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QSLs Received / Re: WAZU E-QSL
« on: February 10, 2015, 2346 UTC »
Also received here yesterday in reply to a report to wazushortwave@gmail.com
Thank you very much Fearless Fred :)

Carrier noted with fair strength at 2330 UTC. 2333 UTC brings some threshold audio rising above the noise with tentative Dutch music, into ballad man singer at 2338ish UTC. Tough copy...
2343 UTC Sounds like Johnny Cash now....the carrier is actually very good, but signal is sounding undermodulated.....
2354 UTC As I suspected...our good friend Abu Dhabi :)
Signal is a lot better now with fair copy here. Seems to be ID'ing with something different today...hmm...didn't quite make out what  ???
 :)Listened back on the recording and our friend is ID'ing just like the old days...Black Bandit!
Noticed it was gone around 0022 UTC, and found he had moved to 6298 AM with a much better signal at 0023 UTC with "The Old Man Down the Road"-John Fogerty
OFF at 0041 UTC after a "political commentary" and music lady singer

Huh? / Re: Hey Al, someone is sending CW messages
« on: February 10, 2015, 2336 UTC »
The Soft Parade has now begun.....

It's 0150 UTC and I just came in from shoveling Mother Natures latest bounty ;D I just tuned to the 6919.7 AM but I'm not getting anything :( I get a show dedicated to me and I'm out having fun making snowbanks)...I don't know if you're still on as of this time, but I'm setting my butt down for the rest of the evening! Thanks DJ LT! I think the signal is indeed skipping over me. Anybody have this recorded they can post somewhere for me to hear? :)

Broiled chicken strips in gravy with stuffing and croissant rolls with real butter ;)

Getting a telltale carrier on 6919.7 KHZ, so somebody else is getting all the signal. Sometimes it sucks being in the "Skip" zone ::)
0230 UTC Still getting a weak carrier and tantalizing hints of placebo audio....if it's that thump thump dance music...well, I'm only getting one thump!

Here at 2320 UTC with huge carrier on 6885.6ish KHZ AM, IS consisting of the opening verse of "The Crystal Ship"-Doors alternating with "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum", into an operatic anthem of sorts sung by man at 2322 UTC.
2324 UTC UNID rock tune
2329 UTC Hmmm...same as at 2320 UTC repeated (IS, Opera song....)
Well, have to leave the cassette recorder running while I shovel the snow >:()

Assumed this that came back on with "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"-Rolling Stones at 0118 UTC tune in, into a very distorted "Soft Parade"-Doors. Off abruptly during the song. ???

S9+10 here on 6940U at 2353 UTC tune in :)

2309 UTC with S5 amidst lots of band noise here with "Touch and Go"-Cars

Here also at 2301 UTC with Talking Heads..fading in and out with S3 peaks
2304 UTC Signal disappeared, then back up at 2307 UTC

Very interesting post Chris! After I had turned off my PC, I was still listening to X-FM on 6950 and Redhat was playing "A Girl Like You"-Smithereens, and there was some seemingly co-channel QRM around 0422 UTC. Switching to LSB I had just the Smithereens, but by fine tuning on USB both "A Girl Like You" and "Money For Nothing" could be heard mixing together. The time I wrote down on my notes was 0424 UTC for when the QRM stopped, so maybe our clocks aren't in sync. I thought it might have been something on X-FM's side. Hmmm

I neglected to log this yesterday. My first Irish Church Station! Heard from 1803-1806 UTC on 27640.8 KHZ(That's what I wrote down). I'm pretty certain it was AM, but I used USB to listen due to some annoying hets. Seemed to just disappear at 1806 UTC. This is an interesting area of DXing that I would like to explore a bit further!

« on: February 08, 2015, 1551 UTC »
Was very pleased to find a nice letter and QSL today in my inbox for my reception report of yesterdays broadcast heard directly here on 6950 KHZ! Thanks Cap'n Denny...love the graphics! Nice signal for 400 watts from Italy :)

Just came in from running errands and I'm getting a very solid S7 signal here with minor fading. Man announcer at 1443 UTC mentioning that he was closing down, into "Eyes Without A Face"-Billy Idol, then at 1446 UTC a Chris Montez song I think is called "Happy Organ". Off after song without ID at 1449 UTC
(Whoever you were I you were putting in a great signal here with excellent audio!) Thanks :)

Here also at S7 with nice audio at 0312 UTC Hmmm...only one station has this kind of quality audio
0316 UTC "London Calling"-The Clash
0319 UTC ID "X-FM" and chat about dragging the shortwave equipment out after the AM low power test...opened the show with "Never Say Never"-Romeo Void...shoutouts to the HFU posters...never go's out so never get's sick...got a cold that knocked him on his ass...plug for HFU and Free Radio Cafe..."
0324 UTC C-Quam jingle, then into an UNID tune
0335 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Redhat! I switched over to this posting column...
0344 UTC "Saved By Zero"-The Fixx
Signal strength had been a steady S7 here with minor ups and downs and a little selective fading. Wide audio as usual!
0403 UTC Live TC as "3 minutes after"...all the beer is gone...shoutouts to all of us on the HFU...emails...into another song...

Thanks for the show Mr. Redhat! It's time to hit the sack here....been at the radio since 2130 UTC and my ears are shot! You take care of that cold now! Nice shot of blackberry brandy might make ya feel better :)

0208 UTC tune in to a fair signal marred by noise level with a little C&W finger picking music
0209 UTC Man with live intro to another finger picking fiddle playing bluegrass tune
0212 UTC Same description as 0209 UTC!
Sounds like a live concert recording of some good bluegrass music!
0218 UTC ID by man announcer..."You are listening to Radio Appalachia...", into more bluegrass tunage
0224 UTC More bluegrass music (wish I knew more about this music besides Allison Kraus and maybe Flatt & Scruggs)
0226 UTC Some nice old boys with harmony vocals
0228 UTC ID by man announcer..."You are listening to Radio Appalachia, the free voice of the Ohio Valley.....", into something about a farm or barn...finest contruction???
0231 UTC More music now, then some old boys talking
0233 UTC Now more finger picking banjo man singer
0235 UTC More live bluegrass with man intro to song...
(I think this is all the same artists here playing live?)
0240 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You are listening to Radio Appalachia, the Free Voice of the Ohio Valley....???" Then a Three Stooges Clip ;D
0241 UTC Another live intro by man singer bluegrass tune
0244 UTC A slow familiar sounding mournful tune with harmonica and piano  and man singer with harmony vocals(sounded like Amazing Grace)
0249 UTC Another slow ballad with harmony vocals and slow picking
0253 UTC Slow gospel tune with lady singer and steel guitar(June Carter Cash?)
0256 UTC Another ballad by lady singer
0259 UTC Song with man talking intro into slow ballad Lady singer
0301 UTC OFF after the last song

Thanks for the down home music RA guy! Wish I knew the music and the artists you played, but I guess I'm just an old city boy.... :)
Signal varied from S5 with nice audio down to S2 and in the noise, but mostly above the noise and good copy 8)

QSL's greatly appreciated to:Chris Bagge
                                          74 Pinta Circle
                                          Springfield, MA

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