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There was someone on 6975 AM last night in that time period. I heard them and saw their carrier as I was SDR hopping.

Not quite the hoot of hearing Yeah Man Radio on a Kiwi in S.E. France with a decent signal, though.

"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. Those fists were fast as lightning"

They should have followed it up with "Dyn-O-Mite!" and "Autobahn". That would have covered the programming of most R&R MW stations in the mid-summer of 1975.

The Dead Milkmen did an entire album called "Smoking Banana Peel's". I think the song "The Thing That Only Eats Hippies" is on that one.

By far the best band to ever come out the Delaware Valley.

I was wondering what that music was, Skip? Donovan should've been bombed for that damned song. He was probably bombed when he wrote it.

I wonder if the LJS op has a copy of "101 Ways to Spot a Communist"?

LOL! I've got you on a Kiwi in S.E. France at a solid SIO of 333. The Id's are so-so but but the music is real solid. 80 meter dipole 10 meters up in Pommier de Beaurepaire, France between Vienne and Grenoble. I think the name of the town means "We polish damaged apples?" but I haven't studied French since I was 15.

Pigmeat, screwin' around on furrin' SDR's.

I've got something there on a Kiwi SDR in Southeastern France running old time radio shows in EE with a big AM signal at 0:40 May 31. The antenna is an 80 meter dipole ten meters high.

Positive ID as Charleston Radio Int. at 0:52.

The old frequency of 7415 is open again, isn't it? It might be time to go back home.

Never mind, I did some digging and found out it was Rabaul in 1994. A city of 50,000 built inside a sunken caldera, turned sheltered bay on New Britain. Largest city in the province, but luckily they'd been prepping for an eruption for years and casualties were low.

Never live in the volcano.

What was the Papua New Guinea station that got wiped out by the volcanic eruption in the first decade of this century? It was an easy catch with a loop until the volcano went off and they were swamped by a tsunami. I want to say Milne Bay, but I'm not sure?

QSLs Received / Re: POPDEFECT Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 30, 2023, 2243 UTC »
Beavis and Butthead have grown up.

That's interesting, Skip. Last night when RFW was being jammed, I could either hear Zeke complaining about his jammers, or an off air recording of him going on about it? Zeke has a distinctive accent that stands out, there's no mistaking him when he opens his mouth. I tuned past it at first thinking it was the Mushroom Man?

I wonder if it was him or one of his ham pals who follow him around having fun? He was awfully quiet this holiday weekend.

Huh? / Fansome died a year too early.
« on: May 30, 2023, 2127 UTC »
President Lukashenko of Belarus announced yesterday that he would give nuclear weapons to any state willing to join the Union States of Belarus and Russia in their great struggle against who knows what.

Al always wanted a nuke. DeSantis would be shaking in his loafers if Shady Acres went nuclear. Al had fond memories of boyhood trips to Disneyland in his native California, just think what he would have done over threats to Disney World? Tallahassee would be erased from the map and Ron with it. Unless, of course, Ron put on a dress and a wig and belted out,
"I Enjoy Being A Girl", in Tucker Carlson's old time slot on Fox. For a month.


I've got them with a weak signal on the Maui Kiwi.

Peskies is my guess, they were speaking Spanish between songs.

Anyone else getting another station on 6955 LSB playing You Dropped The Bomb On Me over and over?

I saw it on the waterfall, but I didn't bother to tune in.

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