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Huh? / Re: Radio Havana Cuba airing adult film audio?
« on: September 29, 2023, 0418 UTC »
Nah, but it wouldn't surprise me. Who was it, Radio Mali, who wouldn't QSL unless you sent them porn mags in the early 90's? It was the advice the Passport To Worldband Radio gave you in the back of the yearly volume in the station addy section.

I knew some guys who worked for an early Fox "Superstation" before sat rates went down.You would get a call from them about 10-11 pm. on a weeknight saying they were going to be running porn or bootleg vids of in theater movies around 2 am.
There was no one watching that time of night, they got away with it until Fox went on the Bird and they all moved on.

A promising development for the fall.

"Elvis the Pelvis" pfft! I guess he never heard of Versailles, KY's, "Enis The Penis"? The local strippers called it "Old Blue".
Did you get treated for those mushroom voices you were hearing, Zeke?

Huh? / Hurricane heading Josiah's way...
« on: August 18, 2023, 0930 UTC »
Does he have enough gopher wood to build an ark out there as the waters rise to save the psychedelic Sonoran toads he licks that make his broadcasts so interesting?

Damn! Not the infamous Episode 32 and the Gas Pump Joke. I got a QSL for that one and a pamphlet on the historic Flushing, NY. Railroad Depot.

Josiah with a solid S-10 signal using that same old low audio mic. YHWH isn't going to like your 5th rate audio, Joe-Boy. YHWH only helps those who help themselves. Don't you know your Scripture?

San Diego Kiwi G5RV antenna, no specs on size or bands it's made for.

At last, a pirate with some sense!

Someone knows how to use a tuning knob. Amazing! Will miracles ever cease?

Gone. Did the Thorazine kick in?

Dire Straits. And the Little Jammer Who Could is back.

Zeke could be out of the looney bin.

Ah, the best Outlaws song of all time. Thanks Outhouse for clearing that 6960 BS out of my ears. Listening with the Westminster Kiwi w/ the beverage pointing South as it should be. Nice to hear singing without funny accents.

Thanks for coming on and saving us from that maniac up 6960, Cap.

Where'd you go?

Herb Alpert followed by Barry Manilow? I officially de-Pirate this station.

Stray Cats? You don't have the real deal like Billy Riley or Warren Smith?

Oh, Sweet Jeezus! Now it's piano tunes. It's gone from bad to worse. Where's Outhouse when he's needed?

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