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Yeah... Boomer caught it on his Kiwi-SDR.   http://boomerthedog.com/Tha-Dood-On-WBCQ-5130.000-sam-3-16-23.mp3   There, y'all can check it out, before I do.

Boomer is a Wonder Dog. Much better than Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin. You can ask my wife.

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker eQSL 18 Mar 2023
« on: March 19, 2023, 0738 UTC »
Hey! It's Kracker! He's broken into Happy Finster's house and stolen all the gelt.

You should have heard the fights for 6955 when WBCQ took over 7415. A few months later a Chilean broadcaster set up on 6956.5 running  just enough power to render 6955 useless. Everyone headed to either the secondary freq. of 6950 and 6925 came into play, or 6924.3 for me as that's where my WWII surplus xtal for 6925 oscillated. Pirates were broadcasting from 6850 to 6950.

Whatever is on 6931 now has a nice signal. It sounds like the male and female who are normally behind the mic for Indy, but the band is noisy and the other station while weaker, is still mixing in.

Indy was strong on Chris's Kiwi w/ the V-Beam but some SSTV racket and a guy speaking English w/an American Mid-Atlantic accent playing power pop just ran over them.

The Rev. Al Green w/ "Let's Stay Together"
Some whiny song I barely remember.
"Turn The Music Into Gold" no idea who did that one.
"Lucky Star" wish I didn't know who did this. Let's refer to her as "Punkin' Head" as she paid to look that way.
2 by Kermit T. Frog. The major weed dealer in my home town was named Kermit. RIP you kept a lot of people happy at wholesale prices.
"Band of Gold". I don't know who did this one but watching my sister and her friends sing it into hair brushes made it a favorite.
Neilo with "Heart of Gold". You're sounding real good tonight BS.
"Like a Rainbow" Those guys were pretty popular.
Sugarloaf w/ "Green Eyed Lady" Stay away from my wife, you SOB's!
George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers w/ their cover of John Lee Hooker's classics "House Rent Boogie" and "One Bourbon, One Scotch And One Beer" not up to John Lee's standards but pretty fly for a white guy.
The Big E, with "Good Luck Charm"
"Rainbow in The Dark" not sure who did this hair metal tune.
Louis Armstrong and his Band with "When The Saints Go Marchin' In."
Dunno who that was. Or the next one.   

Junior Brown, more hat than man. Releases an album twice a decade and plays a dual neck steel guitar standing up. He must have an industrial strength back-brace.

Adrian Belew,I didn't know he was still above ground?

"The last time you'll hear from him." Isn't that what he said a month ago?

Squeeze, The Jam, and The Ramones, not bad. Do you have the Generation X original of "Dancing With Myself"? Much rawer than Billy's solo version, but with the same haircut both times out.

You need to be careful, SL. The Spirit will tell you to move from B.C. to the Mojave and the next thing you know you'll be producing Josiah's shows. The heat will make you speak in tongues, the snakes are plentiful and will slither into where you are to be handled. That's one stop believing. Praise YHWH!

Sorry I missed Bud's show, but I had a Basketball Jones I had to attend to. Lou, Iggy, and Keef jones'd for other things. I saw Captain Beefheart w/ Zappa and George Duke at a tender age and was supposed to see Lou that year, but he and Candy Darling pulled a no show and were spotted in various "alternative" bars around town. Mexican brown heroin hit town about the same time, I wonder if that played role in Lou not making the gig?

Faint carrier at Chris Smolinski's wire farm in Westminster,MD. on the 125 ft. T2FD. No discernable audio.

Back to watching basketball and stuffing myself with junk food like a good American.

Tyson announced they're pulling their poultry operations out of Arkansas. They've heard of the Thunder Chicken and are on the run!

You ought to play the Ozark Mt. Daredevils "Chicken Train Stomp" in celebration. The Daredevils wrote it back in the mid-70's to protest Tyson moving operations into the Ozarks. 

"Laser beam, in my brain. Laser Beam in my brain.
Can't get it on, can't get it off, Chicken train takes the chickens away.
Chicken train, chicken train."

Homer couldn't have written a better lyric poem, with or without Jethro.

It was only a matter of time. lol.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Balls
« on: March 16, 2023, 0141 UTC »
Balls or lack of brains? There's little difference between the two. The prison systems are overflowing with stupid sociopaths with no fear.

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