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QSLs Received / The Crystal Ship "War is not the answer" eQSL
« on: March 14, 2015, 2145 UTC »
Thank you very much JP! Some memorable tunes played on that program!

I'm hearing music at 0015 UTC on LSB! It's just above threshold, but audible :)
0038 UTC I'm still hearing music, but not strong enough to ID the songs played
0043 UTC Man announcer?, then a song that sounds familiar(not sure but kinda sounded like Fire-Bruce Springsteen or Stand by Me-Ben E King....hard to tell)
0051 UTC Man announcer then UNID song
0100 UTC Man announcer with clear ID!
0107 UTC Man announcer into UNID tune (too much noise tonight :()
0111 UTC Man announcer
0120 UTC Still getting audio, but the noise is just too much tonight! This would be a great frequency to use when things quiet down Radio Mirabelle! thanks for the show!  :)

Fair to good signal punching through the noise at 2353 UTC with foreign language vocal tune by lady singer. With this kind of signal, I suspect this is our good friend Abu "Black Bandit" Dhabi :)
0001 UTC "This is Abu from Dhabi". Mentioned that the signal is not so strong in the US, so must be getting reports from Iann's chat room :)
0005 UTC "Money For Nothing"-Dire Straits

Very weak carrier noted at 2345 UTC with just the barest hint of audio through the high noise level here. Nada on the copy.... :(

Today's (3-13-15) release appears to be a clarification of what the new rules do and what they don't. Interesting reading....


Fair signal here at 2232 UTC with long version of "Light My Fire"-Doors

I'm getting audio here at 2210 UTC with bits and pieces of music rising in and out of the noise level. Sounds like tangos! Tentative Radio Tango Italia until sunset gets a little closer here :)
Ooops, posted wrong frequency....corrected 8)

Tuned in at 2107 UTC and after a few minutes, I'm getting some threshold audio at 2110 UTC. Definitely music, but too weak to ID song. Still, nice to hear! Not an easy catch here o60Dgr :)
2120 UTC Hard to tell, but I'm hearing a man announcer now

QSLs Received / X-FM eQSL for July 5, 2014 show
« on: March 13, 2015, 0116 UTC »
Thanks Redhat :) Wasn't expecting this one! Thanks also for the show log too 8)

Tuned in at 2337 UTC to an open carrier, music at 2338 UTC (Shaken, not Stirred?), into the Bubblegum Express Show :)
Despite all the major flares over the past few days, signal is S8 with some fading and a bit of ute QRM.

Music at S4/S5 here at 0001 UTC
Signal picked up a bit during the song that started at 0006 UTC, but seems OFF at 0012 UTC
Thanks for the hit and run tonight XLR8!

I'm hearing something way down in the noise at 2350 UTC on 6290 LSB. It's not rising above the threshold, but I'm sure that I'm hearing some music here. I figure that X2.1 solar flare this afternoon is doing all kinds of strange things to the propagation...should be interesting reception the next couple of days.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: Radio Mirabelle
« on: March 10, 2015, 2331 UTC »
Nothing at all here despite a number of checks since 2230 UTC. Not even a carrier here tonight! Propagation just isn't very good this evening on 48 meters :(

Weak carrier noted earlier, but am hearing audio just above threshold at 2155 UTC consisting of a man announcer. Copy is close to nada though, but hopefully will improve as local sunset approaches. I am getting nothing on the other frequencies listed at the moment.
2158 UTC I'm hearing distinct dance music at this time, so don't know if still relaying the RMI program or other programming
2201 UTC Man announcer...signal is picking up a bit, but still tough copy
(Getting weak carriers on 6210 and 6940 now, but no audio)
2238 UTC Signal jumped up a bit during dance tune...now S3/S4
2245 UTC Man announcer, into tune by Human League(?)
2259 UTC OFF

Checked several times from 2305 until 2320 UTC, and am only getting a weak carrier on 6210. Lots of noise on 48 meters this evening.

My humble apologies to anyone who was unnerved by my title to this innocent posting. When I first read the FCC posting of this, the first thing that came to mind was Don Quixote tilting at the windmill. I found it amusing that a possibly defunct fire fighting safety broadcast from a transmitter on a water tower could go undetected for nearly 12 years and then cause such consternation in the rank and file of the FCC. Reading the text of the message left me with a mental picture of 2 agents closing in on their prey with direction finding equipment, only to find an innocuous old water tower apparently still emitting an illegal carrier. Please, no more angry emails. The title was the first thing that came to mind, and rather than being clever, upset 2 individuals. I didn't mean to tap into the collective paranoia shared by the pirate radio community, and I didn't mean to disrepect our beloved YHWH ex-operator. I will refrain from any more postings of this kind in the future.

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