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Very weak signal here at 0054 UTC. I could make out a childs voice, but mostly buried in the noise. If this is the same xmtr, the band must have gone long between programs! 0100 UTC all I get is a carrier. Curiously enough, near the end of the earlier program, I was getting a very weak "ghost" signal a split second before the S9+ powerhouse signal. Don't know if this was from the propagation or not. It could be heard on my recording of the earlier show. Or maybe I'm hearing things because I have the flu for Christmas.....

S9+10 here at 2341 UTC tune in with a Holiday tune
2343 UTC Original ID...WHYP-WHYP FM, into a vocal tune by man singer opera style
2347 UTC Man singing a song about a Dreidel (I made it out of clay)
2349 UTC ID by man...."WHYP...James Brownyard Memorial Station"...WHYP echo ID, then the elder Brownyard with chanting
2351 UTC George Zeller's famous statement, then off.

Tuned in at 2229 UTC on 6875.7 KHZ AM to the "2,000 Year Old Man" skit with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner ;D
2237 UTC Lady singer with opera voice...sounded like she was singing "Hanukkah, Hanukkah"
2240 UTC Man announcer..."We have to sign off now", then lady announcer with a short statement. This was followed by email address with childs voice ... happyhanukkahradio@gmail.com given 4 times, into a 7 note IS repeated several times, then OFF at 2242

Hope to hear this again tomorrow so I can catch the rest of the show! :)

Caught this on a last minute bandscan at 0343 UTC with the usual zany mixture of nonsensical numbers and utterings by man and woman announcer, Lincolnshire Poacher IS, then some beeps, IS and OFF abruptly at 0353 UTC. Signal was about an S5, mostly above the noise with some fading. Nice to hear this one again...it's been awhile! ;D
"All the best prices" and "100% insurance" :D

I'm getting some very weak audio here but can't quite make out what it is. Sounds like music...
0234 UTC Heard pretty clear ID man announcer..."Radio Gaga SDR"
Music occasionally rising above the noise floor here...announcing seems to be louder than the music!
Thanks for trying to punch through the noise here tonight GaGa!
0253 UTC Signal jumped up to audible! "Don't Take Me Alive"-Steely Dan :)
0258 UTC I'm hearing Chrissy Hyndes & the Pretenders now with "Back On the Chain Gang"
0303 UTC Man announcer with ID..."Radio GaGa" then OFF? I hear nothing after this!

UNID song here at S9 and great audio! A Rocking Big Band Swing tune playing now...
2359 UTC "Whip It"-Devo (Guess that's the ID!!!)
0001 UTC I hear the voice of the original James Brownyard humming along to the music!
0003 UTC 4 Non-Blondes segue
0006 UTC Man announcer with ID..."WHYP Christmas Through the Years Retrospective", into Brenda Lee-"Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"
0009 UTC "So This is Christmas"-John Lennon, into JB chatting about the early days....
No more posting for a bit...I'm going to listen to this without distractions :)
0021 UTC Nice Christmas Polka! S9+ here :D
0026 UTC Run, Run, Rudolph
0031 UTC Interesting version of the "Night Before Christmas"...hmmm, old times were good times?
Now that was one bawdy and naughty "12 Days of Christmas" :o
0046 UTC The signal literally dropped off the radar here >:( I think the band went long here...big time!

Thank you for the entertainment tonight JB!!! I missed the last 20 minutes due to the prop going long on me. Up until then it was S9 and cranking...great stories!

S9 Signal here at 2338 UTC with "Don't Turn Around", into Rufus with Chaka Khan-"Tell Me Something Good"
Superb AM audio!
2344 UTC Signal seems to be breaking up a bit, silence for a minute, brief song with man singing about meeting the man who invented the cigarette and murdering him in the first degree, then abruptly OFF at 2345 UTC
Hmmm, now that ByteBORG posted the name of that song...I remember it...New Riders of the Purple Sage?

« on: December 13, 2014, 2038 UTC »
This arrived today in the Skipmuck Inbox :) Seems that this gentleman was overwhelmed by his good fortune in hearing the James Brownyard Memorial Station and decided to take a nap! Thanks JB and glad to hear you again!

I took the liberty of obscuring the facial features :o

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6975 AM 0040 UTC 13Dec14
« on: December 13, 2014, 0147 UTC »
Been listening since 0126 UTC while eating dinner at the listening post! Pretty good signal here into Western MA, S8 peaks and great audio but some fades into the noise. I though it was going to be lousy propagation tonight with the noise level, but I guess I'm mistaken ;)
0157 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Redhat!
0340 UTC Time to call it a night here as soon as Gold Dust Woman is over :)
Thanks for the marathon broadcast X-FM!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re:WHYP 3440 AM 0000 UTC 13 Dec 2014
« on: December 13, 2014, 0005 UTC »
S7 here at 0001 UTC with a rap/punk tune...nice audio with some fading, but mostly above the noise.
0005 UTC Strange segue of 4 Non Blondes tune with other tune and man scat singing over the music
0007 UTC "Feeling Alright"-Joe Cocker
0011 UTC Man announcer then "She's Not There"-Zombies
0013 UTC Man announcer..."James Brownyard and company on WHYP", into "Lawyers, Guns, and Money"-Warren Zevon
0017 UTC Man announcer then "Mr. Spaceman"-Byrds
(Really nice signal here with some fading..excellent audio!)
0020 UTC "Casey Jones"-Grateful Dead
0024 UTC "?"-Don Henley I think...
0027 UTC "Call Me Mister'"?-?
0031 UTC Man announcer with ID, then "Baby You're A Rich Man"-Beatles
0035 UTC Man announcer..."James Brownyard", into "Powderfinger"-Neil Young and Crazy Horse (Great Tune!!! :))
0039 UTC Man announcer..."WHYP", into UNID tune that sounds like Paul Rodgers of Free/Bad Company?
0045 UTC Different man announcer!..."WHYP pirate shortwave radio...been a long time since I've done this...handful of people listening to me... whypradio@gmail.com ....WHYP Reactivation Broadcast"
0046 UTC UNID song (sorta sounds like a Stones tune...maybe Keith Richards or Bill Wyman? Got me on this one!)
0051 UTC UNID song
0055 UTC Man announcer..."WHYP....pirate shortwave radio", into Led Zeppelin(S9 during this song!)
0106 UTC Man announcer...."WHYP...Thanks everyone for tuning in...WHYP Reactivation Broadcast... whypradio@gmail.com ...6400 to 6800...maybe even 3275...See ya later", into UNID tune
0110 UTC Some rather strange chanting ;D, into George Zeller's infamous Winterfest comment, then off at 0111 UTC

Thanks for the excellent program tonight WHYP!!! Haven't heard you in quite awhile!  :)

Tuned in at 0023 UTC on 6925 USB with good signal and strong het from 6925.3 KHZ. End of a pop ballad by man singer, into ID by Lady Announcer..."Broadcasting in perfect stereo fidelity in upper side band...This is Twangy Radio", into "Welcome To The Jungle"-Guns-N-Roses
0028 UTC UNID tune and seemingly OFF at 0030 UTC

Thanks for the show Twangy Radio!!!

I'm hearing Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks-"Edge of Seventeen" here at 2337 UTC with peskie QRM on LSB
2341 UTC Man announcer with long talk (best in USB)
2350 UTC Signal buried in the noise...

I believe this is OTR2 also, with fair signal here on 6400 KHZ AM at 2334 UTC. Radio drama with British accented man. Not sure what program yet but will stay tuned. 6770 KHZ AM is also coming in with fair signal on 6770ish with diferent program. I'm getting a very low pitched het here, assumed cochannel North Korea?
Thanks Chris L! I got that too, but now at 2247 UTC I'm hearing what sounds like the Ramones or some other punk rockers! Decidedly not OTR.
2251 UTC Man announcer with...."about one of the worst things ever heard on shortwave...so bad it was actually entertaining in that respect"..then OFF
I guess someone is having a little bit of fun! Please QSL! ;D

Fair signal here at 2234 UTC with Pop/Dance tune lady singer
2236 UTC Silence
2237 UTC Pop/Dance tune with lady singer rap intro
2243 UTC Pop tune with rock beat intro, into Lady Singer with rap over a chorus of dissonant singers
2247 UTC Man announcer with ID "XLR8"

All I want for Christmas is a QSL from XLR8  ;)

0004 UTC Came back up for a couple of minutes with a bluesy guitar number and off 0006ish with man announcer..."accelerate"
Thanks for the Wednesday night show to offset the ugly winter weather!

I'm hearing something here. Man chatting and music. Thought it might have been OTR, but that is audible on 6770. Hmmm
2301 UTC Sounds like Sherlock Holmes, as I hear mention of Dr. Watson by English accented man. Organ music bridge at 2302 UTC. Is this possibly a spur of some sorts from OTR?
2304 UTC I checked OTR on 6769.9 KHZ and they are carrying a different program! So is this someone else joining in on the fun? :)
2310 UTC Clear mention of "Worlds most famous....Sherlock Holmes"
Signal is slightly stronger then OTR, but has the same fading characteristics. I think we may have an OTR franchise going here ;D
2345 UTC Still going strong here in Western MA!
0006 UTC It suddenly disappeared! OFF I guess.
Thanks for another chance to hear Old Time Radio Whoever you are!

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