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General Radio Discussion / Re: WW II antenna
« on: January 23, 2015, 1648 UTC »
Here's a couple of pics of some vintage WW2 direction finders made by Stewart Warner. The first one is the BC470D and the second one is the BC1003. I wonder if they could be retrofitted with SDR technology?

S5 peaks here at 2316 UTC tune in on 6305 KHZ AM with a 50's Rockabilly tune
2318 UTC Instrumental tune-Dutch?
2322 UTC C&W tune-Lady Singer (Good signal but moderate noise and fading here)
2325 UTC Polka
2336 UTC Nice Steel Guitar tune!
2338 UTC Anushka, bring me another  ;D

Abu Dhabi, are you watching the postings? Still a nice signal here while I eat my dinner!
0039 UTC "Abu Dhabi Radio"

s3 peskie interf. "Have a peanutbutter sandwich " at 0011

Darn, I missed a good song!!!! ;D

Signal came up through the noise at 0014 UTC with UNID music. Peskie QRM and loud static crashes making for tough copy here...best on LSB and frequency seems to be closer to 6924.1 KHZ.
0029 UTC Nondescript music with a man voiceover, into a parody of "I've Just Seen A Face" at 0030 UTC
0036 UTC Man talking over music but I can't copy with the peskie QRM :(
0040 UTC Carrier gone abruptly

 Thanks whoever!

I will be sure not to underestimate you in the future Andre! ;D

QSLs Received / RE:Radio GaGa "the original pescadore" eQSL
« on: January 20, 2015, 2309 UTC »
Thanks GaGa!!! Nice catch too!  :)

Just a carrier here since 0102 UTC but no detectable audio...carrier gone sometime around 0110 UTC.

QSLs Received / Re: The Crystal Ship "Flower Power Show" eQSL
« on: January 20, 2015, 0100 UTC »
Received here also...thanks JP! Where have all the flowers gone?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 0036 UTC 20Jan15
« on: January 20, 2015, 0041 UTC »
Here also but very weak at 0039 UTC tune in. It does sound like Martin Luther King speaking!
The peskie on LSB is bleeding over into the USB here, but I can hear the crowd giving attestation during the speech. Kudos to the op on this whoever you are!
0049 UTC CW
0052 UTC OFF?

2345 UTC S9 here with "Let The Sunshine"-5th Dimension (In progress at tune in)
2346 UTC "Let's Live For Today"-Grassroots (My first rock concert-1970)
2350 UTC "If You're Going to San Francisco"-Scott McKenzie
2353 UTC JP with friendly statement about the FCC :), ID with clip of "White Rabbit", into
"Itchycoo Park"-Small Faces
2356 UTC "Along Comes Mary"-Association
2359 UTC "Eight Miles High"-Byrds
0002 UTC "Journey to the Center of the Mind"-Amboy Dukes (Ted says he never did drugs...hmmm...the album cover depicts bongs :o)
0006 UTC JP mentions "JT Arthur...The Crystal Ship...TCS shortwave relay network, into
"White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane
0009 UTC "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"-Electric Prunes
0012 UTC "Incense and Peppermint"-Strawberry Alarm Clock (Does anybody remember the movie "Pysch-Out with a young Jack Nicholson and soundtrack by the SAC?)
0015 UTC "Venus"-Shocking Blue
0018 UTC Audio clip of some movie..."Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out"....TCS shortwave relay network"
0019 UTC "What Condition My Condition Is In"-First Edition (Starring Hippy Kenny 8))
0022 UTC "Pictures of Matchstick Men"-Status Quo
0026 UTC "Green Tambourine"-Lemon Pipers
0029 UTC "Hair"-Cowsills
0032 UTC PSA for "NORML", into "Time of the Season"-Zombies
0035 UTC "Happy Together"-Turtles
0039 UTC "For Your Love"-Yardbirds (I think Eric Clapton played on this track)
0041 UTC "Bus Stop"-Hollies
0044 UTC ID...PSA for "I'm A Democrat"...even John T Arthur can't resist listening to the Crystal Ship...Donner Pass Diner..."there's no sin in loving nature"
0048 UTC "All You Need Is Love"-Beatles
0051 UTC "Groovy Kind of Love"-Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
0054 UTC ID, then "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison
0057 UTC "Come On Down to My Boat Baby"-Every Mothers Son
0100 UTC ????????? ("For Pete's Sake"-Monkees.....thanks JP and Google!)
0102 UTC "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"-Peter, Paul, and Mary
0105 UTC ID..."You are tuned to the Crystal Ship on the TCS shortwave relay network"...email address for QSL... tcsshortwave@gmail.com ...(what is the name of that folksy pirate sounding ditty?)
0107 UTC "We Want the Airwaves"-Ramones
0110 UTC Dragnet clip, the OFF

Finally got the whole show without the band going long on me!!! Thanks JP....been trying to get this for awhile. Hmmm, what was the name of that song at 0100 UTC and who is the artist?

QSLs Received / CHANNEL Z Beacon eQSL
« on: January 18, 2015, 1640 UTC »
Thanks Z!!! My first beacon QSL :)

Other / UNID 6919 KHZ LSB 0330 UTC JAN 18, 2015
« on: January 18, 2015, 0334 UTC »
I'm hearing weak music at 0330 UTC
0035 UTC "Hotel California"-Eagles
Signal started to weaken near the end of Hotel California...after that I could make out music, but nada on the copy. Signal completely gone after 0054 UTC.
Thanks for the broadcast whoever you were! :)

Seems to be playing a loop of some instrumental music
0146 UTC I'm hearing some thump thump now. Weak fluttery signal
The thump thump may have been the Link-11 ute. Maybe moved to 6950USB?
Hearing some Jimi Hendrix lead guitar at 0154 UTC and that damn Habana spur is QRMing
0201 UTC "Old Mexico"-Merle Haggard
0205 UTC "The Rain Song"-Led Zeppelin
0212 UTC COOLAM jingle!, then a bluesy rock tune
0222 UTC CoolAM ID, email address

Great program tonight! Didn't know CoolAM could rock this hard! :)
Thanks for the program CoolAM and relayer!

Here also at 0110 UTC with White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane at S6. SSTV at 0012 UTC
0114 UTC "Man of Constant Sorrow", into SSTV at 0017 UTC
0033 UTC Song with a killer lead guitar lick intro!

Here also at 0004 UTC with same program that was on 6875.8 KHZ earlier. S7 with fades on this frequency

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