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I've got them with a weak signal on the Maui Kiwi.

Peskies is my guess, they were speaking Spanish between songs.

Anyone else getting another station on 6955 LSB playing You Dropped The Bomb On Me over and over?

I saw it on the waterfall, but I didn't bother to tune in.

Still going at it with a "DX-Show". Something about a riot at the Dayton Hamvention and Station "TITS" from Costa Rica. Top 10 list of "How Glenn Hauser Has Lost It."

Starting to have some fading. "Doctor Dickie Butt Massager" commercial.

Crazy Mexican vampire hunters.

Automatic weapons will just get you in trouble. Build a spud gun and knock the crap out of them with taters and cans of beans.

Mojo and Skid's "Pirate Radio" was about the bust of Al Weiner's radio ship "The S.S. Sarah". If you listen carefully you can hear someone who is supposed to be Al yelling at Mojo to get off of his poop deck? By Mojo's grunting and sigh of relief, you'll understand that the Man from Danville took the term "poop deck" a little too literally.

The lyrics of the song warn you, "The magnets ruin my radio, but with my Plastic Jesus I'll go far!"

I long for the days of sheet metal dashboards and no safety glass. Detroit knew how to build cars then. Between them and Big Pharma cranking out quaaludes, aka, "Car Wreck Pills", it really thinned the idiots out of the herd.

Not to worry though, if you'd got your butt to church, Jesus had drop-kicked you through the Goalpost's of Life. You knew you were covered when you went flying out the front windshield in those seat belt's optional day's. 

I wonder if they played The Who's cover of the "Batman Theme"? They recorded it just after their first trip to the States. It's a room-rattler. Of course, The Jam, had to cover the Who's cover in the late 70's. Paul Weller was obsessed with the Who and the Kinks.

Have Josiah and McGreevy converted you to their Mojave hermit lifestyle yet, Shortwave?

LOL! I used to play a version of "Atomic Power" 20 years ago featuring the duo of Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra. It was a humdinger. They also covered "Plastic Jesus" and the DK's "Winnebago Warrior". John Doe of X fame and Country Dick Montana of The Beat Farmers were the rhythm section. That was weird time in the world of music.

Huh? / Re: 77LJS 6950 USB 0130 UTC 23 MAY 2023
« on: May 29, 2023, 0326 UTC »
You fella's need to settle this the gentlemanly way and duel. Pea gravel from wrist rockets at ten paces. Wear safety goggle's, we don't want anyone losing an eye.

The 77LJS op seems to be to young to remember the Cold War and Putin hollering, "Unleash the Nukes, Mevedev!", every couple of day's has him rattled? He seems to be reading from the same CIA White Papers I had to study in the late 70's/early 80's on the KGB in college. I miss the Commies.

Bud's got a point. Covid originated in or around Wuhan, China. A lot of diseases originate in China due to the density of the population and the traditional open-air animal markets in the towns and cities. There are lots of vectors for new diseases to arise, or old diseases to find a new host, mutate and spread. The simple fact is their are too many people competing for too few resources. When that happens, pathogens arise to thin the species out that's overcrowding it's niche. Nature is simply balancing the books.  Calling Covid ,"The China Flu" is blunt, but it's not completely inaccurate. After all, it didn't originate in Canada, and we all know the Canadians are plotting to get us.

Just ask Shortwave Listener and SIGINT. Probably both bona fide members of the top secret Canadian Intel Unit known as "The Possum Lodge".

Huh? / Re: Rude mushrooms!
« on: May 29, 2023, 0135 UTC »
Got some Mongolian Beef today. Chock full of mushrooms of various species. Not a peep out of any of them. Of course, Mongolia is steppe country, not a lot of trees, but plenty of grass. And cattle and their droppings are a primary vector for the type of mushroom Zeeky says talk to him. Mycelium are mycelium and roots are roots, ergo, these mushrooms are capable of speech, but they're still not talking. I may have to try water-boarding them?

6960 KHz USB 12:04 AM UTC
Listening in from Fort Erie Ontario, 5-7 signal a little fading but the audio is very clear and strong.
SDRplay, SDRuno, 1.1 balun, 50 feet of speaker wire on one leg and another 50 feet of speaker wire on the other leg.
speaker wire running east and west on my fourth floor balcony, weather is clear and 70 degrees.

I used to transmit with a 100 ft. roll of speaker wire on the funny band. I'd split the initial 33-34 ft. to form two dipole legs, and leave the rest together as feedline with spade lugs on the end. The feed was 75 ohms. They were good for transmitting and listening. They weren't real durable, but you could buy 100 ft. of the stuff for a buck.

Play "Born In East L.A." for Al Fansome. He used to cruise CalTech in his`73 Civic Hatchback lowrider, and yes, he was from East L.A.

And put that egg on some toast for the quadrafecta.

I spent entirely too much time at the track in my 20's.

BTW, that's a fine looking cow. A mount worthy of Otis Campbell on his weekend rides to the Mayberry Jail.

Zeke's mushrooms are taking over his station?

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