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Back again at 0144 UTC tune in on 6925 USB...signal a little better!
0150 UTC OFF

Here also at 0058 UTC tune in with familiar voice of Friendly Overlord just above the noise floor and static at S5. Can copy little bits here and there, but overall tough with the noise.
0105 UTC I can hear brief bits of music, then Niavi and FO talking. Pesc on 6925 LSB is bleeding through a bit.
0107 UTC SciFi sounding music with talkover...
0113 UTC OMCS ID and OFF
( Thanks for the program OMCS...my alteration is in remission, but the PU has once again blocked your xmsn >:( )

Thanks for the shoutout Sluwe Vos! My first decent reception of the "Sly Fox" here! I will send you a formal report later after I have dinner and listen back on the recording!  :)

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: 13690 KHz ON-air
« on: July 24, 2014, 2126 UTC »
Tuned in at 2116 UTC to a techno-dance tune on 13690 KHZ. Signal is fair with deep fades.
2121 UTC Man announcer with talk for about a minute...will have to listen back on the recording later.
2122 UTC Techno music again, with Man announcer talking, then music again. Hello Sluwe Vos!
2130 UTC Signal fading in just above the noise with an UNID Non-dance tune that I can't identify.
2133 UTC Man announcer, then another techno dance song
2137 UTC Man announcer talking during song...I heard something about the "United States"!, then back into techno music
2144 UTC Man announcer said something about Italia?, short bit of music, then OFF at 2145 UTC
(Thanks for the show Sluwe Vos! I'll have to listen back on the tape recording to see if I can get some details for a report...tough copy here with the fading, but at times the signal was up above the noise!)

Other / Re: Nonsense on 14313 USB
« on: July 23, 2014, 2300 UTC »
Seems like the Feds decided to put an end to the "nonsense"! Check out the link below and scroll down to "Texts". Hmmm...animal noises?

Music on abrupt at 0040 UTC with S5 signal over low noise floor....0045 UTC Reggae tune...missed the XLR8 ID...thanks PghScanner
0134 UTC (Been listening for almost an hour now and signal is steady over the min noise tonight...negligible fading here. Playing a genre of songs not usually characteristic of the XLR8 programs I've logged this year! Much appreciated XLR8 op!) :)

Huh? / Re: What to Do with a Failed $5 Billion Experiment?
« on: July 22, 2014, 2242 UTC »
Personally, I'd prefer jazz fusion  8)

Strong open carrier at 0057 UTC, into opening announcements and Cool AM Radio at 0101 UTC, followed by instrumental tune "Monkey Dance"-Ricky King(Thanks Andre!)
0109 UTC Sweet Hitchhiker-CCR
0113 UTC Signal dropped from S9+10 to S4 during the Rock & Roll tune that started at 0112 UTC...back up to S9 at 0117 UTC
0120 UTC ID..."This is Cool AM Radio", into "Lust For Life"-Iggy Pop & The Stooges
0129 UTC "Substitute"-The Who
0132 UTC Cool AM ID and "Send your reception reports to coolamradio@hotmail.com
0133 UTC "Set Me Free"-Kinks
0138 UTC "Needles and Pins"-Searchers
0143 UTC "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"-Eric Burdon & Animals
0145 UTC "Come Together"-Beatles
0150 UTC "Bang A Gong"-T Rex
0159 UTC "We are at the end of the program"....several Cool AM ID jingles and email address..."Thanks for listening"...off at 0201 UTC
{Thanks for the entertainment tonight Andre! Thanks for the relay PRB!}
(Signal dropped off a bit near the end but picked back up)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6925 0200z 7/21/14
« on: July 21, 2014, 0206 UTC »
Fair signal peaking at S5 above the noise mostly here at 0203 UTC tune in with DJ Dickweed and Stavin chatting, into song "Bad Habits". Followed by Everyday's Just Another Rainy Day". Seems to be a bit of band noise tonight even though the sun is still flatlining!

Tuned in to an S9+ killer signal here with some minor selective fading at 0137 UTC Medley of Honky Tonk Woman, China Girl, Big Old Jet Airliner
0143 UTC "Night Moves"-Bob Seger
0147 UTC UNID funky tune by man singer segueing into "Cover of the Rolling Stone"-Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show then "Margaritaville"-Jimmy Buffett parody
0157 UTC ID "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave", into "Brandy"-Looking Glass
0200 UTC OFF

Just tuned in at 0043 UTC to an S9 signal here...new station for me! Folk tune playing...
0045 UTC Man announcer with "songs you never heard before on the radio" and ID... "This is Hard Tack Radio and we can be reached at hardtackradio@gmail.com into "Yellow Rose of Texas" followed by "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
0050 UTC Op with ID and address followed by "Ring, Ring the Banjo"(Stephen Foster tune), followed by "Old Kentucky Home"
0057 UTC Op with "This is Hard Tack Radio broadcasting on 6925 Upper Side Band...songs of the Civil War" followed by "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
0059 UTC SSTV and OFF
(Thank you for the entertaining tunes from the olden days! My first time hearing Hard Tack Radio here! :)

Tune in to a great signal at 2342 UTC with JS going to play an old treehugger song, into "Woodsman Spare That Tree"
2346 UTC JS says "Engineer says thats a rap song"
2347 UTC JS says "problem with feedback" (nothing heard here!) live time check, ID, email...into Chatanooga Choo Choo-Glenn Miller
2349 UTC JS says they "play a lot of Glenn Miller because they have a lot of Glenn Miller" and "signed on with the Star Spangled Banner", then live TC and ID
into song "Long, Long Ago-Nat King Cole with Dean Martin
2359 UTC ID'd song, trouble with the turntable, shoutouts to HFU posters (Thanks from Shipmonk JS!)
0003 UTC JS says 45 years ago today Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and 40 years ago, the Turks invaded Cyprus and Greece.(Actually the Turks invaded the predominantly Greek part of Cyprus)
0010 UTC Coney Island Washboard
{S8 and great audio JS! Very little fading}
Just kicking back and relaxing until you put on the "Talk Me To Sleep" song....I had to get off my chair and shake the moon dust out of my head ;D
Thanks for another entertaining show tonight JS... :-[ although I did sneak away and tune down to 6930 KHZ to hear the station playing songs almost 100 years older than the ones you were playing! {Somedays it's  fresh white bread, sometimes it's plain old hard tack!}

Poor signal here at 2202 UTC tune in, fading up occasionally to where I can catch whole sentences here and there. Local? QRM on LSB, so best on USB here. Hey op, if you really want to get your message out, I suggest getting yourself a Google gmail address. Listeners can send in reports and engage you in a more sociable, conversational manner. Interaction between operator and listener has always been the best way to get the message out.

Tuned in at 0029 UTC and audio is just above noise floor. 0031 UTC I can hear a Dutch polka fading in and out.
Signal peaked 0035ish UTC but otherwise poor copy at best. Thanks for the posting Chris S....a new logging for me although I could hear no announcer or ID.
0054 UTC Signal back up a bit...polka, then pop tune at 0056 UTC
0059 UTC I hear a man announcer with a high pitched voice, then more ez listening pop music at 0101 UTC. Mostly buried in the noise.

 Music fading in and out of the noise floor here since 0019 UTC. I've logged this 5 times this year and have yet to hear an ID, or any spoken word at all. I am hopeful though...sooner or later!

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