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QSLs Received / Re: Voice Of Bacon eQSL
« on: August 16, 2013, 0042 UTC »
As an ardent lover of bacon, I approve of all of this.

Radio GaGa popped up on 6935 KHz with an S5 signal and playing Smash Mouth. Positive Radio GaGa ID right on the hour, 0000 UTC 8/16/2013.

Thanks to the op for participating in the Great Exodus Off of 6925!

The email address given is voiceofbacon@gmail.com.

At least some of the audio was from this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tvx_CKB7uI

Just tuned in. Good S9 signal here at 0031 UTC with an announcement of voiceofbacon@gmail.com and then into a song about, surprisingly, bacon.

0113z ABBA “Dancing Queen”, periodic screeches in the modulation.
0117z Weather Girls "It's Raining Men", deep fades towards -380db.

"America the Beautiful" and then into a David Hasselhof tune at 0104 UTC but can barely pull it out of the mud.

Signal is -1, garbled audio, pretty sure I heard "pip pip" but not much else.

Hit Parade Radio just signed on 6938 KHz AM with a good S9 signal at 2357 UTC. Repeated Hit Parade Radio IDs and gmail address.

Equipment / Re: A Sloped Folded Dipole Antenna for 43 Meter Band
« on: August 12, 2013, 2350 UTC »
Yeah, nice post. I have plenty of the materials you used lying around. When the leaves fall I'll probably put one of these up, likely to replace the 17m vertical wire that I never really used (and I can use the existing supports to pull it over the tree).

Signal here in the Boston burbs is about S5 at 0157 UTC with the Rush song.

Very nice S9 signal with peaks to +20 at 0054 UTC. Noise level is high, but this is coming out on top easily. Dick Weed takes the microphone for a Radio Free Whatever ID at 0055 UTC.

Clear Radio GaGa ID at 2358 UTC. Not particularly strong here, maybe S4 or S5 and competing with a high noise level.

Very good S9+ signal here and nice and clear after the move off of 6925. Thanks RFW!!

S9+ here in the Boston burbs.

Dick Weed with the RFW ID at 0034 UTC. Signal is very good, but the Pescadore (Azore fishermen) QRM on 6925 LSB is interfering heavily.

Ops, please consider a move for us in the Northeast. The 6925 Azores Net is a nightly event and is now killing this frequency.  :(

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