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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unid: 6925.2, 2/8, 0105+
« on: February 08, 2015, 0121 UTC »
Fair audio here since 0115 UTC for about a minute, then Shrimpman and Honey came up on 6925USB :D If they only knew....
0124 UTC One of the best signals yet from Liquid now with dance music on 6925.3ish
0129 UTC Faded back into the noise....

 :( Not a peep here Mr. Redhat :(

Awesome! This was my first pirate logged sometime in 1982!!! Brings back some great memories of pirate radio back before the days of the internet :) :) :)

Hearing the late great R F Burns voice again reminds me of how much he sounded like Joe Adimov from Radio Moscow's "Moscow Mailbag".

You never knew when or where on the shortwave bands RC would turn up..sometimes in the middle of the shortwave broadcast bands!

OFF at 0057 UTC
Thank you very much to the relayer for this show! You made my whole week with this! Ahhh, the old days 8)

S8 here at 2309 UTC tune in with email address, into spoof advertising for partial abortions
2311 UTC A familiar 1970's tune...hmmm...Janis Joplin-"Move Over"
2314 UTC Man announcer mentioning Melissa Etheridge, into song by Melissa Etheridge-"Bring Me Some Water"
2318 UTC Man and Lady Announcer, into hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger spoof ad ;D
2324 UTC Spoof ad for "Manure Renewer"
2326 UTC UNID song that sounds like the singer from the "Groundhogs"
2329 UTC Man announcer ID'ing next song as by the James Gang in 1973 after Joe Walsh left...Hmmm..."Must Be Love"
2333 UTC Lady announcer then a very poignant comedy by man announcer about the internet and pirate radio....(ain't it the truth dude!)
2342 UTC Song...Weird Al?
2345 UTC Man announcer..."Fearless Freddy...time to get on out of here...let's do it again sometime...have a great day...." Song by April Wine
2350 UTC Man announcer with email address, QSL info, a singing ditty about "We're going back to the shadows again", then ID as W-A-ZED-U, then OFF
2352 UTC Back on again! This was Radio Clandestine relayer

Very weak audio here since 2115 UTC slowly improving. 2134 UTC, I believe is Ozzie Osbourne with a tune of which the name escapes me at the moment.
2141 UTC Man announcer, into a hard rocking tune...hair band or maybe AC/DC?
2145 UTC Man announcer with clear mention of "Enterprise Radio", into what sounded like a version of "Hey Joe"-maybe Jimi Hendrix?
2149 UTC Lady announcer repeating something over music
2152 UTC "Kashmir"-Led Zeppelin (signal is S3 here and above the noise!

2210 UTC Good copy here in Western MA!!! Signal is a bit fluttery.

This belongs in the European forum! Many clear ID's and email address as Enterprise Radio

Any chance of hearing "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"-Rolling Stones? :)
0448 UTC Thanks dude!!!! Love this song! Brings back memories of the days when I had the world by the cojones...thought I did anyway ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6932.3 USB 0330z 2/7/15
« on: February 07, 2015, 0342 UTC »
Here at 0333 UTC tune in...very hard to get it tuned in though! Finally around 6932.4ish with Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers at 0337 UTC.
0043 UTC Yep, cool C&W version of Highway to Hell with fiddle and finger picking... 8)
0045 UTC Some quick SSTV and OFF abruptly

Myteaquinn, I retuned again and I finally got it dead on. Only thing is the 515 only does tenths on the readout ???
Rafman, I tune with my bad hearing, get it to the nearest tenth and add "ish" to the end of the frequency! ;)

I've had it here since 0219 UTC and the signal is up and down like a yoyo....fading is really bad. 0031 UTC I'm hearing an "Insane Radio" loop ID, then OFF?
Listened back on the recording and it is the Insane Radio Loop ID befoe close down. Too much noise on the bands tonight

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6936 USB 01:45 Feb 7 2015
« on: February 07, 2015, 0145 UTC »
Soviet Anthem on 6935 USB at 0141 UTC Signal is really down in the noise tonight DJ Dickweed...very poor copy :(

Checked back every few minutes....reception ain't to be had this evening. Strange prop  ???

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 LSB 0135 UTC FEB 7, 2015
« on: February 07, 2015, 0138 UTC »
I'm hearing a music box sound but hard to tune in....first heard at 0135 and off at 0137...hmmm

Tuned in at 0043 UTC, but signal seems to be buried in the noise this evening...band must have gone long already :(
0054 UTC Signal picked up just a bit, now just above the noise with some kind of alt punk tune
0058 UTC ID..."XLR8"
0101 UTC Rock tune opening with a lead guitar playing "My Country Tis of Thee"
0108 UTC Caught the end of "Siberian Khatru", then ID at 0110 UTC "XLR8", into "Black Cow"-Steely Dan (Signal is about S3/S4 here and marred by peskies on LSB)
0116 UTC I hear Lou Reed from the 70's...had to google it I hadn't heard it in so long! "Rock and Roll"
0129 UTC "Shaking All Over"-Guess Who or Who? One of those versions I think!
0156 UTC Signal just above the noise here with "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You"-Sugarloaf (their other hit!)

0402 UTC "Come As You Are"-Nirvana (Yep, still here too XLR8 guy! Your signal was in the noise the past couple hours but has crept up above the noise level now!)
0407 UTC OFF?

Thanks for the marathon show tonight XLR8! Wish that prop had been a little bit more cooperative though.

0412 UTC Back again? I'm hearing a repeated bass and drum line like an Interval Signal of sorts
Hearing some regular music now and an XLR8 ID just a few minutes ago...thanks for coming back XLR8!
0430 UTC Sounded like you put the Turbocharger on! Signal just jumped up to S8 here!
0443 UTC XLR8 ID, into "Jailbreak"-Thin Lizzy
0448 UTC  ;D "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"-Rolling Stones (Thanks XLR8!)
0512 UTC I'm hearing the sounds of "Safeway Cart"-NY & CH!!! Another chilling tune off Sleeps With Angels...love the backward harmonica!

0520 UTC and you're signal is still fading between S3 and S8 here! Way past my bedtime and I'm calling it a night. Thanks for the long show and the request! That xmtr must be hot enough to cook steaks on!  ;D

Killer signal 2319 UTC here at S9+20! 6950.7 KHZ here.....superb audio!
2321 UTC "Tainted Love"-Soft Cell (Dance mix with "Where Did Our Love Go segue)
2329 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, all music and ID's all the time", into UNID punk rock tune.
2332 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into "Baby Talks Dirty"-The Knack
2336 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into UNID punk rock tune(One Chord Wonders - The Adverts per IRC chat room)
2338 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, all music and ID's all the time", into UNID heavy metal punk rock tune
2343 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into another kickass punk rock thrash tune
2347 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, John T Arthur's 2nd favorite radio station", into more punk rock...
2351 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into a more ethereal rock tune (Holiday in Cambodia per IRC chat room, and "Dead Kennedys" per google search)
2355 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, all music and all ID's all the time", into another punk rock tune, but this one sounds familiar
2359 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into punk tune with lots of F-bombs
0001 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into UNID punk rock tune
0004 UTC Man announcer..."WMID", into UNID punk rock tune
0008 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, John T Arthur's 2nd favorite radio station", into another UNID punk rock tune
0011 UTC Man announcer..."WMID",into UNID punk tune (My kingdom for the Shazam app!)
0013 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, all music and ID's all the time", into UNID punk rock tune.
0016 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, into punk tune 'Don't Care"
0019 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, all music and ID's all the time"
0023 UTC Man announcer..."WMID, John T Arthur's 2nd favorite radio station", into UNID punk tune
0026 UTC Man announcer..."WMID...well, that's it, thanks for listening Ladies and Gentlemen...Television?", into UNID tune...(This is a good tune whoever it is!)(("Marquee Moon"-Television per IRC chat :)))
0037 UTC "George Zellers famous quote, then OFF

Thanks for the punk night WMID! I'm severly challenged with these tunes, but i think I got all the ID's right! ;D

I've been hearing a weak carrier since 2145 UTC on 6254.1 AM with occasional imagined audio. Signal seemed to pick up a bit around sunset and I believe a man announcer at 2240 UTC and occasional bits of music at threshold level. Maybe a spur? Nothing according to Ianns chat...hmmm

QSLs Received / Re: Don't hate... Radio Appalachia
« on: February 06, 2015, 1248 UTC »
NICE EE! I am green with envy....hmmm, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors QSL's", ain't on the Top 10 list 8)

Hey RA guy...check out the cool link  ;D http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,20097.0.html

Sign on with "Death Alley Driver"-Rainbow at 0003 UTC (S9 and nice audio!)
0008 UTC "Sign Of the Gypsy Queen-April Wine
0013 UTC UNID Rock tune
0016 UTC "Come As You Are"-Nirvana
0019 UTC ID..."You are tuned to the Crystal Ship", then song by Rush-"Red Sector A"
0025 UTC "Godzilla"-Blue Oyster Cult (live version)(Signal dropped to S7)
0033 UTC "Run Like Hell"-Pink Floyd
0037 UTC "Get Out of Denver"-Bob Seger Band
0041 UTC Plug for the Free Radio Cafe!
0043 UTC ID..."You are tuned to the Crystal Ship shortwave relay network", then song by Meatloaf-"You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth"
0048 UTC UNID Rock tune
0053 UTC "Chain Lightning"-38 Special (per IRC chat room!)
0057 UTC "I Could Be Good For You"-707 (per IRC chat room and google ;) )
0102 UTC Tarzan yell, then electronic voice YL with ID..."You are tuned to the Crystal Ship", into UNID Rock tune
0106 UTC Song by Heart
0109 UTC "American Girl"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
0113 UTC "Don't Tell Me You Love Me"-Night Ranger (google search :))
0118 UTC YL with ..." tcsshortwave@gmail.com " repeated, then love sounds and ID by JP..."That was the sound of another satisfied listener"
0119 UTC UNID Rock tune by "Point Blank" (per IRC chat)
0123 UTC "A Girl Like You"-Smithereens
0127 UTC "The Zoo"-Scorpions (per IRC chat)
0132 UTC Audio clip, then ID by JP..."You are tuned to the Crystal Ship, the official Blue State radio voice...freedom on the airwaves", then YL with email address... tcsshortwave@gmail.com
0133 UTC "The Voice" -Moody Blues
0138 UTC "Mexican Radio"-Wall of Voodoo
0142 UTC "There Goes the Last DJ"-Tom Petty
0146 UTC ID by JP, then a bit of "Spanish Ladies", into "We Want The Airwaves'-Ramones, finally a brief audio clip and off.
0151 UTC Back up again briefly with "You are tuned to the Crystal Ship, the official radio voice of the Blue State Republic...freedom of the airwaves", then off again

Thanks for the rocking show tonight JP! Kept me jumping posting.... ;D
Signal strength picked up again after about 0140 UTC. Exact frequency per chat room was between 6850.514 and 6850.515 KHZ AM 8)

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