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Fair signal but mostly above the noise floor here at 0001 UTC with Abu talk, then polka. Bit of flutter fading this evening.
0004 UTC Slow ballad-man singer, shoutout to Gino
0006 UTC "Old Man Down the Road"-John Fogerty with talkeover mentioning the "East Coast of the US"

Tuned in to man announcer at 2348 UTC into UNID pop tune. Signal fading and in and out of a high noise floor.

Thanks for the ID Jari! Propagation is not very good this evening :(

0025 UTC Tuned in to OM with ID, into a 50's C&W ballad man singer
0030 UTC OM with ID's and something about ??? pirate radio ship? ???
0032 UTC Dutch festival music
(Signal is making it through the high band noise here)
0035 UTC OM..."This is Abu from Dhabi", into pop/folk tune lady singer
0038 UTC "Money For Nothing"-Dire Straits :)
0041 UTC OM with chat and ID's, into Dutch Polka
0047 UTC C&W song..."I'm Going Back To Alabama"
0056 UTC OM says closing down in a minute
0057 UTC "Hokey Pokey Polka"
0102 UTC OM with "You have been listening to Abu Dhabi Radio....cigarette here...still smoking....Bye Bye", then off at 0103 UTC

S5 here with a nice steady signal at 0121 UTC with end of an UNID tune
0122 UTC Man announcer with ID..."Radio Gaga, pirate shortwave", into "And When I Die"-Blood, Sweat, and Tears
(Getting both sides bands this evening but the LSB is getting peskie'd)
0126 UTC  :( Signal took a swan dive off the cliff rather abruptly!

Tuned in at 2350 UTC to a spoken word bit, into a live version of "Roadhouse Blues"-Doors (Alive She Cried?)
Signal is somewhat muted this evening with moderate to heavy fading
2358 UTC "Love Me Two Times"-Doors
0004 UTC "Light My Fire"-Doors  :) (Signal is about S7 and great audio but the fading is omnipresent)
0011 UTC ID.."You are listening to The Crystal Ship", into "Back Door Man"-Doors
0015 UTC "Peace Frog"-Doors
(Guess The Crystal Ship is being filled this evening!)
0018 UTC Spoken word by Jim Morrison
0020 UTC "Riders On the Storm"-Doors
(Checked the NOAA prop and Old Sol is acting up...4 flares today and maybe more!)
0026 UTC ID, then "End of the Night"-Doors
0029 UTC "Texas Radio & the Big Beat" version with Jim Morrison spoken word
0031 UTC "Waiting For the Sun
0034 UTC JM spoken word, into "LA Woman"
0043 UTC "When The Music's Over"
0054 UTC JM with spoken word (I believe this is from "An American Prayer")
0057 UTC "The End"
(Getting some seriously deep fades into the noise just after 0100 UTC :( )
0108 UTC ID, email, then into Spanish Ladies followed by "We Want the Airwaves"-Ramones, audio clip, then OFF at 0112 UTC

Thanks for opening the Doors this evening JP and relayer!

Tuned in to an S3 signal fading in and out of the noise at 2340 UTC with man announcer...."famous radio station ???", into some easy listening music. Prop seems to be lousy this early evening :(
2346 UTC  :) I hear a familiar laugh...Don't know what he's calling himself tonight!

Piano music at 0123 UTC sign on and ID that sounded like Frederic Chopin Radio (I'll have to listen back on the recording later!) Classical music with S8 signal and great audio  :)
0132 UTC ID by man announcer
This is actually very relaxing this evening! Seems to be all classical piano compositions, presumably composed by Frederic Chopin?
0142 UTC ID
0201 UTC ID, Same song as at beginning of show, then OFF at 0202 UTC

 That was a pleasant change of pace! Seems that the shortwave spectrum lends itself to this kind of music :) Thanks Frederic Chopin Radio!

Open carrier at 2342 UTC, then Sirens at 2344 UTC, into "War"-Edwin Starr
2347 UTC "Masters of War"-Bob Dylan
(Nice S8 signal but lots of noise and some fading this evening)
2351 UTC ID.."You are listening to the Crystal Ship", into "Eve of Destruction"-Barry McGuire
2356 UTC "For What It's Worth"-Buffalo Springfield :)
2359 UTC "What Are We Fighting For"-Country Joe and the Fish
0002 UTC Hmmm...Billy Joel's voice and piano
0007 UTC UNID tune by punk/garage rock girl group
(Get Out Of Iraq-Simple Fears per those in the know in the IRC chat)
0011 UTC UNID folk song by Pete Seeger
0015 UTC "Unknown Soldier"-Doors
0018 UTC UNID tune by Bruce Springsteen
0021 UTC "Lost In A Lost World"-Moody Blues then another Moody tune I think
0034 UTC ID, then "Manhatten Project"-Rush (thanks to the IRC for the title :))
0039 UTC Man announcer with audio clip ending with "You are better off in your own home...stay there", into a Jackson Browne tune that someone in the IRC chat says is the flip side to "Lawyers In Love"...tune called "Say it isn't true"
0047 UTC Sting
0050 UTC ID...."You Are listening to the Crystal Ship", then "One Tin Soldier Rides Away"-The Original Caste
0054 UTC A song by Mickey Dolenz I never heard before (Thanks JP!)
0058 UTC "Lucky Man"-Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
0101 UTC "Imagine"-John Lennon
0104 UTC "Us and Them"-Pink Floyd
0111 UTC ID, email address, then Spanish Ladies and OFF

Thanks for a great show tonight JP! Very Happy that you replayed this one :)

Agreed Red Hat! This whole subject is far from achieving anything remotely akin to closure. My argument is that net neutrality protects the interests of the overwhelming majority of internet users. It is not just another golden goose for CEO's and investors to reap huge profits at the expense of the people who depend on efficient and quality service at a reasonable price. That it can be abused by our political leaders is certainly looming large in the big picture. That it can be abused by the very businesses that provide us with service has been somewhat abated. Is this a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire? May very well be. It is up to the voters to elect those who represent our interests. This ethos seems to have broken down to a large degree with the polarization of our elected officials into a gridlock situation that increasingly leads me to believe we need another grass roots movement. Not one that drinks tea nor one whose platform is to bring Wall Street to it's knees. I'm sick and tired of the extremists on both sides of the fence. Is there anybody that truly speaks for the citizens in the middle? I've been looking but I haven't found them yet.  But I agree wholeheartedly that we need to hold our political leaders accountable for their actions...the internet needs to remain transparent and controlled by the users inasmuch as this can be done in the real world. I don't see much of a difference between the current administration and the previous ones. It's a case of Allemande Left or Promenade Right....but they all do the dance...

Weak carrier noted at 0310 UTC. Signal picked up a bit around 0325 UTC and I'm getting threshold audio.

Cutting through the noise like a Sawzall through soft margerine here at 0111 UTC with S9+20 signal.  :)
Judging by what my ears tell me and ByteBORG's Shazam ID's, I'd say the theme is Young Love and Old Love
0048 UTC "Old Man"-Neil Young :)

Thanks for another great show Wolverine! Double thanks for putting the ionosphere in it's place ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950.750 AM 00:36 UTC
« on: March 01, 2015, 0102 UTC »
0059 UTC Signal cleared up a bit at 0059 UTC with "A Day In The Life"-Beatles rising out of the noise.... :)
Lots of noise and flutter fading this evening :(

Mostly S3 with S5 peaks here since 0005 UTC with rapid flutter fading, but above the high noise level. Hi Frans! Nice to hear Borderhunter this evening!

Moved here from 6924.5ish...first noticed at 0130 UTC on 6939.3 ish with mucho QRM from Cuban zzzt zzzt jammer spur and some peskie QRM. Tough copy, but clear ID loop at 0135 UTC. Cuban spur gone at 0200 UTC and signal in the clear at S6 with spoken word then music.
0207 UTC OFF abrupt during spoken word skit of some sort

Thanks for the show this evening Insane Wayne! :)

Tough copy here since 0109 UTC with a really loud peskie bleeding over onto a signal not too much above the noise floor.
0124 UTC Signal cleared up nicely! "A Day In The Life"-Beatles, then "Secret Agent Man"-Johnny Rivers at 0126 UTC then OFF abrupt during song

Seemed to come back on 6939.3ish but there is the Cuban zzzt zzzt jammer spur here AND peskies on LSB
0135 UTC Insane Radio loop ID heard over the QRM and QRN

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