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A suggestion, from the offices of Beerus Maximus, to pirate operators.

Please consider, where possible and if you are frequency agile, choosing another frequency near 6925. A nightly "peskie" net has taken up residence on 6925 LSB and absolutely destroys modest pirate signals on this frequency. The peskies are probably more of a problem for us up here in the northeast but considering the density of listeners here, it would be really nice if you move up or down a bit so we can hear you. Moving frequencies isn't such a big problem these days; with so many listeners using SDR radios to watch a huge chunk of spectrum around 6925 you'll be found in no time.

There's actually not a WHOLE lot of P-25 up here in the Boston area. By and large most incidents can be monitored in free and clear analog.

Very weak carrier noted at 6924.2 at 0023 UTC. Not sure if this is what you are hearing. It's too weak and the ever-present LSB peskienet is up and running.

« on: July 28, 2013, 2020 UTC »
Please stop posting new posts announcing your broadcasts in this forum. It dilutes the quality of the topics. You may have one thread going that you update when you go on the air. I have merged all of your previous posts into this one thread.

MW Loggings / Re: Radio Torrente de Vida 1690 KHz (Boston area)
« on: July 28, 2013, 1820 UTC »
Approaching yet another year later and this operation is still active. Noted at 1819 UTC on 7/28/2013. They have cleaned up their audio, somewhat.

Other / Ditter network active 7/28/2013.
« on: July 28, 2013, 1635 UTC »
Centered on approximately 17475 KHz, but audible best in USB at 17474 KHz or in LSB at 17476 is a pronounced "beep" at about 5 second intervals (edit: noted by Token to be actually 6 seconds). Noted at 1635 UTC on 7/28/2013, tipped via #wunclub on IRC, confirmed by Token to be one of the ditters. It's S7 with minor fading here.

Other frequencies active right now (these are the center freqs but I tune -1 KHz in USB):

17650 (much weaker than 17475)
17950 (much weaker than 17475)
17975 (equal to 17475)
18050 (equal to 17475)
18450 (very variable signal strength)

Other known possibly freqs are listed here:


Update: transmissions on all the frequencies I noted have ceased at 1650 UTC.

I have this one (presumed) on 7/28/2013 at 1622 UTC. OM in Arabic speaking, sounds like a news read or narration of some kind. Signal is S5 on my 40m dipole.

Equipment / Re: A Gallery of Small Tuned Loops
« on: July 28, 2013, 1423 UTC »
This is an awesome post and your loops look amazing. I'd really be interested in plans/schematics if you are ever inclined.

Heard the Black Magic Woman open, then went down for a beer, now back up in the big chair at 0211 UTC with RML doing a live announcement and shout-outs. Good S7 signal here in the Boston burbs.

Positive Rave On Radio ID at 0111 UTC. Signal is about S2 here in the Boston burbs.

If this is the same station that played The Cure 0105 UTC then, I have it too, but very weak and at the noise level. What I'm hearing now does sound like Genesis, as reported in the IRC chat room.

Clear Boombox Radio ID at 2333 and back into another electro tune. Signal is S8, peaks to S9, moderate fading and QRM from peskies who seem to have taken up permanent residence on 6925 LSB.

Duran Duran "Rio" ending around 0210 and then DJ Dick Weed with an announcement. Then into Stereo Fuse "Everthing" at 0211. A very nice (and improved) S9+20 signal here in the Boston burbs. Thanks RFW!

Is this really regional? Sounds like it's a national thing.


Maybe some building inspectors will ignore this but I gotta imagine the supply chain is heavily weighted towards the low flush thing so it's probably tough to get a water bomber unless it's vintage, like someone else here was saying.

General Radio Discussion / Re: My Antenna ?
« on: July 26, 2013, 0140 UTC »
You made your antenna elements out of RG-58?


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