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General Radio Discussion / Re: Earliest DX Memories?
« on: May 10, 2014, 1946 UTC »
Thanks Muskrat! The side of the hobby that we don't see in the station logs, the technical advice, and the QSL reports is the one most overlooked, the listeners themselves and their stories of how radio impacted their life. Another thing that has been missing since I took a leave of absence (for 24 years!) from shortwave listening, is the station programming critiques that could be found in Glenn Hauser's RIB back in the 1980's. Again, thanks for sharing the memories! Maybe I'll take a shot at it some time...

Fair reception here just above the noise level at 0021 UTC on about 6240.1 KHZ with "Radar Love"-Golden Earring. Lots of T-Storm noise!

Off about 0108 UTC. Thanks for trying to punch a hole in the noise tonight RE! If it ain't the propagation, it's the weather....nice selection of tunes tonight. Come back again soon!

For the last half hour or so, I've been getting the weak carrier. At 0052 UTC I'm getting very weak music just barely above the noise floor...can't tell what's playing. Strange prop tonight....an M5.2 solar flare happend UTC May 8 at 1007 UTC and the NOAA aurora pic is an angry orange tonight!
0102 UTC Hard to tell, but I think I hear a techno pop beat under all the noise!
0115 UTC...I quit....too much of the placebo effect here!

Other / Re: Unid 6947.5 (Carrier) 2323 6 May 2014
« on: May 09, 2014, 0019 UTC »
High speed data transmission or something like that on tonight (May 9, 2014 UTC) around this frequency... S9 +20... not just an open carrier like my May 6th reception of this. Hard to measure exact frequency! Since tune-in at 0015 UTC and still going at 0030 UTC. I used the RTTY filter on the NRD-515 and I guess it's on about 6747 KHZ.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Earliest DX Memories?
« on: May 08, 2014, 2122 UTC »
Hey Muskrat...post the whole story! I'm 59 now and have some stories of my own....radio listening is more than just loggings and QSL's. For some it's an obsession, others a passion. Sometimes the distinction between the two are a matter of semantics! For those that have kept at it for a lifetime...well, it's a lifestyle! Technical talk and bragging rights are all right, but how we fit our hobby into the real world is the part that is sadly lacking. Great story!

Heard last night just before hitting the sack at 0134 UTC as an UNID with barely audible signal buried in the noise...reception last night pretty bad! Tried for a few more minutes, but couldn't even make out what songs were being played. Hopefully prop will be better next time!

Fair signal on 6925 USB above the noise here at 0014 UTC with "The Weight"-The Band, into "You Really Got Me"-Kinks
0019 UTC Man announcer with ID...."XLR8", into techno dance tune...0022 UTC Electronica sounds. I agree...Nice audio!
0032 UTC Off after ID given twice
(Hey XLR8 op....how about an email address? Thanks for the show!)

Here also at 0004 UTC with Soviet Anthem in progress, sign on announcements by DJ Dick Weed who says no assistant Stephen tonight....solo! Into tune by the Black Keys. S9 here and great USB audio!
0110 UTC Close down announcement and off, then a short time after that an attempt at QSO with "If anybody's out there please respond". ?
I enjoyed the music tonight DJ Dw! Thanks for the email too...yes, it's a good tradition!

Other / Re: Unid 6947.5 (Carrier) 2323 6 May 2014
« on: May 06, 2014, 2340 UTC »
It's been there since at least 2245 UTC....

Listening here since 2253 UTC on 6925.1 KHZ with Channel Z and Andy Walker. Excellent S9 signal here with minor fading...very listenable tonight! Thanks for the show Z! Clean clear audio.... :)
Off at 2337 UTC

Fairly good signal here at 0011 UTC tune-in with man announcer thanking Dr. Rock for stopping in, then ID's as PBS Underground, then ID'd next song as "Down With the Sickness"-Disturbed.
0025 UTC Playing the Allman Brothers-"Jessica" with clean clear audio here!
0028 UTC "Who Are You"-The Who (Thanks for the shoutout during the song!!! That was really unique!)
Man announcer with ID, mentions of HFU, Pirate Radio Cafe, email address, more shoutouts (THANKS!) then off at 0034 UTC
(Thanks for the show tonight! Not much happening on Monday nights around here!) :)
Now if I can figure out the email address given....I hate selective fading  :'(

« on: May 05, 2014, 2110 UTC »
Thank you very much Island Radio op!!! :) I love the graphics on this and I believe it's my first QSL from Ireland since Radio Dublin in the 1980's! Also special thanks to Irish Paul for help with the proper email address!

Just above the noise floor here at 0029 UTC with "Heat of the Moment", into "Stop the World and Melt With You"at 0031 UTC. Fading tonight...maybe S3-S4 at peaks. Clean audio though!
0139 UTC Signal a bit better now during "The Waiting" by Tom Petty
0142 UTC Poet with ID

Killer signal here at 0059 UTC with spacey tune, 0101 UTC Dick Weed with ID and chat, into techno pop tune at 0102 UTC
{Funny thing...I was tuned in to 6925 KHZ where there was a huge open carrier at 0038 UTC, intermittant tuning pips or switching noises at 0041, then 0043 UTC, some very brief audio and man saying something...then off. When I checked out HFU, RFW sign on at 0041 on 6945....maybe the 6925 was Undercover Radio making adjustments to the xmtr!}
0118 UTC DJ Dick Weed says this is the "Mentholyptus Tribute Show".... now that's cool... :-*
0138 UTC Signal down a bit with fading now...band noise creeping in a bit too, but still well above the noise!
(Did a quick check of the Euro band and then TCS and when I got back to RFW at 0145 they were gone!) Thanks for the ongoing entertainment Dick Weed and Stephen...can always depend on you for something to listen to!)

S8 signal here at 0013 UTC tune in with man announcer... "Esta es Radio Cinco de Mayo"... gave email address, into SP tune.
My first reception of this one!  :) Some really lively Mariachi music playing now with an audience, so I assume a live tune. Feel like I'm down in Guadalajara!
0021 UTC Man announcer with ID, into some more lively SP music....love that horn!
0024 UTC Man announcer with ID in SP and email address, into lively Spanish tune....off abrupt at 0026 UTC

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