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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid on 6.935U at 0340U
« on: August 03, 2014, 1244 UTC »
Thanks for the info Chris L! I hope they play some more of these programs in the future! Superbly produced and great entertainment. I checked out the North American Pirate Hall of Fame and read the article just now and I guess I missed out on some great pirate programming during my 24 years away from shortwave listening....I wonder if Alan Maxwell is still around?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid on 6.935U at 0340U
« on: August 03, 2014, 1155 UTC »
Tuned into this after I had shut off my PC for the night! S9 at 0408 UTC with great audio. A story with background music about a Dr. Peters and a glowing polyhedron...stream of consciousness..."black vault of the cosmos...immortal...needed no nourishment" Basically a story about the Energy beings of pure force and one of them created life in their laboratory and it escaped into the galaxy..."Leprous with the disease of life"...the Force beings spun off the outer part of the galaxy to escape the Life, but imprisoned the one who created it in a polyhedron of frozen force for eternity. Of course, Dr. Peters (I think!) opened it up and it was free once again, but not before creating a temporary glitch on earth, blotting out the sun for awhile, etc. Man announcer mentioned "Voyage of the Illuminati" by Alan Maxwell at the end of the program and that correspondence was welcome to PO Box 69 Elcorn, NE 68022. Off at 0431 UTC.
(I was dead tired while listening to this, but couldn't go to sleep until I heard the whole thing! Fascinating work of the imagination..wonder if that PO Box is still working? Thanks to whoever broadcast this program!!!)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6900.45 AM 0305 UTC
« on: August 03, 2014, 0319 UTC »
Been listening since 0309 UTC and signal is at threshold level with brief moments of music...can't make out a thing though. Maybe a Euro?
Solid carrier, but modulation seems low.
0324 UTC Signal coming up a bit now...I hear a mournful folk type ballad by man singer
0331 UTC I hear people talking and laughing now, but nada on the copy
(Can't stay awake any longer...maybe somebody can ID this? Another mystery!)
0338 UTC Signal up again...UNID folk tune with harmony vocals
Calling it quits...another acoustic folk tune at 0044 UTC with guitar and harmony vocals. Thanks for the show tonight whoever you are! :)

0241 UTC S7 here with song by lady singer...sounds like Mariah Carey or somebody of that genre...R&B/Rap
0245 UTC Rap tune followed by silence
0251 UTC Another UNID rap tune...Who Dat...followed by more silence!

Tuned in just in time to catch Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) at 0213 UTC with S7 and great audio!
0218 UTC Fleetwood Mac-Freedom
0222 UTC A hard rocking tune...live?
0226 UTC Northwoods Radio ID by Man op...email address, loon cry then some CW...then off.
Caught the tail end of the show I guess! Was listening to the Captain on 6924.1 tonight...thanks for the Neil Young...love that song both acoustic and electric versions! :)

S9 here at 0132 UTC tune-in with excellent audio "All Along the Watchtower"-Jimi Hendrix. Several xmsn breaks.
0135 UTC Twilight Zone theme music
0136 UTC "With a Little Help From My Friends"-Beatles
0138 UTC Superstition/Twilight Zone theme music
0139 UTC "Nowhere Man"-Beatles
0141 UTC "All Along the Watchtower"-Jimi Hendrix (Good song to repeat! :) )
0145 UTC "Silly Love Songs"-Paul McCartney & Wings
0151 UTC "Hotel California"-Eagles
0157 UTC Several "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave" ID's, then off abruptly
Ooops, back up again with "Revolution"-Beatles
0201 UTC Old News clip...Paul Harvey...good day!
0206 UTC "Nowhere Man"-Beatles (one more time! ;)
0208 UTC "Secret Agent Man"-Johnny Rivers
0211 UTC OFF (for real this time!)

Thanks for the tunes tonight Captain! Hope to hear you again sometime... :)

Thanks for the shoutout at 0023 UTC Frans! :) Been listening over the last half hour and signal had improved greatly....now at S7 and well above the noise floor here with some interesting techno dance tunes.
(If I heard your answer correctly to my email question about my UNID on 6305 KHZ last night after you had closed down, then it was another station?Hmmm..
OFF at 0100ish UTC...Thanks for the entertainment tonight...always nice to hear Borderhunter here in the USA! :)

Too tired to post this last night.
Killer signal here at 0242 UTC tune in, "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's in progress and hit the sack at 0352 UTC during "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. Awesome S9+ clean, clear audio with occasional fades down to S5, but mostly well above the noise floor. Great tunes and a tip of the hat to the op! Wish I could have stayed awake...different musical format tonight! Nice to hear Green Grass & High Tides and that song by Nirvana that I never knew the name of ( thanks Rafman...you pretty much covered it all :) ) Hope to hear more of Generation Wild 100 here in the future....how about an email address for reports and comments? 8)

« on: August 02, 2014, 0305 UTC »
"1st ever eqsl when using sdr transceiver" per op!!! Thank you very much Radio Ga-ga! Very happy to get this for my radio room pirate wall of fame! ;D

I'm hearing music at threshold level here at 0127 UTC with pesky QRM on LSB. Can't make out the tune, too much static and too little signal! Possibly AM, but not sure. Still going as of 0132 UTC
0137 UTC "Stand"-Sly & The Family Stone
0145 UTC "Marrakesh Express"-Crosby, Stills, & Nash
0148 UTC "Mercedes Benz"-Janis Joplin
0150 UTC "Once In A Lifetime"-Talking Heads
0155 UTC ?Caught In the Crossfire-Stevie Ray Vaughn?
0202 UTC ID..."This is Radio Gaga", then OFF
(Thanks for the entertainment tonight! Tough copy with all the T-storm static, but always well received!)

I'm hearing something weak, but steady amidst the static on 6305 since 0105 UTC with pop tunes, man announcer at 0110 UTC, followed by "Where Do You Go To My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt. (Borderhunter was on this frequency earlier with a much stronger signal....)

(Frans on air reply tonight about this UNID posting from last night was that it was another station and that he had closed down earlier...I think that's what he said ???)

(Along with a very nice full data eQSL, the following was received! I thought I would share this one...the first names of the ops have been omitted from the end of the letter just in case...don't want to compromise such a fine operation from across the pond!!!)
Dear Chris,

Thanks a lot for your mail and report regarding Sunday June 15th 2014 when we did a repeat of the evening broadcast one week earlier. During that evening broadcast conditions were unstable and far from good making us decide to do it all over again one week later.
The 15th June BC started later in the evening, at 20:00 hours CEST and ended just after 02:00 CEST. For both transmissions we received a good number of reports from all corners of Europe and beyond (USA). Many listeners reported fair/good reception in their area. On the 15th June FRS-Holland was ‘only’ active on one channel being 9301 kHz/31 metres whereas the week before FRS was on 7700 kHz (our main channel) as well (in parallel with 9301 kHz). Because the 15th June BC ended in the nightly hours, listeners in North America were able to tune in to FRS, sometimes with good results. All in all we are pleased by the postive response and encouraging comments!
I have enclosed our standard QSL as a separate pdf file. A high quality printed hard copy of our QSL has a different (better looking) back side and is of course much more desirable compared with the e-QSL. Anyway, it’s of course up to each listener what he prefers…

In the mean time FRS has lauched a new series of QSL cards entitled ‘FRS Through the Years’. This series consists of a number of different QSLs showing objects which played a vital role in our 30+ year history. Although we realize that an e-mail report is a quick and easy way in reporting, we feel  that a ‘letter’ report to our mailbox (POB 2702) is a more ‘charming’ and personal way.

Reception from your side seemed to be fine looking at your mail. Also good to know that you were so positive about the audio, I’m sure that our tx engineer will be delighted! In most areas of Europe listeners reported fair/good reception.
Certainly it was a thrill to do a full evening broadcast. As you perhaps won’t know FRS normally operates on Sunday mornings/ afternoons. We started life back in August 1980 making us almost 34 years. Yes…we have a long (and interesting!) history lying behind us. And I sincerely hope we will be able to continue for some time…
Thanks Chris for your nice comments, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you on the other side of the Atlantic.. It was your first FRS reception I can read. Our current team consists of a number of enthusiast and experienced SW FR presenters…most of them were already active on SW in the 1980s either with their own station or on another SW FR station.  
If you are interested in our history…you can obtain a hard-copy of our specially produced ‘30 Years of FRS-Holland’ booklet (24 pages, in colour!). Send 5 euro/ 7 US dollars to FRSH, POBox 2702, 6049 BE Herten, the Netherlands. A very interesting read is guaranteed!!
I have added your mail address to our mail listing….in future you will be automatically receive an informative mail prior to a FRS broadcast.
I surfed to the http://www.hfunderground.com/ site, great you added  your report and thus made a bit of promotion for us. I will compile an item about the hfunderground.com site for a future edition of FRS goes DX, our DX show. I’m sure may Euro listeners will like to hear the info about hfunderground.

The next FRS broadcast will take place either late August (another evening broadcast) or in the 2nd half of October. The latter will be our traditional start of a new season. Remember: FRS always transmits on a Sunday.

Solid S9 here since 0015 UTC tune in seemingly spot on 6950 USB with great audio! Very soothing spacey instrumental music...possibly one long song until 0028 UTC? Music ended at 0036+ UTC, Carrier off at 0038+ UTC.
Thanks for the show tonight! One of these days, I'll actually hear an ID!!! :)

Heard briefly here at 2143 UTC between deep fades with a shoutout to Evil Elvis followed by email address for reception reports, then an UNID song. Techno beat heard at 2146 UTC but signal disappeared completely into the noise floor by 2150 UTC. T-Storms in the area, so I disconneced the antenna!

Fading in above the noise floor with some really nice S5 peaks since 2313 UTC tune in. Lots of static bursts from local T-Storms though. Mixed bag of polkas, European dance/pop tunes. No announcer heard until 2342 UTC just before an UNID folk/pop tune. Nice to hear you again Borderhunter! It's been awhile...  :)
Fairly steady S5 here since with regular talk between tunes. Ahhh, one I recognize at 2357 UTC..."Ring of Fire"-Johnny Cash!
As darkness descends here in Western Massachusetts, the signal is pushing S7 now with great audio at 0002 UTC (Men at Work-"The Land Down Under)....ahhh, now we are back to polka time!!! ;)
OFF at 0011 UTC

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