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The title is a reference to the hit 1927 song "Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" by Willie Raskin, Billy Rose, and Fred Fisher, which compared free attitudes in 1920s Paris with censorship and prohibition in the United States.

<<Prohibition>>  etait la periode d'interdiction de l'alcool aux Etas-Unis.

SINPO 24232 on an SDR in Germany at 1848 UTC with "Hit Me (With Your Rhythm Stick)".

"Fifty Million Frenchmen (Can't Be Wrong)"

C'est la vérité, n'est-ce pas, Ray? Ça dépend de la circonstance, non?

"Fifty Million Frenchmen (Can't Be Wrong)" (1927) at 1815 UTC.
ID and frequency announcement at 1818 UTC, of course using "kilocycles".

General Radio Discussion / Re: Darn i;t fell off the wagon again.
« on: September 25, 2019, 2340 UTC »
Now she says that I have to clean the bathroom for the next month.

I didn't know that those radios has Alexa inside.

Higher gain, lower noise figure, lower power consumption and better linearity than modules based on SPF5189Z and similar LNA MMICs

Of course, they provide no actual data  :o so we just have to take their word for it.  ::)

Peskies / Re: Scottish Peskies? 5000 USB 1815 UTC 18 Sept 2019
« on: September 25, 2019, 2310 UTC »
If it is, I'm surprised you could you could understand a word that was said.

The parts is English were straight forward. I must have been sleeping when they explained Gaelic in school because the rest of it was indecipherable.

The whole premise for this station seems odd to me.

I don't perceive Pigmeat's posts as angry (in the literal sense of the word). The posts may not be specific to the topic at hand and I may not understand what he's writing about half the time but...angry? No, no, no.  :D ;D


In which country ?

Only partially related but I'm fairly sure that Danish authorities have no jurisdiction over the location of Charleston Radio.   :D

It's been a while since they have been reported. Perhaps they were on holiday?

SINPO 35434 with rapid fading on an SDR in Denmark. Usual programming. Some sort of 1920s recordings based upon the audio quality.

2022 - pop music, the usual stuff. SINPO 33344 on an SDR in Denmark.
2025 - ID, note about FM outlet on "the south coast" (of the UK).

Utility / FAV22/M51 3881 CW 2005 UTC 24 September 2019
« on: September 24, 2019, 2016 UTC »
5-letter coded groups at ~20-25 WPM (perceived) . This station is run by the French DGSE, their version of the U.S. CIA or U.K. MI6.

1954 - No copy on SDR in Denmark. :( Tried an SDR in Austria but getting mixing product spurs instead.  >:(

1948 - Kool and The Gang, "Fresh"  SINPO 35343 on an SDR in Denmark. Very little fading at the moment. Audio is a bit "thin" - i.e., lacking bass. I have the frequency as 6974.96.
1952 - TX off the air mid-song.

1934 - "Smoke On The Water" as the signal fades up out of the noise on SDR in Austria. (No copy in Denmark.)
1937 - ID and email address in English.

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