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Huh? / Hurricane heading Josiah's way...
« on: August 18, 2023, 0930 UTC »
Does he have enough gopher wood to build an ark out there as the waters rise to save the psychedelic Sonoran toads he licks that make his broadcasts so interesting?

10 over signal on a San Diego Kiwi  w/ an off-center dipole. I've never heard his reedy, thin, voice this clearly or this well. Josiah is bughouse crazy, finding connections in the book of Daniel w/ Japanese kamikazes and connects it with the "New World Order", whatever the Hell that is? There's a good reason he lives alone in the middle of nowhere.

Someone send him a better mic and an EQ. He sounds like he's talking into a tin can. Ernest Angely, he's not.

Whoops! I misquoted him. It's "The One World Government of Satan", not the "New World Order". Sorry Josie.

Huh? / Fansome died a year too early.
« on: May 30, 2023, 2127 UTC »
President Lukashenko of Belarus announced yesterday that he would give nuclear weapons to any state willing to join the Union States of Belarus and Russia in their great struggle against who knows what.

Al always wanted a nuke. DeSantis would be shaking in his loafers if Shady Acres went nuclear. Al had fond memories of boyhood trips to Disneyland in his native California, just think what he would have done over threats to Disney World? Tallahassee would be erased from the map and Ron with it. Unless, of course, Ron put on a dress and a wig and belted out,
"I Enjoy Being A Girl", in Tucker Carlson's old time slot on Fox. For a month.


Group W Bench / Re: UNID 6950 USB 2324 UTC 22 MAY 2023
« on: May 23, 2023, 0355 UTC »
Dude, the turntable is set to a slow speed. You're ruining this wonderful New Wave music.

I'm imagining that this is Zeekie coming down off his 'shrooms. Zeekie ruins everything.

0039 - A Spanish-speaking peskie is on the same freq/USB talking over "Another One Bites The Dust". Significantly lower signal strength than Mr. Slow-Turntable on previously.

Or he recorded it on his audio software at the wrong bit rate. Set it off one way it comes out sounding like the Chipmunks on meth, set it off the other and it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher on a Nyquil bender.

I wouldn't call it "New Wave" exactly. Elvis Costello and The Attractions and the Joe Jackson Band were New Wave. Mojo Nixon referred to this stuff as "Foo-Foo Haircut" music. Think of A Flock of Seagull's, their music and their haircuts and you've got it.

Now, how to define Zeeky. I nominate "Paranoid Schizophrenic", but I'm just a layman.

Huh? / Rude mushrooms!
« on: May 21, 2023, 0156 UTC »
I got a pizza today, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. I opened the box and said, "Hello, mushrooms!", not a peep out of them. I tried again, no response. Why do Zeeky's mushroom's talk and the one's from the local pizzeria don't? Is it something about him that makes them open up to him? Is he the Doctor Phil of the fungal world? If anyone has a clue, please let me know. I thank you.

Sounds like their programming and announcers and a clear carrier on the Westminster, MD Kiwi w/ the 250 ft.v-beam pointed at Europe. A big ute signal of some type in the 6925-6928 range makes copy impossible in regular AM modes. T-storm static isn't playing nicely either. About an S-5 signal.

I don't know why, but this station runs a supposed 15 watts of power and is better heard in Eastern North America than in most of Western Europe? It hits the SDR's in the Eastern Mediterranean well though. Puzzling. 

North American MW Pirate Radio / WBLR 1740 AM 0228 UTC APR 24 2023
« on: April 24, 2023, 0236 UTC »
Not much more than a carrier w/ some words and music popping up. Kiwi w/250 ft. V-beam Westminster, MD. Going to try another SDR a tad further west.

Ayahuasca and acid aren't a good mix, you two be careful. And no toad licking.

I once saw a movie where some guy's in Mississippi were lured into a creek by a pack of siren's and one was turned into a toad. Never get out of the truck when floozies are trying to lure you into the water. They could have supernatural powers, and "whammo!", you're a toad or maybe a snot otter? Hell, you could even get banned from Woolworths?

Since you two are confirmed dope fiends, Benway, there's an old Robert Mapplethorpe photo of Patti Smith taking a hit off of Bill Burroughs personal opium pipe at the Hotel Chelsea. You boy's could construct an altar around it and worship the Goddess? The PSG cut their 70's albums in one take with their brains full of peyote, it was all about the artist as a Shaman to them. There's also a photo of them down in the lobby of the Chelsea w/Patti's head resting on Burroughs thigh and the outline of the old goat sporting an erection through his trousers. I would've thought from his books, Mapplethorpe was more his type? C'est la vie.   

lot's of talk about food and women. Sometimes it sounds like an old "Amos and Andy" skit in SS? They've been having a lot of fun.

playing jazz. Very weak. OM announcer, sounds like Bud Bigly.

I should have reported this one @ roughly 23:30 UTC as it's been audible on the Westminster, MD. Kiwi SDR's since at least then. Best on the 900 ft. skyloop with it's low noise floor. Nice audio and a couple of clear id's even though my ear for Peninsular Spanish isn't as good as my ear for the variants of Latin American Spanish. SIO 333 on the loop. 

Huh? / Read this and tremble...
« on: February 11, 2023, 0019 UTC »
Scientists in New Zealand have just released a report on a fossilized penguin species, Kumimanu Fordycei, that based on flipper size would've tipped the scales at 350 lbs. and cruised the world's oceans at hypersonic speeds beaching pods of early whales with massive
waves for their 100 lb. chicks to devour.

People have thought for decades that the giant penguin of Clearwater, FL. was a hoax, but with the with the manatee/retiree/Scientologist foodbase, and the discovery in New Zealand, the giant penguins of Clearwater could be quite real. Surf's up, dude.

Huh? / Happy Groundhog Day!
« on: February 02, 2023, 0546 UTC »
The most high Holiday of the year. You can enjoy them on your plate, or keep them as pets, they're a most versatile beast. Careful of their marmot cousins west of the Rockies and in Eurasia, they carry Yersinia Pestis, or the Bubonic Plague, a nasty contagion much worse than Covid-19.

A happy Birthday to my boyhood friend, Groundhog Brown. A swell guy of Fansomian qualities. And remember, Al is watching you, so please shower in your clothes.

FANCO thanks you.

Group W Bench / Re: $ 2 Million Fines for New York Pirate Stations
« on: February 01, 2023, 1448 UTC »
Radio Mosiach is now on FM? Another victim of the Hudson County Franken-TIS! How will DX'er's know if Rabbi Schneerson has finally risen
from the dead?

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