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Just put the snow shovel away and came in to hear PRB at 2130 UTC with a superb signal here on 6924.7 KHZ AM. Song by lady singer ending then Charlie L with mention of 2012? Christmas show and some shoutouts.
2137 UTC Charlie L with name of next song (not a Boston area group), then Belfast address and gmail.
2142 UTC Charlie L, then R&B tune by man singer
2146 UTC OFF

Nice to hear you again PRB! Hope the snow didn't pile up too much out Boston way. We got maybe 8-10 inches here in Springfield. Turned out to be a lot of Weather Channel hype!

Very interesting to know that the origin of the term "radio hooligan" can be credited to the work of a magician....seems that the magicians are still working their magic, much to the delight of us pirate radio listeners!
(Reading further into this on the internet, it seems that Nevil was also the son of a magician, John Nevil Maskelyne, who among other things, is credited with the invention of the pay toilet  8))

I've been getting a carrier on 6875.7ish here since 1245 UTC, but only the slightest hint of audio :(
1256 UTC Signal started to fade in and out of the noise floor and has been improving steadily!
1306 UTC Yes! The band has opened up nicely! Up to S5 in a matter of minutes!
1308 UTC Sultry voiced female pop tune
1312 UTC Fast paced techno/dance tune (S9 and holding ;D)
1316 UTC ID.."Boombox Radio", into Techno Rock tune
(Spam on graham crackers, plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese....and more coffee)
1327 UTC DJ LT with ID
1331 UTC A more rock oriented tune!
1334 UTC DJ LT with ID, into electronica spacey tune
1404 UTC DJ LT with ID, into pop tune
(Signal holding up very well here BBR! Just chatting a bit in mibbitland)
1414 UTC DJ LT with ID, into pop tune. (I'm recording the whole program and will get my niece to Shazam all these tunes...actually she knows a lot of them already!)
1419 UTC DJ LT with email address repeated several times... boomboxshortwave@gmail.com, then OFF

Thanks for the entertainment this lovely blizzard morning BBR! Now it's time to head outside and face mother natures fury.... 8)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 AM 2356 UTC 25Jan15
« on: January 27, 2015, 0010 UTC »
Carrier on 6950.1ish here at 0001 UTC with barest hint of audio. Lots of static this evening from the storm and peskie on LSB. The snow flurries started about an hour and a half ago here....
0008 UTC Carrier only

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: Laser Hot Hits ?
« on: January 26, 2015, 0127 UTC »
Here also with some nice peaks above the noise on 4026 AM at 0120 UTC tune in. Techno thump thump with man announcer at 0124 UTC. This is Laser Hot Hits and rarely do I get audio here. Thanks for the tip Dr. Smoke!

Here also since 2230 UTC with plenty of peskie QRM and audio just above the noise. Able to hear music but nada on the copy.

S7 here with nice audio as usual on 6950 USB at 0113 UTC with some pre WW2 tunes of uncertain name and uncertain artist.
0127 UTC "Wolverine Radio", into more UNID music (I'm severely challenged with the pre 1950's tunes)
0137 UTC "When You Walk In the Room"-Searchers
0140 UTC "Up On the Roof"-Drifters
0143 UTC "Wolverine Radio"-UNID tune
0146 UTC UNID BB King tune
0149 UTC "Soul Kitchen"-Doors
0153 UTC "Wolverine Radio", then "White Room"-Cream
0158 UTC "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window"-Joe Cocker
0201 UTC Hmmm...
0204 UTC "Another Brick In the Wall"-Pink Floyd
(Signal seems to be holding steady at s7 here and well above the noise)
0208 UTC UNID tune (I spoke too soon....down to S3 during this song >:()
0211 UTC UNID reggae tune
0235 UTC "The House That Jack Built"-Aretha Franklin
0238 UTC "Wolverine Radio", into SSTV
0240 UTC Wolverine op was chatting after the SSTV, into a song by the Band
0244 UTC OFF

 Thanks Wolverine! Had me stumped tonight with a whole lot of those tunes!

 :) Nice to hear you Boombox Radio! Tuned in at 1247 UTC on 6924.6 KHZ AM and there was this booming AM signal to go along with the snow that's starting to pile up outside here in Western MA! We have about 3-4 inches already and it doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon. Hmmm, I was going to do some shoveling just now, but I think I'll kick back and listen to Boombox and maybe get my feet limbered up ;D
1250 UTC Man announcer with ID, into some contemporary pop/dance music
1254 UTC Interval signal, and repeated ID's and email address (My first time hearing your IS! Goes nicely with the snow outside!)
1256 UTC Music
1303 UTC Hey, your techno electronica is beeping 8)
1320 UTC That is some really nice audio you got there BBR!
1345 UTC Not the usual Breakfast with Boombox, but I just finished up a couple of English muffins with peanut butter....time to head out to shovel the snow. I'll leave the cassette running and pick up on the rest of the show later. Thanks BBR! Love those morning shows!

EDIT Listened back on the last 45 minutes just now and signal held up nicely at S9 here. Slick ID's...Boombox Radio on....Sirius FM, On Demand, Facebook, etc ;)
OFF around 1415 UTC with IS and sign on announcement!

General Radio Discussion / Re: YHWH - 12/17 update
« on: January 24, 2015, 0357 UTC »
The musical composition played on the YHWH broadcasts was one of the eeriest sounding things I had ever heard in my life. It was kinda scary...a psychedelic raga played on an electric sitar if my ears serve me right. The op claimed the song was called "Days of Hard Life" by the Canadian band Lace. Only problem is the band LACE is a C&W group. The song by LACE is called "Life Is Hard". None of the lyrics match.
"Life Is Hard"-LACE
If I wanted it easy I'd a been gone by now
If I thought it was simple I'd have figured it out
But this thing called love takes everything that I've got
I'm not sure what it is but I'm sure what it's not
'Cause baby you and I got different ways of saying the same thing 'cause

Love is hard from start to finish
And if you love you gotta put your whole heart in it
And if it's right you'll know in a minute
Doin' things you never thought you could
Love is hard, but baby life is good

We can say things that cut to the bone
We want to be together but we want to be alone
Sometimes it seems we're on different tracks
We might walk away but we'll always come back
Baby you and me got different ways of saying the same thing
We both know

Love is hard from start to finish
And if you love you gotta put your whole heart in it
And if it's right you'll know in a minute
Doin' things you never thought you could
Love is hard, but baby life is good

Oh, so good

Love is hard from start to finish
And if you love you gotta put your whole heart in it
And if it's right you'll know in a minute
Doin' things you never thought you could
Love is hard, but baby life is good

Love is hard
Life's so good
Love is hard
Life's so good
Love is hard
Life's so good
Love is hard
Life's so good

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6930 AM 0130z 1/24/15
« on: January 24, 2015, 0206 UTC »
It's been there since at least 0015 UTC when I first noticed it with varying degrees of signal strength. No audio at any time, but it is still audible as a carrier only at 0205 UTC

Just tuned in at 0045 UTC to Dream Weaver-Gary Wright. Sounds like wind blowing and voices in the background!
0048 UTC "Someday Never Comes"-John Fogerty
0052 UTC UNID tune ;D Radio GaGa-Queen
0057 UTC OP with "Radio GaGa, broadcasting live from Zipper Lake"..."Time for Northern Pike on a stick", then OFF

Thanks for the show tonight RGG! Good luck with the fishing!

2338 UTC Tuned in to signal just above the static crashes with "Excitable Boy"-Warren Zevon
2341 UTC Man announcer with several distinctive "Rave On Radio" ID's
2343 UTC "Young American"-David Bowie
Signal mostly at noise level, but rising above to a few nice peaks!
2346 UTC Tones, then UNID song(too much noise and peskie on LSB)
2351 UTC Man announcer with ID, followed by ?, then "Lawyers, Guns, and Money"-Warren Zevon
2357 UTC Man announcer with ID, mention of Warren Zevon show
Signal either in the noise or gone now. Nothing but the damn peskie on LSB
0009 UTC Signal back up now :) Man announcer with shoutouts, ID, and email
0010 UTC Warren Zevon again
0019 UTC Man announcer....last words were "Studio in the woods", then OFF

Thanks for the show and the shoutouts tonight ROR! Must be cold out there in the woods...better hunker down with that storm coming! ;D

General Radio Discussion / Re: WW II antenna
« on: January 23, 2015, 1648 UTC »
Here's a couple of pics of some vintage WW2 direction finders made by Stewart Warner. The first one is the BC470D and the second one is the BC1003. I wonder if they could be retrofitted with SDR technology?

S5 peaks here at 2316 UTC tune in on 6305 KHZ AM with a 50's Rockabilly tune
2318 UTC Instrumental tune-Dutch?
2322 UTC C&W tune-Lady Singer (Good signal but moderate noise and fading here)
2325 UTC Polka
2336 UTC Nice Steel Guitar tune!
2338 UTC Anushka, bring me another  ;D

Abu Dhabi, are you watching the postings? Still a nice signal here while I eat my dinner!
0039 UTC "Abu Dhabi Radio"

s3 peskie interf. "Have a peanutbutter sandwich " at 0011

Darn, I missed a good song!!!! ;D

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