announcer, then UNID song
0256 UTC Man announcer...promised some bizarre Alice In Chains...live TC...3 minutes from 3 o'clock
0257 UTC Song-"The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here"-Alice In Chains (S9 signal here now...who can figure this propagation....)
Took a break from posting....too old to dance to the trance ::)
Someone is broadcasting CW over the program....the folks in the IRC chat say it's Peewee, whoever that might be
Thanks for the request RedHat!!!
OFF at 0412 UTC
Thank you for the marathon program X-FM! Sounded like a local FM station here for the last 45 minutes! The GOES X-Ray flux was flatlining for tonights program. Superb! :)

Getting a nice S5 signal here at 2355 UTC with ballad man singer. Fading in and out of the noise but peaking up to S5. 0000 UTC It's Abu Dhabi! Must have moved here from 6295. 0002 UTC Song "Walk Right In"-The Rooftop Singers". Thanks for the shoutouts BB! Thanks for playing "Walk Right In" for me again too! Always nice to hear you from across the big pond! OFF at 0036 UTC with a Bye Bye and a bit of music.

2256 UTC "Stranglehold"-Ted Nugent (seemed to just come up on frequency! S7 here but best in USB)
Major peskie QRM in LSB, AM sounds distorted, but USB is nice audio!
2304 UTC ID "You are tuned to Radio GaGa....live from Zipper Lake", into "Turn to Stone"-ELO
Yep, it's DSB Chris S! The peskie and the DSB made it sound like distorted AM.
2308 UTC ZZ TOP (Hey GaGa, you fishing tonight? Hope you brought the pitchfork! :))
2311 UTC "Bad Moon Rising"-CCR
2313 UTC Johnny Cash?
2316 UTC "Jive Talking"-Bee Gees (signal took a dive into the noise during the song :()
2320 UTC ?...2321 UTC signal back up again-"Black Friday"-Steely Dan
2323 UTC ID "...Radio GaGa....Zipper Lake", then OFF

Thanks for the early Friday evening here GaGa! Alway nice to hear you :)

QSLs Received / The Crystal Ship "Heartbreak Hotel" eQSL
« on: January 16, 2015, 1255 UTC »
Thanks JP and relay! Enjoyed the program last night :)

S8 here at 2330 UTC tune in with "Changes"-Yes in progress. Very nice audio but lots of selective fading, so I switched to USB.
2333 UTC "Only Time Will Tell"-Asia
2337 UTC "You're Bringing On the Heartbreak"-Def Leppard
2342 UTC ID...."The Crystal Ship, demonstrating a deliberate disregard for the ????", music, then "You've checked in to the Heartbreak Hotel...The Crystal Ship...TCS relay network"
2345 UTC UNID Jackson Browne tune
2353 UTC "Without You"-Harry Nilsson
2356 UTC Tarzan yell, "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum"...email address..."Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" clip from Gone With the Wind
0101 UTC UNID Bruce Springsteen tune(hmmm, looks like ByteBORG asked the same question and already got an answer!)
0013 UTC ID, then "Stone Cold"-Rainbow
0018 UTC UNID tune (signal starting to drop a bit and deeper fades)
0023 UTC "Which Way You Going Billy"-Poppy Family
0030 UTC "Deliberately disregarding the authority of the FCC and it's rules", Amen, "We don't want pioneers with good taste, we want pioneers that taste good", "Can't resist looking for the Crystal Ship", email address, then animal fun.
0035 UTC "Love Hurts"-Nazareth
0039 UTC "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"-Meatloaf
0043 UTC "Winner Takes It All"-Abba
0049 UTC JP with ID's, into UNID Rock ballad
0054 UTC "Here Without You"-3 Doors Down
0058 UTC "Heart of the Matter"-Don Henley
0103 UTC Audio Clip , then ID by JP "You are tuned to the Crystal Ship....blue state republic", QSL address, "Get your damn hands off her"
0104 UTC "We Want the World"-Ramones
0106 UTC End of program, which seems to be repeating as I hear "Changes" by Yes at 0109!

Thanks for the program tonight JP! Haven't heard this one in it's entirety before. There has been a bit of a drought on the airwaves since New Years...much appreciated! :)

I'm getting very weak music here in USB at 0213 UTC, but the noise level is too high for copy. Maybe a man announcer at 0216 UTC, but not certain.

Glad I checked back once more before calling a night! 0112 UTC and a funky sounding dance tune with UNID male vocalist singing scat along with the ladies ;D Great audio and an S8 signal here too! Thanks JB!
0120 UTC Garage punk tune with some yea yea yea voiceovers
0123 UTC Man announcer...."hang in there...it gets better...WHYP"
0125 UTC "Green Vidalias"-BT & MG's
0132 UTC Man announcer followed by interview with Jay Smilkstein ;D

From 2125-2145 UTC I've been getting a weak carrier on 11428.3ish KHZ but no detectable audio. Not sure if this is it, but I am getting hints of audio since 2145 UTC. Sadly, no copy :(
2152 UTC I'm getting music now...maybe "Sweet Child of Mine"-G'N'R?
2158 UTC CW now...maybe CZ beacon again?
2211 UTC The unmistakable sound of the bass riff on "Radar Love"-Golden Earring :)
2221 UTC CW?
2230 UTC I give up! ;D My ears are bleeding..... :o
I assume that the signal is bouncing somewhere else.
Thanks for the test xmsn Channel Z!

HF Beacons / CZ Beacon 11428.2 KHZ USB 1545 UTC JAN 11, 2015
« on: January 11, 2015, 1550 UTC »
Alerted to this by an email...thanks Channel Z! Steady above the noise here in Western MA :)
Pretty much faded into the noise by 1615 UTC. My ears got hammered by what Token says is PLUTO radar at 1626 UTC ???

1900 UTC It is now up to 1600 UTC levels with occasional fades into the noise floor

S5 here at 0308 UTC with a funky percussion beat that went on for a long time
0325 UTC "So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star"-Byrds
0330 UTC "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"-Beatles
0334 UTC "I'd Love To Change The World"-Ten Years After
0337 UTC UNID blues/rock tune
0341 UTC UNID blues/rock tune
So far no ID, with silence between songs, but signal is steady here with a few deep fades
0346 UTC Man announcer with a reverb ID "X-L-R-8", into Led Zeppelin-"What Is And What Should Never Be"
(Audio sounds a bit wider than what I'm used to hearing from XLR8!)

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