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Other / Re: Hams Behaving Badly 3885 AM 0752 UTC 27 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 2327 UTC »
"Strapping Signal, Old Man!"

You'll hear "Timtron" the engineer at WBCQ on this frequency at times as well as 3775. Tim is a well behaved ham who lives in a bus in ice cold Maine. He likely runs that heavy iron tube transmitter as a heat source.

John Tesh, does it get any classier than that?

Other / Re: UNID 3885 Am 0752 UTC 27 Jan 23
« on: January 28, 2023, 1456 UTC »
Someones rocking the hams S9 +20 Here!
0800 UTC super AM audio with some serious power!!!! Oh the sad hams will bitch! Nice Show! LOL
0806 UTC This is unreal audio! Wow..
0813 UTC WW2 jazz... Nice..
0820 UTC 40's female vocalist. S9 +15
Ill leave a link..Nite...
Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pyh12YglC8oP0xon6Oyj1ofJHatVF3OT/view?usp=drive_web
0859 UTC Done Very Nice!!!

It probably was a ham. A lot of those guys run converted broadcast transmitters in that part of the AM window. There was guy in the early part of the century that had regular nightly broadcasts on that frequency. His aim, or so he said, was to preserve the frequency for AM use. His motto was "Use it or lose it".

With him yapping away, playing music, and interviewing people, for 5 hours at a time in the evening, no one could use the frequency. He would even use a ham call in the broadcasts and a name. If they were really his he was a real nimrod. He ran for roughly six months and disappeared from the band after going to Dayton to cover the hamfest. I wonder who or what he encountered there?

"Telephone Line" by ELO on a Kiwi I can't reveal the location of w/ a BOG. "Don't Fear The Reaper" by the heavy metal pride of Long Island, The Blue Oyster Cult. Buck Dharma on lead guitar and Allen Lanier on cowbell. Some old electronic dance tune with a beatbox. It needs a cowbell. "Lowrider" by War w/o the Midget of Manchester, Eric Burdon. He kept spilling all the wine trying to hit on girls. "Dirty Work" by I can't remember who. Don't know who this is. Went off at exactly 5:00 UTC. w/ an id I didn't get and "End of Transmission" ala KIPM years ago.

Time in the title is wrong, should be 0313 UTC.

Uhh, when it gets to shank of the evening, Shortwave, old pirates don't care about that stuff. It's all about eating and enjoying the relaxant of your choice.

A big "ARF" out to the op of WDOG.

Watch laying the claim to schlumpy dipole, Beerus. JTA and Radio Bob fought over that one for years. Mostly about was it a balanced antenna or an unbalanced one? Bob is dead and JTA is still stoned and can't remember what the fight was about. I think they were both unbalanced.

Sounds like someone trying to copy KIPM 20 years too late and with a lot less talent.

Thanks for "8 Miles High" and the Byrds tune that followed it up. I always liked the Byrds better than the combos Dave played with later. The Byrds could rock when they wanted to.

Nope. You're doing much better on 6960.

How about playing "8 Miles High"? It's about the Byrds first tour of Europe and flying to Amsterdam. They were 8 miles up on the trip over the Pole going to Europe, not what everyone thought and they inferred.

S-10 plus on a TN. SDR. "Marrakesh Express". Why all of these songs have David Crosby in common! Send me my Moroccan Hash.

BTW, I never knew CSN covered the Grateful Dead's "Dark Star"? Was Neilo around by then to give them the guitar chops? Headin' down band to see how you're doing down there.

Nice S-9/S-10 signal on an SDR in Tipton,TN. Van Morrison w/"Brown Eyed Girl". If you knew how rare brown eyed girl's are in Ireland, you'd know why Van was so crazy about her. Car's w/ "Best Friend's Girl" "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" BTO. One of the Bachman brothers died this week, the one that played drums. Gary, I think? Song I remember but can't think of the name of or who did it. Gone @2:08.

The audio was just a tad weak for the signal level. You might want to apply a hair more compression, but not so much that the audio distorts. I'd give it a 554.

Bagpipes, eh? I thought they were swinging cat's by the tail? At least they had the decency to do it in AM. Amplified bagpipe music was how Bush the First got Manuel Noriega to come out of the Vatican Embassy in Panama after a couple of days.

This is the same freq. Radio Azteca was relayed on last weekend. I wonder if it's the same folks with some old shows they're relaying?

Northern Poland? I suspect you might have a little Sorbian in your vocabulary along with those other languages? A man has to know a few words his neighbors speak to tell them to quit making so much noise.

If you're still awake check for Indy Radio on the Sardinian Kiwi SDR. It's the only one on the island. Go to the HFU Wiki, scroll down to Kiwi SDR's and look for the map link. Another good one for Indy is the Kiwi on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. This one is easy to get to on the map, the Canaries are in the middle of the ocean off N.W. Africa. The island with the dot closest to the mainland is the one you want.

It's an easy way to confirm what you're hearing at home.

That's what I thought that was, Harry. Let's call it Botswana for now. If it turns out to be another interval signal we can edit our posts and appear to be brilliant Radio Gods.

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