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I head "You Can Call Me Al" with a really sold S9+10 signal. Then stepped away for dinner.

Ronin is a solid S7 with peaks to S9 here in the Boston burbs at 0048 UTC.

Dick Weed up to a solid S9+10 at 0047 UTC and I'm still enjoying the chill-out electro format. I really like this. Thanks RFW!

S5-S7 (peaks) with a lot of atmospheric fading. Playing a zone-out eastern influenced electronic song at 0006 UTC (8/22).

Cheap Trick "Surrender" at 0002 UTC (8/22/13). Solid S7 here in the Boston burbs.

Solid copy at S7 here in the Boston burbs with SSTV at 2305 UTC.

I am at work so I can't listen but this is Radio GaGa via IRC #pirateradio chatroom.

Also S8 here. Good show. Thanks!

Radio Ronin ID at 1150 UTC and then into The Vapors "Turning Japanese". Very solid S9 signal here.

Very clear Radio Totse ID at 1040 UTC and then back into metal.

Definitely hearing music here at 1032 UTC and an announcer give a gmail.com address. Does Radio Totse use gmail? Then into a rock/metal song.

Peaks to S7, S8 with clear XLR8 ID at 0043 UTC (8/18).

Also peaking at S7 here with moderate fading. Nice signal for a Euro in late summer!

Mega +30 signal here with Benway monologue at 0309 UTC. "I've told a lot of far out stories... a lot of strange things have happened to me." Signal is incredible. Mention of Merlin drop earlier in the program.

Clear WPOD ID at 0218 UTC and then into Dire Straits. Signal is about S4 here in the Boston burbs.

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