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One last tune around the bands and an intriguing carrier on 6924.6 faded in with audio at 0350 UTC then "Insane Radio" Loop ID at 0351 UTC, into "What Condition My Condition Was In"-First Edition with Hippy Kenny. Faded into the noise at 0353 UTC. Nothing but a carrier since then. Thanks for the one more show to cap off the night Insane Wayne!

0037 UTC tune in with S9+10 here and 40's tune lady singer
0040 UTC "Wolverine Radio", into 40's show tune man singer
0043 UTC 40's tune by Female Singers with male backups
0045 UTC 40's tune lady singer with some jazzy piano
(At this point I've no clue what the theme is....)
0047 UTC "Wolverine Radio", into C&W tune with man singer "We might as well forget it anyhow"
0049 UTC C&W tune man singer with steel guitar mentioning "Forget" in the song
0052 UTC "I Remember You"-Frank Ifield :)
0055 UTC "Wolverine Radio"-followed by "Remember (Walking In the Sand)"-The Shangri-La's
0057 UTC "Dreams To Remember"-Otis Redding
0100 UTC Motown tune
0103 UTC "Memory Motel"-Rolling Stones(somebody QRMing with SSTV)
0109 UTC "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio"-Ramones
0113 UTC Hmmm...definitely Michael McDonald....(I don't remember this song 8))
0117 UTC "Wolverine Radio", then "Don't You Forget About Me"-Simple Minds
0121 UTC "I Remember California"-REM (Hey, the lyrics in this song mention Wolverines  ;) )
0126 UTC UNID Blondie tune...hmmm, sounds familiar
0130 UTC UNID tune man singer (somebody QRMing with SSTV again)
0135 UTC "Wolverine Radio", then SSTV (for those technically equipped..somebody please post!)
0138 UTC Another SSTV, and OFF at 0139 UTC

Thanks again for a great night of entertainment! I remembered some and I forgot some.... ;D )

Signal has come up nicely, but best by far in LSB. Too much QRM on USB.
Song Man singer
0033 UTC Man announcer with ID, into UNID tune man singer

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 AM 2322 UTC 31 Jan 2015
« on: January 31, 2015, 2326 UTC »
Tuned in at 2322 UTC and caught the Andy Walker opening announcement as Part 5 of Before They Were Famous...Channel Z, into song from 1960
Thanks Channel Z! I missed the earlier part of this program the last time out :)
2330 UTC "I Love Running Away" (This is where I came in last time!)
Solid S8/S9 here, great audio with some selective fading
2339 UTC ID, email address, QSL info
2340 UTC "I'm A Man" version with John Lodge on Bass (Moody Blues)
2352 UTC Andy Walker with "Roll Call" ;D ;D ;D

Thanks again for the Part 5 Channel Z and Andy Walker!!!

Nice signal here above the noise at 2312 UTC with UNID tune
2320 UTC Man announcer....
0014 UTC Man announcer with ID's, then CW

Thanks for tip Chris...fair to good audio amidst the noise with a 50's tune at 2216 UTC tune in.
2223 UTC Signal dropped down or OFF? Nothing but a weak carrier here now :(

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID, 6925.7 AM, 1-31-15 1830Z
« on: January 31, 2015, 1910 UTC »
Here also at 1904 UTC with nice audio mostly above the daytime noise floor. UNID rock tune peaking up to S7
Carrier came up suddenly, then music. Signal varying widely amidst the noise
1911 UTC OFF

On suddenly at 1347 UTC with an instrumental techno tune, into a song I call the *"Maxwell House Dance tune"...sounds like a techno coffee pot perking to the beat ;D
1353 UTC A different instrumental techno dance tune...
6934.4 KHZ AM with excellent audio...S3-S5 signal and some deep fades into the noise.
1357 UTC Same music as at 1347 repeated.
1402 UTC OFF

*I think the name of this song might be "Popcorn"
Per Wikipedia music clips, the opening music is "Alex F"-Crazy Frog, and the second song is "Popcorn"-Hot Butter. I guess the song at 1353 UTC will have to be Shazam'd later....

Thanks for the xmtr test whoever you are....sounds good!

EDIT:Thanks JFarley! Seems this has been logged a few times over the last couple years. Sooo...I guess the first 2 songs are Crazy Frog remixes and the last one is an original. Uhhh...QSL sil vous plait?

Late logging here...recorded the last 4 minutes of this...tuned in at 0031 UTC to an UNID song, 0034 UTC with "Insane Radio" ID loop, then a descending speed ID and OFF at 0035 UTC. Signal was at best S4 here, much of it above the noise. Haven't heard IR in quite a while here!

QSLs Received / BZN Radio eQSL
« on: January 31, 2015, 1231 UTC »
A pleasant surprise in my email inbox this morning! Thanks "Band With No Name" Radio :) This was in response to my posting on the HFU for the Christmas program. Happy to get this as I had accidently recorded over my tape of the program :)

S9+10 here with excellent audio at 2331 UTC. Professional interview about pirate radio....sounds like a favorable one :)
Carrier frequency about 6975.2 KHZ...some selective fading
2344 UTC I believe that was a Hobart Radio Int'l ID in there!
2348 UTC More ID's and email address
2351 UTC Played a bit of the Bangalore Poacher IS and #s
2353 UTC ID, then man announcer
2356 UTC Clip of Borderhunter Radio
2357 UTC ID
0002 UTC QSL at hriradio@gmail.com
0005 UTC Clip of KIPM
0011 UTC ID, then clip of RNI and info, including audio from the boarding of the ship by officials
0019 UTC Song "We are the pirate station"
0022 UTC Sounded like somebody jamming the frequency....loud! Gone after about a minute or so
0024 UTC Nope, the noise is still there, but not as bad...
0026 UTC ID, short musical bit, then the famous phrase....
0027 UTC OFF

S8 here at 2219 UTC UNID tune with a driving bass beat.
2221 UTC OFF (no ID given but same audio as WMID before)

Here also at 2204 UTC with audio fading in and out of noise level.
2205 UTC Man announcer, but tough copy. Fading pattern sounds European
Too much noise, peskie QRM and static crashes here for copy. Carrier at fairly good level though.

Just caught the end of this at 2101 UTC with good signal above the noise. Carrier a slight bit off of 6886.7 KHZ AM. Last bit of UNID music, then man announcer with "WMID...WMID...John T Arthur's second favorite radio station". (Man has a slight regional US accent!).

Fair signal amidst heavy noise and very loud peskie on LSB bleeding over into USB here at 0018 UTC tune in. UNID music, man announcer at 0020 UTC with ID sounding like Radio Molotov into another UNID song.
0024 UTC Signal picked up above the noise with another UNID song-S5 here now
0028 UTC Interval Signal? :) Followed by UNID rock tune
0035 UTC UNID song sounding like a punk/thrash tune
(Are these songs all from the same group? I googled Molotov and they're a Mexican group)
0037 UTC Hmmm...now men are chanting something like "DA DA Da"
(Some eclectic tuneage I'm hearing tonight)
0039 UTC Man talk intro ending with a "Yee Ha", into a rock tune with a heavy bass line
0043 UTC Rap tune en espanol
0047 UTC Man said something in Spanish, into a Heavy Rock tune
0052 UTC Man announcer with ID "XLR8-Accelerate"
Hmmm...is this the same station? ???
0057 UTC The music playing now would go well with a good Carlos Castenenda book!
0059 UTC "Sunshine of Your Love"-Cream (Now I'm in safe territory!)
0104 UTC Reggae tune Man singer
0107 UTC ID by man announcer "X-L-R-8....accelerate", then OFF

This came up on a google search... www.radiomolotov.blogspot.com
Maybe related somehow? Anyway, thanks for the show XLR8 op! Had us guessing on this one tonight 8)

EDIT: The clip posted by S. McArdle clearly says..."and now for some real Molotov". The ID at 0020 UTC has a 6 or 7 note IS with man announcer saying "Radio Molotov".

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