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Big Joe Turner w/ "Flip, Flop, and Fly." It doesn't get any better than Big Joe. The King of Kansas City.

Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats w/ "Rocket 88", the first Rock n' Roll song.

Lots of song's about Chuy today.

Now a song Georgie Harrison had to pay out the wazoo for plagiarizing.

No one ever plays "Arnold Lane" from "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn". It's about the fella who used to steal Sid's Moms knickers off the clothes line.

Yep, with a sprinkle of pescadores underneath.

The Mothers with Flo and Eddie or a later incarnation?

"Johnny B. Good"  Stevie's live shows were the worst, too out of it to perform. I once saw his audio crew screw with Lonnie Mack's audio settings due to Lonnie tearing the roof of the place. They didn't want the boss to have to follow that.

My cousin played rhythm guitar in Jimmy Vaughn's band in the early 80's. Stevie was a strung out mess by then. I think that's why he thought he looked good in those Zoot suits and those feathered hats? 

I've got a little bit of bass in there but that's it. I used to do a lot of morning tx's, they may have waited too long go on the air?

Sounds a lot better in AM, of course, than it did in sideband earlier this morning. ;) The hiss is gone. Yet another convert.

BTW, you sound damned good. Full audio w/ a near FM stereo sound. Broadcasters pay out the wazoo to sound this good. Minor fades, but it's that time of morning.

Good show from way back when. 444

Starting to fade a bit, Harry Chapin, does it get any worse? Into some reggae, that's better. Let's hope the guy with the fake Jamaican accent doesn't come back. He did. More reggae, early 80's vintage, pre-Dance Hall.

When Rohan Marley was playing LB for the University of Miami, the players on the other teams would sing "Buffalo Soldier" to him when he ran into their sideline making a play. I never understood why the opposing coaches wouldn't have him drug tested on game day? He was a Rastafarian, weed will show up on a drug screen forever.

13:22 George of The Jungle. Brendan Fraser wasn't worthy of the live action portrayal of that role. A lot of static on the band.
It was good to hear them mention Shep, I was concerned ivory poachers might have got him? If it wasn't for the static and drifting signal, I'd have given it a 555.

Huh? / Re: Read this and tremble...
« on: February 26, 2023, 1309 UTC »
Trying to close the dolphin gap, eh? They're a little late to the party, we've moved on to Killer Whales on the Moon.

Equipment / Re: Made in China Wellbrook 1530 Loop Antenna?
« on: February 26, 2023, 1231 UTC »
But that's hard, Alpard. It involves getting out of bed at odd hours and turning the radio on.

Fun Fact: Learnt is a word used by mostly British people (such as myself) and is absolutely a word.

Still 20 over in NW VA

"Learnt" is a word back in the hills where you're at too, Max, but the expansion of Washington/Baltimore metroplex drove most of the native speakers south and west. You'll often hear it during the high water seasons. "She tried to drive her car through the underpass, but she learnt better about 15 foot in."

The difference between "foot" and "feet" can be confusing. Everyone knows humans have two feet and most other land mammal's have four, but foot can refer to distance, a measure, or part of your body in the uplands of the Virginia's. "Give me 50 foot of RG-8 coax." will get you what you want, while, "Do you have 50 feet of RG-8 coax.", says, "This guy ain't from around here. Tack 50 cent's a foot on to the price and let's see what else we can squeeze out of him? He ain't learnt our ways yet." 

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